RTW: Whooville Santa Hat TUTORIAL

Keriann is here to show us her Whooville-style Santa Hat.

I am SO excited to be doing a guest tutorial for Linda! As a brand new crafty blogger (at The Green Room) she has been my biggest supporter and the sweetest thing about that is that she is a complete stranger to me! Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

So on that note…Linda asked me to do a tutorial on my “Whoville Santa Hat”. I made this two years ago (pre blogging days) so I don’t have pictures for the tutorial….good news is it’s so easy peasy you won’t need pictures!


  • a long skinny funnel from any local auto store
  • a cheap santa hat form the dollar store
  • decorative jingle bells
  • a hot glue gun
  • a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your head twice

(I used a skinny ribbon had it not been a last minute project I might have used ribbon about 1/2″ wide)

Easy Peasy Directions

  1. cut white furry trim (in one long piece) and the puff ball off of the thrify Santa hat
  2. use an exacto knife to slice a hole on either side of the wide end large enough to string your ribbon through (the more pointed edge of the wide end is the back of the hat)
  3. leaving the ribbon in one piece string it through the hat starting at one side of the funnel through the first cut and exiting through the cut on the other side (both ends of the ribbon should be hanging from the outside of the wide end of the funnel)
  4. then play around with how much of the trim you want to use, hold it up to your funnel…if it’s really thin fold it in half and hot glue it together
  5. once you’ve decided how much you want to use hot glue the trim to the wide end of the funnel
  6. now take your siccors and snip into the puffy ball where it was detached from the Santa hat, then snip again and again until you have an opening just smaller than the narrow end of the funnel and about an inch deep. (I say carefully because “thrify” dollar store Santa hat puffies can easily fall apart if you accidentaly cut too much) You may be able to just make one snip and then use your pinky finger to work the opening.
  7. fill the opening in the puffy ball with hot glue and quickly place the narrow end of the funnel into the hole.
  8. add your jingle bells around the white trim
  9. Proudly wear it with the Whoville Christmas Spirit!!  

Thanks Keriann! Be sure to enter today’s Oh So Girly Giveaway!
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  1. 1

    cute! this would be fun to put in my boys room with there decorations:)

  2. 2

    that is soooo cute and fun TFS :D