Handmade Gift Exchange SIGNUPS {Holiday 2011}

gift swap on craftaholics anonymousits time for another Handmade Gift Exchange! YAY!! welcome to the Holiday 2011 edition!  i absolutely love hosting the Handmade Gift Exchange. my fave part is seeing the thoughtful gifts you make for each other and hearing about the wonderful friendships you’ve made through the exchange.

if you’re new to Craftaholics Anonymous, twice a year i host a Handmade Gift Exchange and let me tell you, it is loads of fun!! it gives you the opportunity to meet a fellow crafter AND the perfect excuse to get your craft on! {if you want to see what people have made/received in the past, check out previous gift exchange linky parties: Summer 2011 and Winter 2010.}

HOW IT WORKS: after you sign up, i will send you an email with your partner’s mailing info and email address.  you will then make and send a gift to your partner, who in return, will make and send something to you. For ex: I make and send a gift to Jane Crafty and in return, Jane Crafty will make and send me a gift.

It is mandatory that you read this entire post BEFORE you sign up!

If you have any questions, PLEASE email me at craftaholicsanon@gmail.com before signing up.

THE DETAILS: i am limiting everyone to 1 gifting partner this time. i’m sorry ladies! i had arranged to have a program written so that i wouldn’t have to manually copy and paste every email and mailing address into individual emails…… but the programmer fell through at the last minute. argh! so instead of dedicating an entire month of my life to copying and pasting emails, i am limiting everyone to 1 partner.

there are 2 different exchanges: United States and International. you must live in the United States for the USA exchange. if you live outside the USA, please sign up for the International Exchange. For the International exchange, i will try my best to pair you up with someone in your country to help with shipping costs. BUT i cannot guarantee anything!!

  • If you commit to participate in this exchange, you will need to make a thoughtful Handmade Gift for a fellow crafter and have it post marked by wednesday November 30, 2011. In return, you will receive a Handmade Gift from a fellow crafter in the mail.
  • Fill out the form below to officially sign up. Sign up ends Nov. 7, 2011.
  • I will personally email you with your “Gift Exchange Partner’s” mailing and email address. {please please please add Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous.net as a contact so that my email does not go to your Spam Box. this is important because i copy and paste the entire email so it  seems “spammy” to most email accounts.}
  • After you get the email with your partner’s info, please send your partner a quick email to introduce yourself. Include things like: your favorite color, what type of decorating you like, your current obsessions, your blog address, or your life story. either way is just fine :)
  • Make a gift for your assigned partner. Need ideas? Check out my Craft Tutorials.
  • Take pictures of the gift you make! there will be a linky party and several posts featuring YOUR gifts. You can link up both the gift you MADE and the gift you received. The gift  linky party will start on November 15. There will also be a Flickr group for those without blogs to upload their gift pictures.
  • Please have your gift post marked no later than Wednesday November 30, 2011. this is crucial! If you make and mail your gift early, that would be ideal. AND gold star to you for being so on top of things!
  • Participating in this exchange means you will probably have to make a trip to the Post Office. Please take this into account when you’re looking at your busy holiday schedule.
  • If you own a handmade shop, DO NOT simply tell your partner to pick out what they want from your shop. i ask that you customize the item for your partner {i.e. color, design, style etc} this exchange is to promote handmade. please keep that in mind.
  • If at any time you are unable to follow through with the exchange, PLEASE email me ASAP!! I understand life happens and that some things are out of our control. i just ask that you shoot me an email immediately to give me a heads up so that I can arrange for your partner to receive a gift.
  • **I have no way of patrolling everyone’s participation….usually, people are honest and do their part .**

Please tell your friends, family, co-workers or that crazy lady in line at the grocery store about the Handmade Gift Exchange! The more the merrier. If you’d like to blog, tweet, or FB about the Handmade Gift Exchange to spread the fun, that would be awesome. {that’s what those share icons below are for!}

Sign up now for the Handmade Gift Exchange! hosted by @CraftaholicAnon  http://tinyurl.com/6ffmkhw #HandmadeGiftExchange

i signed up for the Handmade Gift Exchange. you should too! http://tinyurl.com/6ffmkhw hosted by @CraftaholicAnon #HandmadeGiftExchange

If you’re on twitter, please use the hashtag #HandmadeGiftExchange if you tweet about the gift exchange.That way others can join the conversation….. and I’ll totally retweet your churps :)

to sign up, click on the link below and fill out the form!



  • There is no skill level required. A handmade gift is always wonderful, no matter how technical it is!
  • There is no price minimum on the handmade gift. If shipping costs are an issue, you can make a gift that is light weight and fits inside an envelope.
  • You do not need a blog to participate!
  • There is no official theme for this Gift Exchange. If you want to do a holiday theme, go for it!
  • Can I make a gift from a kit/pattern? YES!! If you made any part of the gift, that’s perfect!
  • Can the gift be in digital form? No. You can create a printable or design something for your gift, but please PRINT it off and send a physical copy to your partner. Part of the fun is actually receiving a gift in the mail.

happy gifting!!

Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 51

    I’m so excited! First time participating – looks like it is a lot of fun!! :)

    1. 51.1

      Elizabeth, if you’re “sweetpickle” than we’re partners!

