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Ok crafters, now I know many of you either have handmade shops or are considering opening one. {all of the handmade shop questions on the CA FB page gave you away!} So I’m excited to tell you about the awesome Shop Fundamentals eProgram by Lisa Jacobs from Marketing Creativity and the Energy Shop on Etsy! Lisa is a true professional and is well-known in the handmade industry. She created an awesome eProgram called Shop Fundamentals where she teaches you how to think like a real business person and how to grow your handmade shop. Let me tell you, this is a must have for all handmade shop owners! Whether you’re new to the handmade business scene or experienced, you need this program!

Shop Fundamentals

Shop fundamentals

I love Lisa’s straight forward approach. She takes you form the very beginning and walks you through how to take your handmade business to the next level, step by step. Being a business owner doesn’t come naturally to many people. Lisa helps you see your shop from the customer’s perspective and change the way you approach your business. Being a business owner doesn’t come naturally to many people.

I know you’ve heard the saying, “Its all in the details.” Well, it is! And Lisa shows you how its the little things that make the biggest difference and what you can do to make the customer want to take a piece of your shop home.

I also got a lot out of Shop Fundamentals that is very applicable to me as a blogger. A lot of the same principles apply to blogging just as it does to handmade businesses.

Shop Fundamentals has 2 PDF files to it- the ebook and a workbook. That way you can take what you learn and apply it to your shop, your products, and your goals. This approach will help you get the most out of what you learn and help you implement her strategies. You can purchase your download of Shop Fundamentals here. 

Lisa is an amazing businesswoman and knows her stuff! This is a must read if you have a handmade shop or are planning to start one!

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5 lucky readers will win the Shop Fundamentals eProgram files! A $57 value! Please use the giveaway widget below.

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Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the eProgram to review. I was in no way obligated to give a good review. All opinions are mine! Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement. 

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  1. 51

    Everything! I have no idea where to start and if it would be possible as a side job while working full-time.

  2. 52

    I would love to learn it all. I have just started a small business and at this point any help is great!!

  3. 53

    I have tried to open an Etsy shop, but I haven’t sold anything, so I know I have allot to learn.

  4. 54
    Marlene Escalera

    Yaye! Perfect timing. I just wrote my TO DO list to get my shop up and running. Need to start saving or maybe winning! Fingers Crossed

  5. 55

    I am interested in getting more exposure to my store.

  6. 56

    Wow! This would be am amazing business tool!

  7. 57
    Elaine Satterfield

    I am looking for the guts to know I can do it!

  8. 58
    Jan Pat

    Would love, and could use this knowledge so much, thanks for the offering!

  9. 59

    I would love to start my own business……..what a great help this would be! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. 60

    I sell here & there my crafts, but have been considering doing an online store – this would come at the perfect time!

  11. 61

    I would love to learn more about utilizing social networking.

  12. 62

    I’m thinking of starting an Etsy shop to reach more potential customers and would love some great advice! Thanks for a chance to win an amazing giveaway!

  13. 63

    I’ve been wanting to start an Etsy shop for ages now. I keep getting distracted by things like work :(. I do hope to start up something before the end of the year. But any information I can read/absorb would be amazing.

  14. 64

    I’d love to learn how to grow my etsy business. I am still in the beginning stages and can use all the help I can get.

  15. 65
    Linda Armenti

    At this point I’d like to learn how to organize myself to move forward on a business plan. I would love to learn from an experienced person how to maximize advertising/marketing so that people are inclined to do more than just browse.

  16. 66
    Lori Gauerke

    How wonderful, I am just starting my own blog, but have not finalized it yet…great timing! Thanks, Lori

  17. 67

    I would like to learn the basic fundamentals of starting up a hand craft buisness

  18. 68
    Jennifer C

    I would love to branch out way beyond the tiny bit of business I’ve done!

  19. 69

    I have a blog and shop and facebook page. I make adorable stuff… but I don’t have a clue where to start with blogging…. or how to increase my reach so people can actually FIND my kid’s clothes and aprons… Guidance would be AMAZING…

  20. 70

    I want to start my own creative business and think there is a market for it out there. I just don’t know how to go about setting everything up and need help to assure I am doing everything I can to ensure success.

  21. 71

    I would love to win this and learn everything she has to offer! Thanks for a chance!

  22. 72

    The course sounds super interesting and I love the idea of a workbook!! I want to learn how to get people to my shop.

  23. 73
    Aleksandra E.

    Would love to learn more!

  24. 74

    What a great resource! I would like to learn how to set up a shop and become a professional–I’m new at blogging and sewing, but I’ve been creating beautiful things with yarn and thread since I was eight.

  25. 75
    Hannah Weiss

    I would love to learn what ever you can dish out to me. I just started a side job and need tons of help. I thought I knew it all until it actually happened. Not selling anything is getting me down. When I am down people know it and that detours them away from me and my product.

  26. 76

    I would love to learn more about marketing and really making your business standout! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  27. 77

    As a small family business, we are always looking for new ways to grow and succeed! This program looks fabulous! Hope I win! :)

  28. 78
    Kari M

    I am considering opening a creative business and this would be a great place to start – learning the fundamentals!

  29. 79
    Erin Monaghan

    I’d like to learn some of the legal aspects!

  30. 80

    I’m right at the start of thinking about setting up a handmade shop, so I’d love to get some advice right from the start, rather than learning what not to do the hard way!

  31. 81
    Amy N.

    I want to learn so much! I hope to eventually grow my crafting to be a full time job for me, so I am eager to learn it all!

  32. 82

    Everything and EARGER to learn!!! This would be a nice second income. Thank you :)

  33. 83

    Thanks for the chance to win this! I’ve actually been considering opening a shop in the next month or so. This would be amazingly helpful and I didnt even know it!!

  34. 84

    I would love to learn how to run my future store.

  35. 85
    Melissa P

    I am a new handmade shop owner and operator and i have lots of questions. This would be a great help and I love workbooks.

  36. 86
    Amy T

    Very excited about this! Looks like great material!

  37. 87

    All of it….just thinking about starting and it is all so confusing….

  38. 88

    I would love to learn more about the crafting business and how to get started and

  39. 89

    So excited for the chance to win this great product!

  40. 90
    Lee Ellen Lynch

    Everything! I have been intimidated by not knowing how to do this – so I’m super excited to hear about this!

  41. 91

    This would be so helpful!!

  42. 92

    I need to learn everything! My WordPress genius son just set up a blog for me and I have lots to learn. Would love to have my own business and sell my creations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. 93

    I would love to learn more about descriptive writing, getting more exposure and everything else!

  44. 94

    Love to win this! Struggling each day.

  45. 95

    I would love to learn more on how to get people to my shop and get them buying.

  46. 97

    Where to start and how to get your name out.

  47. 98
    Melissa H

    I would love how to learn how to get traffic to business and create a successful business.

  48. 99
    Teri Shiflett

    I would like to learn how to be sure the details are all taken care of.

  49. 100
    Teather M.

    I would love to know more about marketing my handcrafted organic soaps