The Colors of Spring at our House

Happy Friday!! I love all the beautiful colors that spring brings. And this is our first spring in this home, so I wanted to show off some of the pretties around our home…

Camellia Flowers

pink camellia flowerI fell in love with Camellias shortly after moving to Carrollton and planted several of them. This is my favorite one. The pink star shape and layers of petals is just gorgeous!

and check out the side view…

ombre floweryup, pink ombre. Love it!! {who knew it could be such a trendy flower, haha}

white camelliaTwo of these snowy white camellia bushes replaced the shrubs by our front door that Hurricane Irene took out last fall. The blooms are huge. As in the size of softballs.

Eastern Bluebird Eggs

We were lucky enough to have an Eastern Bluebird make a nest in one of my hanging flower pots on the front porch. Her eggs were hands down the most beautiful eggs I’ve ever seen!

{at first i thought they were Robin’s eggs when i posted about the nest on Instagram, but after doing a google search, we found out they were actually Eastern Bluebird eggs}

eastern bluebird eggs pictureThe flower pot is about waist level and accessible to my 3.5 year old. And he found the first egg and came running over to me….with it in his hands. I kid you not. I was shocked to have him running full speed at me with a pretty little turquoise egg in his hands. {If I had known there was an egg in the nest, I would have made sure he did not go near it! But with Easter only a few weeks prior to this, he thought it was an egg hunt or something lol} We carefully put the egg back in the nest and prayed Momma Bluebird wouldn’t abandon the egg.

But luckily, she did not. She returned and laid 3 more eggs.

Each day, the boys and I watched the nest and the momma bird come and go. It was so fun having such a cute house guest!

bluebird eggsBut these eggs weren’t so lucky after all….

A few days after the 4th egg was laid, they all disappeared. We’re pretty sure a snake ate them. I was heartbroken as was my oldest.  {ok, so he thinks the birds inside the eggs, flew away….hey, he’s only 3!}

So unfortunately,  that’s the end of our bluebird nest story. No happy baby birds churping for their momma to feed them worms. darn it. But it was still a fun adventure while it lasted. Maybe next year she’ll come back and choose a better place for her nest.

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What are your favorite signs of spring around your home?

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  1. 1

    oh, that’s terrible! My parents have a blue bird house. They come back year after year and lay eggs and raise their babies. It’s snake and other pest (cat, squirrel) proof so they don’t get that awful shock factor. AND, the bluebirds get used to you and you can actually open up the house and look at the babies without the mom freaking out. They say after a while of getting used to your visits to the bird house, you can feed them like little pets.

  2. 2

    We have several bluebird boxes on our property. As Vonda said, Momma bluebirds are very tolerant. You can even gently pick up the babies to look at them and put them back. Momma will watch you, but not put up a fuss. There are well over a thousand bluebird boxes in our valley that people take care of. We do an annual count of eggs and how many babies are hatched. We really enjoy them every summer!

  3. 3

    Great photos!! Love the pink Camellias….we don’t grow them in Western PA…wish I could. :D
    Sorry about the snake. But, what a great experience to find the eggs. Our bluebird house has a nest and brown speckled eggs in it. No bluebird eggs. I had no idea a bluebird would nest in a pot. What a special blessing.

    1. 3.1

      Thank you, Diane! How funny another bird used your bluebird house! I’m so glad you stopped by today!
      happy crafting,

  4. 4

    beautiful flowers and eggs – I can’t believe those are real eggs! and that this story doesn’t end with baby birds chirping :(

  5. 5

    very pretty. the flowers here aren’t going to be blooming anytime soon. The weather hasn’t been that great or warm.