Spider Web Halloween Photo Display

With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted a cute way to display previous years’ Halloween costumes. So after a little inspiration from my friend, Amelia, I made this Spider Web Halloween Photo Display!

DIY Spider Web Halloween Photo Display

DIY Halloween Spider Web Photo Display :: perfect to show off previous Halloween costumes!

Whether you make your costumes or buy them, you want to document those adorable little faces in their Halloween costumes! I wanted a way to show off my cuties that would be easy to add to and fun to display. This DIY Spider Web was the ticket.


For years, I was adamant about making Halloween costumes for my kids, but the last couple years, I gave up the fight. The kids wanted more elaborate costumes and life just got busier and busier. So here we are with store bought costumes. But hey, it gives me more time to spend with my kids and not be incredibly stressed out trying to finish the last costume right before running out the door to go trick-or-treating.

Halloween Spider Web Photo Display DIY :: great way to show off past Halloween costumes

As I printed out the old photos, it was really fun walking down memory lane and remembering the costumes and the memories made.

How to Make a Spider Web Photo Display Tutorial



  • 3 sicks about 36″ long
  • White Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • 4×6 Seim Gloss Photo Paper
  • Printer {I used my Canon TS9020 to print out my photos. Love that this printer prints quality photos and can handle the different crafting materials I throw at it.}

DIY stick spider web tutorial

  1. Layer the three sticks on top of each and and spread out like spokes in a wheel. Tie the end of your white yarn around one of the sticks and then tightly start wrapping the yarn around the sticks to hold them in place at the center.

DIY Spider web craft idea

2. Keep wrapping the yarn around until all three sticks are secure.

DIY Halloween Spider web craft idea

3. Then start weaving your web by continuing to go around each stick and wrap the yarn around each stick as you go and work your way up the sticks as you go to create a web design. You can make the web nice and neat or messy. Either way works! When you’ve filled up your sticks to your liking, tie a knot around one of the sticks and trim the yarn with scissors.

Print Halloween costumes pictures

4. Then print off all your Halloween pictures! I still need to unearth a few years of pictures. I know they’re around here somewhere, just need to find them. Pictured is my trusty TS9020 printer. I ran the 4×6 paper through the rear feed and kept my regular printer paper in the cassette.


I put my spider web Halloween Photo Display in our entry way and the kids love showing off the pictures to everyone who knocks on our door. I love having these Halloween costume pictures on display!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Canon. All opinions are my own.

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