  2. 52

    this will be my first exchange…..i’m so excited.

  3. 53

    This will be my first time joining you and I am so excited!! Thanks for all your efforts Linda!

  4. 54
    Trish Crescini

    I’m so excited! Thank you so much for coordinating this! I did this last year on a much smaller scale and it was a blast! Thanks again!

  5. 55

    This sounds like a lot of fun. I’m totally in. Thanks for hosting this.

  6. 56

    Hi everyone!
    A friend of mine just told me about this site and I just had to sign up! My name is Lora and I have been involved with crafting for many years now. Heaven for me is making something homemade!

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  8. 57

    Thanks so much for hosting. I’m sure alot of work goes into this. I’m excited, this is my 1st ever gift exchange. I can’t wait to see what eveyone has made at the after party. ;)

    1. 57.1

      me too! i love seeing the lovely gifts! let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the exchange.
      happy crafting,

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  10. 58

    Today is the 7th and I went to sign up and it says it is closed. Is there anyway to still be on the list??

  11. 59

    Ok at least where I live, Utah, it is only 10pm on the 7th. Nothing like the last minute!!

    1. 59.1

      tiffany, if you’d still like to participate, shoot me an email with your mailing info. i have someone that needs a partner.

  12. 60

    I hope it is not too late. Still the 7th here in CA.

    1. 60.1

      Hi Stacy,
      If you email me your mailing address and blog address {if you have one} today, then I’ll line you up with a partner so you can participate :)

  13. 61
    Monica Kubicz

    I’d like to join the gift exchange if it isn’t too late. Thanks :)

    1. 61.1

      Hi Monica,
      send me your mailing address and blog address {if you have one} and I’ll assign you to a partner today.

  14. 62

    I tried to sign up as well but the sign up form says its closed. I would like to sign up if I still can.

    1. 62.1

      Hi Emily,
      shoot me an email with your mailing address and blog {if you have one} and I’ll assign you a partner today. :)
      happy crafting

  15. 63
    Bonnie Parker

    I have wanted to do this for many years now, but I am a newbie at many crafts, and after seeing what many crafters post, I realize mine are just ametuer… This sounds like a ton of fun, and I would love to do it, but maybe I will work on my skills, and join next year… can anyone tell me though, when did you start doing these type of things?

    1. 63.1

      Hi Bonnie,
      We would love to have you join the exchange! There is no skill requirement. Beginner to Advanced is welcome to participate! I started hosting these exchanges 2 years ago. I do them in June and November each year. If you have any quesitons or would like to join the Holiday 2011 exchange, shoot me an email with your mailing address and I’ll assign you a partner todya.
      happy crafting,

  16. 64

    I signed up and have been checking my email to make sure I don’t miss anything! Can you post when you’ve sent all the partner emails? Thanks!

    1. 64.1

      Hi Stacy,
      I just searched all the entries for your email address and I can’t find you in there :( Shoot me an email with your mailing address and I’ll assign you a partner today.

  17. 65
    Michelle F

    Oh bummer! I was out of town and didn’t make the sign up :>( so sad! if you have any drop outs please add me :>)


    1. 65.1

      hey michelle,
      i will be doing a couple more partner assignments tomorrow. so if you’d like to participate, shoot me an email with your mailing address and i’ll add you to the list.

  18. 66

    I am interested in making a new friend I crochet embroder and needlepoint play the piano and flute. I did this once before and still have the gift she gave me. I would like to be in the country

    amy nelson

    1. 66.1

      Hi Amy,
      Did you send me an email? If not, shoot me an email and I’ll see if I can line you up with a partner.

  19. 67
    SS Sews

    So many nice bags to choose from….I have my eye on the Betsy in chocolate

  20. 68

    I have been in contact with my giftees and one item is ready to go and the other I will be getting finished this weekend. I just love this idea!!

  21. 69

    Kathy sent my gift and I LOVE IT!!! The sweetest little mini album with a 50’s theme. I actually attended a 50th wedding anniversary last year with a 50’s theme and I am going to use it for those pics.
    Really nice job and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  22. 70

    I liked Elmer’s on FB!

  23. 71

    I host a Christmas card making party every December! I make lots of finger foods and supply a few bottles of wine. It’s a great time for all of us ladies! We all bring supplies to share with one another. We share ideas and have lots of fun and laughing!!! Elmer’s products would be perfect for a little something for everyone to have!!!!

  24. 72
    Tobey Schollmeyer

    hi! I received an email from my partner and I’ve replied twice and havent gotten a response from her. My fear is that my emails are going to her junk/spam folder. I haven’t received her mailing address as of yet so I’m not sure what I should do. I was going to give her through the end of this weekend (because of the holiday) – If I dont hear back I will gladly be a back up for someone that doesnt receive a gift as my gift for her is complete and ready to go except the mailing address. :))

    1. 72.1

      Hi Tobey,
      Can you please email me with the name of your partner and I’ll send her a quick email. If you make and send her a gift and you never receive one in return, I can put you on the Angel’s list and a little something will come your way.

  25. 73

    Spynds so fantastic!!!! So excited about this!!!!! I already have some ideas in mind!!!! <3

  26. 74
    Nicole Lifford

    Are you doing the gift exchange for 2012? This is really neat!!