Meet the 2015 Craftaholics Anonymous Creative Team!

2015 creative team members

I am so excited to introduce y’all to the 2015 Craftaholics Anonymous® Creative Team! These ladies are amazing! They come from all over the world and have a wide variety of talents and skills. I know you will love them just as much as I do! It is my pleasure to partner up with them this year to bring you top-notch crafts and DIY content! Please help me welcome these 11 fabulous ladies to Craftaholics Anonymous®! -Linda

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1 Natalie ShawNatalie

About Natalie: I have a wonderful husband that let’s me be a play-at-home mom! My 3 kiddos are my partners in crime. Our days are filled with homeschool, crafting and creating…and chocolate!

Crafting Obsession: I’m totally obsessed with scissors. I have at least 6 pair in every room and a dozen in the kitchen! I cut up most of my food with scissors and not knives. :)

Favorite Posts: Rocket Fueled Jet Pack, Magnetic Fishing Set, Gold Deer Necklace





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About Courtney: I am Courtney, owner and designer for Paperelli, and I am currently living in freezing cold Rexburg, Idaho. I am a mother to two adorable little “helpers” and wife to a ridiculously supportive husband! Thank goodness he doesn’t mind when I come home with armfuls of washi tape, paper, & envelopes. My love for crafting starting years ago! While most kids ran for the toy section, I went straight to the craft supplies, admiring the different pens, notebooks, papers and more. Let’s just say, things haven’t changed much.

Crafting Obsession: That’s an easy one! You could definitely say I have an obsession with paper. I love all things paper: envelopes, post it notes, notepad, journals, invitations, cards, you name it! That is one of the reasons why I absolutely LOVE my job! Plus creating invitations and cards for you, gives me the perfect excuse to buy lots paper and envelopes! ;)

Three Favorite Products: Live Love Craft Printable, Adventure Print, and Don’t Grow Up Print



3 akiAki {returning this year! yay!}
Minted Strawberry

About Aki: I have been crafting ever since I was little. I grew up in a family where most of us were (or still are, I guess) art-oriented. I love all things related to design – seeing works of art in various forms always fascinates me. I have a degree (though still somewhat unused) in Interior Design.

Crafting Obsession: I don’t really have a specific one – I jump from one medium to another in a span of a few weeks. Sometimes I’ll go back to some of them. But I guess, my crafting obsession would be working with brass pieces. I love jewelry making and I aspire to be really good at it someday.

Three projects to check out: DIY Faux Druzy Necklace, DIY Double Bow Necklace, Printable Christmas Tag Card




4 emilyEmily
Painting it Purple

About Emily: I’m from Sudbury, ON Canada where I work as a Marketing Manager and Executive Editor. I love to create and blogging gives me an excuse (like I need one) to make things regularly. I have been crafting for basically my entire life. I haven’t found a craft project that I didn’t love!

Crafting Obsession: Right now I’m obsessed with fabric. A few months ago one of our fabric stores was closing and they were basically giving everything away so I stocked up. A few times. I’m always looking for new ways to use my fabric stash. I’ve covered notebooks in fabric, created wall art, made clothing and right now I’m working on a modern quilt!

Three Favorite Crafts: DIY Fabric Coasters, Lemon Sugar Scrub, DIY Advent Calendar




5 amandaAmanda
Old House to New Home

About Amanda: I am from a small city in Pennsylvania where we live in a 100 year old home with my husband, crazy little toddler, and dog. I have been crafting for a few years, and started once I realized that the stuff I could make is cuter and cheaper than what you can buy in stores!

Crafting Obsession: I am currently recovering from a spray painting obsession and have moved on to woodworking and creating rustic elements for my home. And while I love crafting and DIY my true passion is cooking and creating delicious recipes in my kitchen.

Three Favorite Posts: DIY No Sew Bench Cushion, DIY Wood Shim Wall Art, DIY Wood Clipboards




6 GingerGinger
Ginger Snap Crafts

About Ginger: Hi! I’m Ginger! My family & I are currently living in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. We are originally from Texas. I have one amazing husband & 5 kiddos ~ 3 boys & 2 girls. I have been crafting for forever I think! I love creating! I started my craft blog in 2011.

Crafting Obsession: I love cute, simple & easy crafts. I am obsessed with vinyl. It’s so easy to work with, and it turns out perfectly just about every single time. I love that! :) I also enjoy working with paper, fabric, washi tape & wood.

