How to Stencil and a Stencil GIVEAWAY

Happy {giveaway} Thursday! Today I am going to show you how to stencil AND giveaway a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils! Yay!! So check out the bookcase I stenciled in my craft room. It turned out gorgeous!

stenciled bookcase

I stenciled the back of my fabric bookcase {originally found on the side of the road!} and made it look stellar! I  used the Harlequin Trellis All  Over stencil made by Cutting Edge Stencils. And I think it turned out fantastic!


I stenciled a turquoise paint on the  back of the white book shelf. I wanted a hint of color so that it didn’t interfere with the colors of fabric I put in front of it.

Okay, are you ready to learn how to stencil? Here we go!

How to Stencil

Supplies: stencil, paint {i used craft paint}, dense foam roller, small paint brushes, repositional spray adhesive, paper towels/wet wipes {i highly recommend wet wipes!}, painters tape

stenciling tutorial

1. Make sure your surface is clean.

stencil tutorial

2. Spray one side of the stencil with spray adhesive. {you can find it in the adhesive section} Allow to dry for a few seconds and then place it on the surface you are stenciling and press it down. Cutting Edge Stencils has this handy stencil level that attaches to your stencil to help you keep it level. I did not use it because the my surface was so small, but on large projects like my craft room wall, this level would be very helpful!

how to stencil

3. Using the high density foam roller, apply paint to it and then remove the excess with a paper towel so that it is a dry brush. {err, foam roller} Basically, you want some paint on the roller, but you need to apply some pressure to get the paint out. This will help prevent leaks under the stencil.

4. Once you have covered all the open lines of the stencil, allow to dry. Then apply a second coat of paint {if needed}. But I’ve found that you usually do have to do 2 coats no matter what colors you’re using.

Stenciling the Edges


5. Cutting Edge stencils come with a small single stencil and top part stencil of your stencil design so you can do smaller areas and the tops easier. Along with the spray adhesive, I used painters tape to hold these smaller stencils in place because I had to bend them in order to stencil the corners.

6. As you can see, I did have some leakage under my stencils. Use the small brushes with the base color {in this case, white} for touch ups.

TRICK: Since I used craft paint, I was able to wipe off the turquoise paint leaks with wet wipes. I did not even use white paint for any touch ups. The craft paint was water soluble, so it was easy to get the excess paint off with a wet wipe. I found it worked best to do the “wet wipe touch ups” immediately after taking off the stencil, while the paint was still slightly damp. It wiped right off and was super easy!

I really like how Cutting Edge Stencils includes these smaller stencils with your larger stencil. They are super helpful and a lot easier to use than the larger one for small spots.

Check out the Cutting Edge Youtube channel for how to videos or their blog.

DIY stenciling

Cutting Edge Stencils are lighter weight than other stencils I’ve used. Which made it easier to bend when stenciling, but they also came rolled up in a ball from being shipped and I had to flatten them. So there is a give and take there.

Cutting Edge Stencils DISCOUNT: Discount: get 10% off with code: CRAFT

Cutting Edge Stencil GIVEAWAY

cutting edge stencils

One lucky reader will win a stencil of their choice! {up to $50 value} Use the giveaway widget below to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Cutting Edge Stencils. I received free product to try. I only promote high quality products that I think you’ll enjoy. All opinions are 100% mine. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement. 

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  1. 151
    Leticia Vasquez

    I would like to stencil my storage cabinets

  2. 152
    sherry shapiro

    I’d love to stencil a glass surface!! Maybe something like a lid of a cake stand :)

  3. 153

    I would love to stencil an accent wall in our living room!

  4. 155
    Julianne Johnson

    The wall behind the tv!

  5. 156
    Leah K.

    I’d love to stencil the sides of our bookshelves/cube storage shelf. We have 3 cheap, plain black units.

  6. 157
    Bridget W.

