interchangeable zipper necklace TUTORIAL

happy monday everyone! i thought we’d start the week off with this rockin tutorial for my zipper necklace. hope you enjoy! you can do so many different things with this…. i can’t wait to see what your versions :)
*this tutorial is for PERSONAL USE ONLY*
  • 20″ separating metal zipper
  • hole punch
  • eyelet setter
  • eyelets (i used 3/16″)
  • jump rings (big ones, sorry, i don’t know what size I used)
  • needle nosed pliers (thanks Davis! your manly pliers did a great job on my girly project)
  • two big lobster clasps (not the ginormous ones, but bigger than average)
  • two 3 point connectors
  • beads, chains, pearls, etc
First, punch a hole on one side of the zipper about 1/4″ from the edge.
Set an eyelet in the hole.
Repeat 3 times on each side on both ends of the zipper.
Next, attach two sides of the 3 point connector using jump rings and pliers. (use your pliers to open the jump ring, hook the connector loop, then pinch jump ring shut)
Next, attach a lobster clasp on the 3rd point of the connector using another jump ring.
Repeat on the other side. You’ve just completed the zipper part of your fabulous new zipper necklace! (easy huh!)
Now find some pretty beads, chains, etc to go with different outfits. All you need to do is make sure you have a jump ring or a ring on each end of your string of beads/chains to hook your lobster clasps too. Then when you want a different color, it takes like 2 seconds to change out the beads by just unclipping the lobster clasps. Pretty sweet, huh? 

and here it is with the teal beads I was telling you about. Changes the look com.ple.tely. Now I’m looking for about 5 strands of small beads to put with this necklace.
Thanks for the feedback! I will probably carry this necklace in my etsy shop after we move and get settled in.

*don’t forget to enter the $20 gift card giveaway for my etsy shop!*

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  1. 1

    That's very cool! When I saw it I immediately thought that it would make a great camara strap if it was a little longer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2
    mine, by magpie

    So cool! thank you for sharing the tutorial- i'm going to give this a shot!

  3. 3

    Totally funky and cool!

  4. 4
    The Oxford Family

    Thanks for sharing! I love the teal beads!

  5. 6
    Designs by Jessie

    Im seeing lots of stuff using zippers these days! very cool! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. 7

    I want those Lipstick Red Zipper ruffle ballet flats! Oh the adorableness!

  7. 8

    I really like it… but just had an idea. If you did a lobster claw on only one side then you could attach any necklace to the zipper to make it a little longer!

  8. 9

    Great tutorial…thanks

  9. 10
    Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}

    Seems so simple and is definitely so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  10. 11

    very cool, good luck with your move :D

  11. 12

    YOu are so creative! Very cool!

  12. 14
    Andrea and Casey

    So awesome! I love it! Thanks for posting this!

  13. 15
    Vickie E

    that's totally cool!

  14. 16
    De Javu Crafts

    you should be the zipper queen…you think of the coolest things to do with zippers!

  15. 17
    Pati @ A Crafty Escape

    SUPER cute! Love those blue beads.

  16. 18
    Kelli @ RTSM

    Very cute! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  17. 19
    Mary Lou

    Very clever!! My granddaughters would love it…I'll try it out.

  18. 20
    Sew It To Me

    That is really cute and creative. I am excited to try it!

  19. 21

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I love the look and especially with the teal beads. I know our readers will love it, so I am linking to it over on CraftGossip. Thanks again!

  20. 22

    That is so cute!!

  21. 23

    I love this idea! You are so creative!

  22. 24

    So funky and cool. LOVE it!


  23. 25

    I'm brand new to your site…literally today! I think this looks like so much fun! I love simple crafts like this!! Keep them coming!!!!!

  24. 26

    Good grief that is fantastic!

  25. 27

    I just posted about this on my blog! Thanks so much!

  26. 28

    This is probably my fav zipper idea from you yet- these are so fun and smart! Thanks for sharing your ideas and method with all of us! Good luck with getting settled :)

  27. 29
    the thrifty ba

    ok im a dork-how do you keep your jump rings from not reopening and letting things slide thru? can you tell im not a regualr necklace maker?

  28. 31

    I made this!! I had to improvise (apparently in the town we are stationed in, they don't have half the items a normal town would) I'm about to post the pics on my blog and add your site if that's ok with you.

    -amber :)