Hospital Thank You’s for Baby

With Baby #3 coming soon, I’ve been doing all sorts of nesting and getting things ready for baby! Am I ready? Good question! No! haha! But getting ready for a baby is so exciting. I just hope this little one decides to come soon!

Last week I put together a bucket full of thank you’s to take to the hospital with us so we can hand out a little something to those helpful hands in the hospital. They are simple {which is totally my style!} and easy to make!

Hospital Thank You’s

hospital thank you

The tags read: ‘Thank you for helping with our little peanut!’. I wanted to give hospital staff a little something to say thanks. Plus it never hurts to win the nurses over, right?!

hospital thank you

I used Silhouette Sketch pens for the lettering on the chipboard {have you used their new chipboard?? Its totally awesome!} and then cut the chipboard into cute little chipboard tags with my Silhouette CAMEO. And of course added some fab neutral washi tape {since we don’t know the baby’s gender} and tied the tags onto individual bags of Peanut M&M’s. Ta-da! Super easy and completely adorable!

delivery thank you

So this bucket of thank you’s is going right next to the hospital bag….which is packed and in the car, all ready to go! I made 36 of the thank you’s. I have no idea how many I’ll need, but I think that should be plenty, right?

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silhouette chipboard

Have you made Hospital Thank you’s before? What did you make?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 1

    That is so cute and thoughtful!! Too bad my baby making days are over. :(

  2. 2

    as a nurse who has worked on a maternity floor for 6 years, i can tell you firsthand that they will love this and love you for doing something so cute and nice for them! (you’re right, it is always a good idea to win over your nurses and chocolate is the perfect way to do it!;) we’re not always used to having kind, giving pt’s who care about US too! you are awesome and i love this :)

    1. 2.1

      I don’t work on a maternity ward, but I have been in nursing for 17 years. I think this will do wonders for the nurses and make them realize they are appreciated. It’s been my observation that the most grumpy nurses aren’t that way because of their patients, it is the admins. and coworkers that cause the most unhappiness in a workplace.

      ~~still in love with sick people after all this time~~

  3. 4

    Love that idea! I too am getting ready with my 3rd baby. Though I’ve got a ways to go this is such a great idea.

  4. 5

    cute cute idea thanks for sharing.

  5. 6
    Julie Bowden

    Great idea!

  6. 7

    Thank you for this cute and easy idea…I am due any. day. now!!! I have been so thankful for my past L&D nurses and never thought to do this before, wish I had! Guess I better get this done asap!!! Thanks again and congrats on your new princess :)

  7. 8

    I’m totally stealing this idea and taking these I the hospital with me this afternoon when I go in to get induced.

  8. 9

    I love these and am planning on making them. Can you tell me how many you actually gave out? I was thinking of bringing 10 based on my last delivery, but now I am wondering if I need more? Thanks for the great idea!

  9. 10

    What a CUTE idea!! I wish I had seen this 23 years ago when my third child was born. She was so little that the nurse that delivered her (doctor came in the room just a tad too late-lol), knicknamed her ‘Peanuts’! This would have been the PERFECT thank you gift for all the nurses, one in particular! Love your ideas, and thank you for sharing!!