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Rocio is here to show us how to make beautiful headbands.  

Hi there! I’m happy to be here at Craftaholics Anonymous sharing with you. When Linda invited me to Reader’s Tutorial week, I was so excited. I admire Linda very much, for she is a very talented girl, plus, she has amazing tutorials. So thanks Linda!
My 8-year-old daughter loves headbands. They’re cool, stylish, easy to wear, and easy to make. Wait? Did I just say easy to make? Yup, that’s right. They are very easy to make, even for an 8-year-old. I want to share with you the basics on how to do your own stylish headbands. This is a fun DIY project for both little and not-so-little girls, perfect for a nice afternoon with your daughter.
Acrylic headband
(available at craft supply stores)
Ribbon (1/2 yard) or
a piece of fabric (1/2 yard width)
Hot glue
Flower shapes
(available at craft supply stores)
Most people like to use ribbons to wrap headbands. That’s ok, but you can also use beautiful fabric in different patterns, such as the flower pattern I used for this tutorial. This gives you more possiblities to work with. If you’d like to use a piece of fabric (like me), cut 1 inch from the piece of fabric (just make sure it’s 1/2 yard long), like this:

{ It doesn’t need to be perfectly straight ;) }
Step 1: Wrap headband with fabric or ribbon.
Step 2: Secure ends with glue.
Step 3: Glue flower shapes to headband.
{ tip: you can even make the shapes out of 2mm craft foam }
As you see, the basic instructions on how to make a stylish headband are quite simple. You can play with colors, textures, patterns and shapes to make the headband work with any outfit you may wish.
My daughter and I made another headband for you to see how different it can turn out:
I know! It looks so different, and yet, it’s the same wrapping-with-ribbon technique. In this case we didn’t use premade shapes. We made them out of two circles of black felt with these beautiful flower and leaf beads.
So there you have it. I hope this tutorial inspires you to make your own creations. The possibilities are endless! 
I can’t wait to show you more DIY projects I’ve been working on. Be sure to follow my crafts and decorating adventures at Casa Haus. I’ll be so happy to see you there!
Thanks Rocio! Those are so cute and such a great project to do with your daughter! Be sure to enter today’s Ciao Bella Boutique giveaway!

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    Rocio @ Casa Haus

    How cool, Linda! Thanks!

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    Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Cute patterns and embellishments. :) I posted a tutorial on this back in the Spring…my oldest loves her headband. :)

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    sweet :D