Polka Dots Frame: Willy Wonka Craft

Happy Wednesday! You probably won’t believe me, but I’ve never seen the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factor…no joke. So when I was challenged to go outside my “crafting comfort zone” and create an ‘In Your Wildest Dreams/Willy Wonka’ themed craft to be used in a popular craft store on behalf of DecoArt, I didn’t know where to start!  I had to do some serious brain storming {and a frantic google search} to get a feel for the theme. I knew that candy and a golden ticket were involved in the story line. So this is what I came up with….

Polka Dots

Willy Wonka craft

Polka Dots, faux lollipops, and a golden ticket. What do you think? Spot on? {haha} Love me some polka dots!

polka dot

I think its a really fun frame! I had fun using bright colors and a new DecoArt product called Craft Twinkles which is brush on glitter paint.

teal polka dot frame

And did you notice the striped paper straws? A fun touch that reminded me of a candy shop.

DIY Polka Dots frame

vinyl polka dot stencil

The frame is an unfinished wood that I painted with White Gloss Enamels. I then cut circles out of my scrap vinyl with a hole punch and evenly spaced them over the frame, then painted with Indian Turquoise Gloss Enamels over the entire frame. After the paint dried, I peeled off the vinyl. I made the lollipops from chipboard. Painted a couple coats of Citron Gloss Enamels. Then with a small brush, painted candy swirls with White Gloss Enamels. Then applied a generous coat of Crystal Craft Twinkles to give the lollipops some shine. I embellished with ribbon and made a golden ticket.

Have you gotten out of your “Crafting Comfort Zone” recently? I’d love to hear about it!! And if you haven’t, you should try it!

happy crafting,


Disclosure: I received free product from DecoArt to make this craft. All opinions are 100% mine. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement.

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  1. 1

    I stepped out of my crafting comfort zone yesterday! Technically, “crafting” and “comfort zone” have never been in the same sentence for me. I’m just not good at it! I’ve been so inspired by other bloggers {like you!} to create some things for my classroom. I finally did it yesterday and it wasn’t as challenging as I thought! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 3

    This is why I love your blog and have been visiting it often!!
    Love this post, and love what you did, even if it was out of your comfort zone!
    So cute!!

    I craft and crochet accessories for little ones in my shop, and recently a friend wanted to order a Cat in the Hat hat for a baby shower!
    I have never made one before, but took the leap and tweaked my own pattern.
    Always great to see something great come from something you were a bit afraid of, or what you thought may not work out!

    1. 3.1

      That’s great, Pamela! It can be hard to try something new, but its so rewarding and empowering, isn’t it? I’m so glad you stopped by and said hi!
      happy crafting,

  3. 4
    Melissa H.

    So cute!

  4. 5
    Trinity Bains

    I’m exactly like Sara (first comment) when it comes to crafting being outside my comfort zone. I too have only done “crafty” things in my classroom, but could never seem to bring it home. I have a new house and two little girls’ rooms to decorate, so I really should get busy! I’ve been reading your blog, and it’s been encouraging. You do REALLY cute things and I’m so envious! If mine turns out half as good, I’ll be a happy camper. :-)

  5. 6

    OMGAGA THATS SO CUTE!!!! Well if you every see Willie watch the first one. There are to the other one has Johnny Dep in it. Thanks for sharing,hod bless.