How to cut Fabric with a Silhouette CAMEO Tutorial

Happy happy Friday! {can’t believe its finally here} Want to learn how to cut fabric using your CAMEO? {don’t know what i’m talking about? see my review here} Well, I’m going to show you how AND give you a sneak peek at the theme for the baby’s room in our new home. ok, so he’s like 16 months old now, but he’s still my baby!

boyYep, orange, green, gray and dinosaur. love it.

And of course, there will be a few polka dots. love polka dots. {and from what i see and hear, they are quite popular right now}

I used my nifty new Bigger Silhouette Cutting Mat with some Clean Cut Interfacing and fabric to create that adorable triceratops up there. {in case you were wondering, the new mat rocks! its sticky, but not overly sticky. and the bigger size is really handy.}

How to Cut Fabric with a Silhouette CAMEO

instructions for cutting fabric with a cameo

  1. I used a 12″x24″ canvas {you could very easily use wood instead}
  2. Cut your fabric to 11.5″x 23.5″ and a piece of Clean Cut Silhouette Interfacing to 12″x 24″. Place the rough side of the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric and iron {with fabric right side up} for 2 seconds.
  3. Peel the fabric away from the paper backing. Tip: Make sure all the adhesive transfers to the fabric. You’ll be able to tell because the wrong side of the fabric will be shiny and smooth as you can see in the picture.
  4. Trim off excess interfacing adhesive.
  5. Press the wrong side of the fabric onto the cutting mat. Make sure there are not bubbles and that the fabric lays flat.
  6. Design what you’d like to cut. Note: If you’re using the larger 12″x 24″ mat, you’ll need to change the length of your cutting area. Load into your cutting mat. Instead of using the preset settings in Silhouette Studio for cutting fabric, I changed my settings slightly to: Speed: 3 Thickness: 30 and Blade: 4 This cut my light weight cotton fabric cleanly with no strings left. {if you’d like to see a screen shot of my settings, scroll down} TIP: I very highly recommend doing a test cut before you cut your design to make sure the settings work well with your fabric. 
  7. Success! isn’t he adorable??

Screen shot of my settings:

stilhouette studio software

How to Make it into a Wall Hanging

canvas craft8. Iron your cut out onto the right side of a piece of fabric that measures 16″ x 28″. Press firmly and hold in place for 8 seconds.

9. Center your image on the canvas, wrap the edges of the fabric around to the back and hot glue in place.

10. Fold the corners to get a nice clean finish. Make sure to glue all layers of fabric down.

dinosauer craftAnd this it the first grouping to go in the little guy’s room. I still have a lot to do in there, including painting the walls.

Silhouette Discount

silhouette interfacing promotionRight now you can get 1 Clean Cut and 1 Sewable Interfacing + the New 12″ x 24″ Cutting Mat for $24.99! {$36 value}

>>>you’ll need code: CRAFT and this special link to get the Bundle deal. offer ends 2/29/12

More projects using the Silhouette Fabric Interfacing:

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  1. 1

    Another suggestion for what to glue the fabric to is Styrofoam! It works great and is cheap and light weight to hang!

  2. 2

    I don’t have the cameo, but I was wondering if you thought this was doable on the older silhouette with regular store bought interfacing. I imagine the principle is still the same, just curious on your thoughts.

    1. 2.1

      Hi Miranda,
      If you have a Silhouette SD with the pink cap, you should be able to cut fabric. The first model Silhouette machine will not cut deep enough. I’ve heard mixed reviews on using non-silhouette interfacing. I think different brands of interfacing use different fibers so some work better than others. So if you do try it, make sure you use lightweight interfacing and don’t use thick fabric. hope that helps!
      happy crafting,

  3. 3

    Would heat n’ bond work for cutting the fabric too?