    I’d like to stencil some white storage boxes & possibly even my white desk (just the top). Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. 158
    Theresa J

    I have an I Ikea bookcase that would look awesome stenciled

  8. 159

    Great Job! Thought I’d add my two cents, having been a pro painter for a million years. Stenciling with a stencil brush (not those sponge applicators) is way faster and uses way less paint and you never have leaks or touch ups. Brushes can get into tight places like the insides of cabinets way easier as well. Love the bookcase, it’s beautiful!

  9. 161

    I’d love to stencil an accent wall in my bedroom

  10. 162
    Katherine Ochsenfarth

    We are moving into a new house and I need to do something with my sons wall and this stencil would look so great!

  11. 163

    I have actually really been wanting to try stenciling on fabric to make curtains. I have seen some done and they look so beautiful!

  12. 164
    Shawn B!

    would love to stencil my pantry!!! it’s really big, and would be a great distraction to all the stuff in there, when I have to open the door!!!

  13. 165

    My sons open closet in his nursery

  14. 166
    Tiffany Galvez

    A cute stencil to help decorate the doll house we’re building for my daughter would be fun!

  15. 167

    I would like to stencil a canvas.

  16. 168

    I’d really like to stencil my refinished bookcase in my 1yr olds room!

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    I really want to stencil an accent wall in our bedroom behind the bed!! I was just talking about it yesterday :)

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    I would stencil the backs of a few different bookshelves. They are so dark and dreary right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. 171

    Hello, I would love to stencil the wall going up my stairs. I always wanted trees and branches and then hang pictures of family, ie the family tree. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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    i want to stencil my daughter’s barbie doll house

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    Sally P

    I want to stencil some cabinet doors that I have for signs :)

  22. 174

    My bedroom wall, it REALLY needs it! Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    Lauren H

    I have a blank wall behind my bed that is begging for a stencil…might spice things up a little bit. :D

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    I’d love to stencil a wall in my bedroom!

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    Karen D.

    I’d love to stencil the floor of my sewing room!

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    S. Garcia

    I’d love this to stencil on a picture frame!

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    Anna Hutchins

    I like to stencil put red roses around the windows of a 57 Chevy first ecthed them and then painted them a lot of work but the compliments i received and the extra dough when i sold it. wouled like to do the mirrors in my bathroom the same way

  28. 180
    Adriana Ancheta

    I would love to stencil bookshelves, parts of my craft room, and bathroom.

  29. 181

    I’d like to stencil just about every surface in my apartment! Joking of course. I’d really like to do the nursery and maybe one of our living room walls. We just rearranged furniture and now have a bare wall that needs something.

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    Valerie Duffy

    Love cutting edge! I’d get a stencil for my bedroom accent wall!

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    mary fanara coleman

    I would like to stencil my kitchen and maybe above my mantle.

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    Terressa T.

    I would LOVE to put a stencil on my bedroom or master bathroom wall. But then again I’m in the middle of upcycling and I may want to do the wallboard…so many choices, but sooo cute!

  34. 186
    Brandy Nettles

    I actually have a bookcase that I want to stencil the back of..two to be exact…so this would be the BEST!

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    Ashley Williams

    EVERYTHING! Proabably some wall decor first! I live in an apartment so i would love to stencil a whole bunch of wood squares to put on one wall.

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    Katrinia Monroe

    I would love to stencil my bedroom walls.

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    I would love to stencil my dresser drawers. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I’ve been wanting to stencil a new rug for our family room. This would be perfect!

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    I lurk on the Cutting Edge site regularly! They have the best designs. :)

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    I’d love to stencil some curtains, or a wall in my laundry room or office.. maybe the sunroom. There’s just too many options!

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    I love them Lily Scroll Allover Stencil. I really want to decorate my craft room with this stencil (I am thinking in Purple)

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    I have two bathrooms and a master bedroom begging for stencils!

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    The bookcases I have in my craft room are black – and boring.

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    I’d love to stencil a focal wall, and maybe a dresser top or front.

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    I have a dresser that I would love to stencil for my daughter.