Religious Easter Craft for Kids

Religious Easter-craft-for-kids. Super easy and cute! My kids loved this. #easter #craftReligious Easter Craft for Kids

Can’t believe Easter is this Sunday! I wanted to share this quick Religious Easter craft for kids that I did with my son’s co-op preschool class last week. I was in charge of the Preschool Easter party and while I did several fun, light-hearted Easter games and crafts including an egg hunt, I also wanted to include a religious craft to balance out the festivities and remind the kids the reason why we celebrate Easter. And since all the little preschoolers in our co-op attend the same Mormon church, I knew the other moms wouldn’t mind one bit. I saw this idea from Catholic Icing on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect. I did simplify it a little bit though….

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How to: I bought chocolate frosted donuts at the grocery store and cut off about 1/3 of each donut. Then I gave each child a paper plate, a some green plastic Easter grass, a fudge covered Oreo, and then a little toothpick flag made with silver washi tape that had ‘He is Risen!’ written on it. To assemble, the kids stood the donut up on the grass with the cut portion down to create a “tomb” and placed the  Oreo “stone” in front of it. Then they had fun poking the toothpicks flags into the “tomb”!

I then led a short discussion with the kids about Jesus and how after 3 days, he was resurrected and the rock was rolled back from the tomb. The kids had fun rolling their “rocks” in front of the tomb and then rolling them back as we talked about the true meaning of Easter.

When the moms came to pick the kids up, tt was fun seeing the kids show and tell their moms about their tombs!

Hope you enjoyed this easy religious Easter craft for kids! We enjoyed it!

What Easter Crafts do you do with your kids? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 

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