Three Favorite Crafts: Capri Sun Clippies Tutorial, How to Make a Giant Pegboard, DIY Shutter Headboard





7 jessiJessi
Practically Functional

About Jessi: My husband and I just bought a house in the Chicago area, and we live there with our two kitties and a brand new puppy we just adopted a few weeks ago! I’ve always been crafty, but I’ve only been blogging and sharing tutorials for three years. And now that we have a house, I have a whole new world of crafting possibilities open to me; so exciting!

Crafting Obsession: My crafting obsession is anything functional! Crafts are fun to create, and can be pretty to look at, but if they’re also functional, it’s the perfect trifecta! I like making decor or fun handmade gifts, but my favorite projects are the upcycled t-shirts, homemade cleaning supplies, DIY wedding cards, and seasonal crafts!

Three Favorite Crafts: DIY Bleach Spray Shirt, Valentine’s Day Hershey Kisses Mice, How to Use Silhouette Sketch Pens




8 EricaErica
Five Little Monsters

About Erica: I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my wonderfully supportive husband and our five crazy kids who are the biggest inspiration for many of the things that I make. I have enjoyed crafting for as long as I can remember. My mom taught me to sew and crochet when I was pretty young, I remember her helping me make my first quilt when I was eight. I have always loved being able to take something like a ball of yarn or some scraps of fabric and turn it into something beautiful and useful.

Crafting Obsession: If I had to pick one thing that is my obsession right now I would probably say yarn. I really enjoy crocheting and lately I have been doing a lot of it. I love the portability of it, I can take it anywhere in the house or even leave the house with it, I can crochet wherever my kids are or while watching a movie with my husband. I am not stuck in one place like I am when I am sewing and at this point in my life that works really well for me.

Three Favorite Posts: Crochet Mannequin Pattern, Kid’s Messenger Bag, Crochet Football Helmet



9 JennJenn
Honey and Birch

About Jenny: I live in Chicago with my husband and our dog Nero, who are both awesome. I have been crafting 4 years and blogging for 2. My blog is mostly easy recipes and I focus on taking pretty pictures so you can visualize what you will be eating before you do the cooking. I do have a few fun and easy crafts on my blog too!

Crafting Obsession: I love making my own jewelry – it’s so much fun to spiffy up a boring outfit with a spectacular, homemade accessory. Since I’ll be sharing mostly recipes here, I thought I would share my favorite kitchen obsession – my immersion blender. It’s great for making smooth soups and sauces!

Three Favorite Posts: “DIY String Art for Your Kitchen, Loaded Burrito Bowls, Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue




10 dianeDiane
dCipollo Designs

About Diane: I’ve been crafting since childhood. My first craft project was a stuffed doll that I made out of an old sock. Before the computer, I was a pen and ink artist and porcelain doll maker specializing in antique reproductions and Christmas themed items. After starting my own digital design business dCipollo Designs LLC, digital art and animation are my new forms of expression. Today, my art is in the form of mixed media, SVG cut designs and video product trailers for YouTube.

Crafting Obsession: I love the direction that handmade and DIY crafts is moving today with the new digital cutting machines making it easy to design on the computer and craft with traditional media. I like the tactile satisfaction of turning the beautiful designer papers, antiques and hand made embellishments into mixed media designs using my own digital SVG cut files and the Silhouette. You can find my cut files and video trailers at

Three Favorite Posts: Top Hat Wedding Centerpiece, Frozen Charlotte Collage, Christmas Snowflake Jar



Screenshot 2015-01-27 10.58.14Jess
If Only They would Nap

About Jess: I’m a homeschooling mom of four – all boys! – married to my favorite person in the world, and I spend most of my free time sewing. I started sewing and crafting alongside my mom as a girl, but the real obsession started after I became a mom. I love thrift stores, can usually be found with a coffee cup in my hand, and love being outside with my family. I try my hardest to feed my family healthy food, and I love coming up with recipes that are both easy and good for us. Living in the mostly frozen tundra of Wisconsin is rough this time of year, but at least the long winters give me a good excuse to curl up with a good book or spend time with my sewing machine!

Crafting Obsession: I’m a fabric girl. I’ll take my creative spurts however they come, but my true love (after my hubby!) is sewing. I make a lot of my family’s clothing, partly because I love creating garments that are unique, but also because I don’t always like the way store-bought clothing fits. And if I can repurpose an old shirt, pair of pants, or even a vintage sheet and give it new life as something different, all the better!

Three Favorite Posts: Bottoms Up Pants Pattern, DIY Baby Pants, Handmade Gifts for Boys

Please go say hi to these lovely gals and welcome them to Craftaholics Anonymous®! I’m super excited for an awesome year with my Creative Team! If you want to stay up with all these lovely gals in one place, follow our Group Pinterest Board here.

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