St. Patrick’s Day Owl Treat Boxes


 St. Patrick’s Day Owl Treat Boxes

Who’s lucky?! I whipped up the CUTEST little owl pillow boxes for St. Patrick’s Day. I used my Silhouette CAMEO with the Designer Software. I filled the little boxes with chocolate gold nuggets. The little shamrock tag says, “Who’s lucky?”. These are for my son’s preschool class, but they would be great for family, friends, or anyone! They are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

st patricks day owl

They turned out so stinkin adorable! I love them! I love how the shape of the pillow box works so perfectly for a little owl.

silhouette cameo

I used my Silhouette CAMEO, Designer Edition software, Silhouette shapes #33498 and #37779, and the sketch pens to make the little owl boxes.

*Don’t have a die cutter? Here’s a Free Printable to help make these owl boxes!


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  1. 501
    Iiona V

    I’m not even sure what I would cut the most, I know I have quite a few scrapbooks to start and finish for my kiddos so I’m sure most of it would be scrapbook things…

  2. 502

    i’d love to make easter decor

  3. 503

    Mostly paper, but I would love trying my hand at vinyl.

  4. 505
    Crystal Thompson

    I’ve been dying to play with some of the vinyl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. 506
    Melinda T

    Definitely shapes and words for my scrapbooking!

  6. 507
    Kristin R.

    I think I would cut vinyl or paper the most!

  7. 508
    Karen M

    Probably vinyl then paper

  8. 509

    I’d probably cut paper the most – for cards and scrapbooks, but I also want to try vinyl.

  9. 510

    I’d cut lots of things, probably mostly paper.

  10. 511

    I’d probably cut out holiday decorations the most, as I love any chance to make my home really festive and seasonly appropriate! Fingers double-crossed on this one!!!

  11. 512
    Pamela Milroy

    The craft paint storage ideas are terrific! Thank you.

  12. 513
    Pamela Milroy

    I would enjoy getting into more scrapbooking. I have been wanting to do a memorial book for my family. I would like to make a couple copies of it for my sister and cousins. Our family had an accident a few years ago that claimed my mom, grand mother, and 2 aunts. My sister had a little boy about 1 1/2 years later. I would like for him to get to know them and I think a detailed scrap book is the best way to go. Your silhouette machine would allow me to put more details than ever into the design. Thank you for holding the giveaway.

  13. 514

    I would cut lacy wedding invitations!

  14. 515

    Toss but probably house decor.

  15. 516

    I have a question – where did you buy the brown kraft paper you used to make the owls?

    Now for the giveaway part, I just have to say that I think those are the CUTEST little St. Patty’s day handouts ever and I am dying to make some for my boys preschool classes!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  16. 517
    catherine s.

    I would cut labels…I mean, what DOESN’T need to be labeled. Look out hubby and daughter! LOL.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. 518

    I would cut out things for my daughters birthday! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  18. 519

    Holiday Banners! Oh how fun! :) Thanks!

  19. 520
    Gayla Sikes

    Oh the things I could do with a new Silhouette!

  20. 521
    Sue FitzGerald

    I love owls, these are so cute.

  21. 523
    Jenny Leonard

    I’d love to win a Portrait to give to my sister. She is as crafty as I am and loves the things that I’ve made with my Cameo. I think she would love to receive one as a surprise.

  22. 524
    Sonja Doyle

    I’m so excited about the opportunity to win a Silhoutte! I’ve been wanting one for so long, but haven’t had the budget for one. I hope I’m the lucky one!


  23. 525
    JoAnn Lienert

    I would love to cut small fancy letters!!! I so much would love to be able to do that most of all I think, but cutting intricate or lacey designs would be so aweSOME!!

  24. 526
    Lisa Tatem

    I’m a cardmaker that is technology challenged, but I’ve been thinking about moving from a manual die cutter to a computer savvy, digital one. If I won the Silhouette Portrait, I think I could learn with a patient teacher! :)

  25. 527
    Sandra Moak

    I’m dying to try something on the brown Kraft paper! And I want to cut some stencils….idea overload!!!

  26. 528
    Laura Maxwell

    Seriously, those owls are so stinkin’ cute!!!!! Oh the fun I would have with a silhouette!!!!!!! I’d be cutting and creating all kinds of goodies!!!!!

  27. 529

    I would probably cut vinyl the most, although I am dying to get my hands on the fabric interfacing and heat transfer material.

  28. 530
    Betsy H.

    Seeing as I’d be gifting it to my sister (cause I’m awesome like that), She’d probably be cutting tons of paper :) Whereas I cut mostly heat transfer material on my Cameo :-P

  29. 531
    Maureen H

    I already follow Silhouette. Now I need one to play with!

  30. 532
    Maureen H

    I would like to try the vinyl and paper crafting to make house decor and fun things for my girls!

  31. 533
    Cyndi Stephenson

    I would consider myself EXTREMELY lucky if I were the Lucky Winner. Thanks for the chance.

  32. 534

    My first project would be a wall hanging for my 20-something year old daughter’s apartment!!! She would LOVE it and I would love being able to make something special for her!!

  33. 535
    April Cremer

    Love the owl! I love cutting vinyl!

  34. 536

    i think those cute little owls would be a good first project!

  35. 537

    I would cut vinyl words and phrases. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’ve wanted a Silhouette for the longest time, but it’s just not in my budget! Thank You Thank You THANK YOU for the chance to enter!

  36. 538

    I would love to have this fun machine to do crafts with my daughter!!

  37. 539
    Cindy B

    I’m mostly cut paper for scrapbooking

  38. 540
    susan lew

    I would love to cut cards for project life. what fun!

  39. 541
    Amanda Thomas

    I would cut a ton of vinyl!!! I want to label everything :)

  40. 542

    Lots of paper for cards! :)

  41. 543
    Cindy Lubbe

    I would love to cut out embellishments for my cards. I have been wanting a Silhouette for a couple of years.

  42. 544

    I would cut paper or maybe plastic/vinyl the most, i would love to make my own stencils!

  43. 545
    Heather G

    Would LOVE to win this so I can make my girls all the stuff they want to decorate their new rooms when we move!

  44. 546
    Missy M

    I would make vinyl cutouts for furniture

  45. 547
    Sherie Alexander

    I would cut out images for projects mainly for scrapbook pages for my daughter.

  46. 548
    Pam P

    I have not seen this one yet. Would take my card making to the next level…

  47. 549

    I woud cut vinyl like crazy!

  48. 550
    Linda Reed

    I would cut mostly paper, but would love to try vinyl! My walls are bare in my craft space :)