St. Patrick’s Day Owl Treat Boxes


 St. Patrick’s Day Owl Treat Boxes

Who’s lucky?! I whipped up the CUTEST little owl pillow boxes for St. Patrick’s Day. I used my Silhouette CAMEO with the Designer Software. I filled the little boxes with chocolate gold nuggets. The little shamrock tag says, “Who’s lucky?”. These are for my son’s preschool class, but they would be great for family, friends, or anyone! They are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

st patricks day owl

They turned out so stinkin adorable! I love them! I love how the shape of the pillow box works so perfectly for a little owl.

silhouette cameo

I used my Silhouette CAMEO, Designer Edition software, Silhouette shapes #33498 and #37779, and the sketch pens to make the little owl boxes.

*Don’t have a die cutter? Here’s a Free Printable to help make these owl boxes!


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  1. 451
    Chris Baker Cox

    I would use it to make cut-outs for my Disney scrapbook!!

  2. 452
    Jina Park

    I would print and cut iron on transfers for shirts and canvas baskets. The possibilities are endless!

  3. 453


  4. 454
    Shelby Roberts

    SO fun! I would love to win

  5. 455
    Kelly Braziel

    I have been wanting a Sihouette for awhile now, but with my husband having been out of work for awhile and moving and a new job, the money hasn’t been there. So to win one would be amazing! The ideas are endless…vinyl, card pieces, scouting ideas, holidays, parties….Wow the list just goes on and on!

  6. 456

    VINYL! However, the owl craft is a must.

  7. 457
    Amy Jones#8546

    I would cut mainly things for my card making as well as other projects. I would love to try out cutting Vinyl too. I have seen so many things now being cut and would love to try them out for myself. Thanks for the chance…

  8. 458

    I would cut vinyl the most, with fabric being a close second!

  9. 459
    Amparo Hubbard

    Most likely Paper, but so many others to try

  10. 460

    Hmm…it would probably be a close tie between vinyl and card stock.

  11. 461

    Small chance to win, but still a chance! Thanks :)

    1. 461.1

      and cutting printable stickers would be great – love to label everything.

  12. 462

    I would love to cut vinyl! Thanks for a chance to win! :-)

  13. 463

    I’d cut fabric and paper mostly.

  14. 464
    Randi S

    Vinyl or paper…honestly, I have no idea really!!

  15. 465
    Melissa S

    I want to make cute greeting cards.

  16. 466
    Nicole Stone

    I think I would try and cut vinyl for the first time. I’m too scared to do it with my cricut, but it looks so easy with teh Silhouette!

  17. 467

    Hello, I would probably cut vinyl the most. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  18. 468

    I would work with paper the most, but the possibilities are endless! I would also love to do some etching on glass using cutouts from a Silhouette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. 469
    Sarah Robles

    I would cut vinyl decal decor and cupcake toppers!

  20. 470
    michelle riebeek

    vinyl and paper

  21. 471

    I’d love to cut some vinyl.

  22. 472
    Debi Macrae

    Vinyl first, then paper, and would like to try fabric too.

  23. 473
    Emilie Larsen

    I would cut vinyl letters and small shapes!

  24. 474

    I would cut paper, have tons to make for our wedding in May! :)

  25. 475

    I would use it for cutting paper and fabric.

  26. 476

    I would cut fabric the most. Or maybe Vinyl. It might be a tie.

  27. 477
    Rachel aka Beebo

    It would probably be vinyl. Thank you for the chance to win!

  28. 478

    I would make all the decorations and party favors for my wedding. Thank so much for the opportunity to win.

  29. 479

    I would definitely cut cardstock the most. But I love to do vinyl too!

  30. 480

    I love the owls and my last name is WISE

  31. 481
    Kathy Carenza

    I would cut large vinyl sayings and art for my wall. I would cut stuff for SS projects. I would cut stuff to create my own cards. I would cut images for bullentin boards and for Iron on Transfers. I would cut images for canvas artwork and for modge-podge projects. So many more!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 482
    Kelly Robertson

    I would love to cut out those adorable owl boxes!

  33. 483
    vanessa schellman

    I think I would cut paper mostly.

  34. 484

    If I had a Silhouette, I would probably never turn it off! I would print vinyl and cut out graphics that I use in digital scrapbooking and use it for my job at an elementary school as well!

  35. 485

    I would use the vinyl, definitely the vinyl : ) thanks for the giveaway!!

  36. 487
    Elaine Lund

    I would like to use it first to make cards

  37. 488

    I would love to win this!

  38. 489

    I would cut everything I possibly could with this. Starting with Easter decorations. Next would be Mother’s Day things.

  39. 490

    Paper and vinyl mostly. I dont know too much about them but Id love one to play with :D

  40. 491

    I am dying to get my hands on the silhouette. I have a million craft projects I have lined up to do. I think I would do vinyl the most!

  41. 492

    I would cut words and phases in all kinds of fonts. I have a cricut and hate that I am stuck only cutting things I buy cartridges for. I want to get this amazing software and cut anything I can think up!!!

  42. 493

    I would use a Silhouette mostly for fun paper crafts for my kids!

  43. 495
    lara r

    I would cut paper and vinyl the most!

  44. 496
    Jennifer Streff

    Too many awesome things to name!!

  45. 497
    Ashli Crookston

    Paper and vinyl!

  46. 498

    Would love to print and cut with it.

  47. 499
    trey m

    i’d love to win this for my wife

  48. 500

    Definitely paper for me…love my scrapbooking! ;)