  4. 4

    Linda Wish I was able take the Cameo Deal. Money is scarce right now! If I could win The things my husband could see me make!!! Endless. Love all your bringing to us. Thanks LUV

  5. 5
    Donna C

    Thanks Linda! You always make stuff look so doable…and it really is! Love the bundle deal…i did a little comparison to another site i could get a discount from and ya know what? If I bought 2 mats from them and had them shipped to me and that’s all I bought, it’s less than $2 difference than buying your bundle with interfacing!! It’s almost like free interfacing!! Hope i made sense, but if not, just to say this is a great deal!! LOL! :)

  6. 6

    It’s really hard to get specific Silhouette products in New Zealand, but would something like Vlisofix work if you were to iron it on the fabric and put it through the Silhoeutte?
    It just costs SOOOO much to get anything shipped over to New Zealand so I’d love to be able to use whats here. I heard one lady say you can use freezer paper, but that’s another thing we don’t have over here, so doesn’t help!

  7. 7

    Thanks so much for posting this- not only is it super adorable but super helpful too! I’ve been working today with the sewable interface and am having cutting problems. I modified the settings but they still are not working great- I will have to try what you recommended here!!

    1. 7.1

      Thanks for stopping by, Suza! If you didn’t get it to work, let me know and I’ll try and help you.
      happy crafting,

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  9. 8

    This is great! I just have one question though. I am trying to change the cut settings and it won’t let me choose “fabric” as the material I want to cut. Any ideas?

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  11. 9
    Deanna K

    Thanks for your directions!
    They worked great. I appreciate you posting this!

    1. 9.1

      Awesome! Glad you could use them! Thanks for stopping by, Deanna! Hope to see you again soon :)
      happy crafting,

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  13. 10

    Do you recommend the new fabric blade from Silhouette for cutting fabrics?

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

    1. 10.1

      Hi Jessi,
      The Fabric Blade is exactly the same as the other blade, its just a different color {blue} so that you can distinguish which blade is for cutting fabric and which blade is for cutting paper. Silhouette says the blades are like scissors and paper can dull them. Its just up to you if you want to have 2 blades or 1. I think having a blade that only cut fabric and one that only cut paper might make them last longer, but I don’t know. I’ve only used 1 blade on my Cameo and haven’t had to replace it yet. Hope this helps a little bit!
      happy crafting,

  14. 11

    Is the contest over to win the shilhouette fabric deal + cameo giveaway. I wish i could win this. I have a cricut but can not use my mtc on it. as well wont get into that mess. My goodness look at all the silhouettes + promotion giveaways!! How cool is that? What does one have to do to win one. ? I must just be out of the loop. I do love your blog. It is bright where one can read everything,fun fonts too! Sure hope I can get in on the next giveaway. GREAT JOB!

  15. 12

    Hi I am considering buying the silhouette cameo. Cold you please tell me is it really worth the money ? I am in uk and it is about £300 .
    Thank you

  16. 13

    Hi I am considering buying the silhouette cameo. Cold you please tell me is it really worth the money ? I am in uk and it is about £300 .
    Thank you

    1. 13.1

      Hi Tracy,
      I know its a large investment, but I think it is. I use my Cameo every week and love it! It changed my crafting world completely. I cut paper, fabric, and vinyl the most. It would depend on what type of crafting you do and how you would use it. I know being able to cut my own vinyl sayings and designs for my home and gifts has saved me tons of money. And that’s only a small part of what I use it for. You can cut a lot of different materials with it and can design your own shapes, cut the fonts on your computer for free, or purchase individual shapes for $1/ea. You can find a lot of free shapes online for free. Let me know if you have more questions!
      happy crafting,

  17. 14

    Hi there!

    Did you use the normal blade? Or is there a special blade needed to cut fabric?

    1. 14.1

      Hi there!
      You can use the normal blade to cut fabric. Silhouette does have a Fabric Blade and the thought behind that is you have fabric scissors and paper scissors to keep your fabric scissors sharp. So Silhouette says having a separate blade just for fabric will keep your fabric blade sharper. My opinion is if you only cut fabric occasionally, you don’t need a fabric blade. But if you plan to use your Silhouette to cut fabric a lot, then a fabric blade would probably be a good idea. Hope that helps!

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  19. 15
    delia dsouza

    I love being a craftaholic.

  20. 16

    Can I ask how you made that design? I am trying to make one for my new sons room and really want to do a tractor on canvas like this but can’t find one I like.

  21. 17

    What kind of interfacing should be used if I want the image to be ironed on to fabric after it’s cut?

    1. 17.1

      Both the sew and non-sew Silhouette fabric interfacing can be ironed onto fabric after being cut. Did that answer your question?