Graphic Skinz

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by RoseArt. I received free product to try. As always, all opinions are mine!

If you’re looking for a cool crafty gift for a kid 6+ years old, you have to check out Graphic Skinz! Its this fun little tool that helps you add skins or designs to about anything that fits inside the vacuum chamber and can get a little wet. Here are a few items that I added skins to!

Graphic Skinz

Fun new craft tool that adds customized designs or "skins" to items. Great gift idea for kids!

Here are the items before being “skinned”.

Fun new craft tool that adds customized designs or "skins" to items. Great gift idea for kids!

What a difference, right?! The skins add so much fun! And the skins stay on well. So how does Graphic Skinz work? Here’s how!

Graphic Skinz Tutorial

How to use Graphic Skinz kit

Supplies: Graphic Skinz kit comes with everything you need to get started. It includes the Vaccuum Chamber, instructions sheet, 30 “skins”, detail brush, and 3 customizable models {sea horse, butterfly, and flower box}, and sponge. All you need is scissors, items to apply skins to, and a cup or bowl of water.

  1. Above you can see that I used a die cutting machine to die cut the skins for my jar. But you can totally use scissors or a craft knife to cut the skins.

Graphic Skinz tutorial

2. Next thoroughly soak the sponge in water and wring out excess water. You want the sponge to still be pretty wet, but not dripping. Then wrap your item in the sponge.


3. Place sponge with bottle inside of the vacuum chamber. Close the lid securely so that no air escapes. {you’ll want to double check that the vacuum chamber is assembled correctly before starting!} I press my lid down firmly.


4. Press the suction button for 20 seconds or until the bag is suctioned tightly around the sponge, see the picture above for what it should look like.

How to add customized prints and designs to about any item using the Graphic Skinz tool

5. Wait 10 seconds and then open lid. Remove sponge and unwrap bottle and remove paper backing.

Monogram candy bottle using Graphic Skinz

Yep, these skins are basically like a temporary tattoo transfer. Its pretty easy and the results looks great! You can see how I layered 2 skins for this monogram candy  bottle. It makes a great gift or party favor!

This next one is my favorite!

Donut Mason Jar with sprinkles. What's not to love about that combo?? Click to learn how to make your own donut mason jar lid.

I added a donut skin to the lid of a mini mason jar and then filled it with sprinkles. Its so perfect!!! Mason Jar + Donuts + Sprinkles. What’s not to love about that??!

DIY Customized scissors. Click to learn how! Super easy.

graphic skinz kitGraphic Skinz Review

The Graphic Skinz product is a unique idea and something that kids and teenagers will definitely enjoy engage and spend hours creating with it. It’s a simple concept so that if a kid has applied a temporary tattoo, they’ll understand it. The product worked as it said it would. My only issue was I had to firmly press the lid down to get it completely air tight for it to suction. Other than that, no issue with it working. I wish the vacuum chamber was bigger so I could do bigger items, but for a kid, the size will be just right. There are lots of Skin Refill kits and models. There are Graphic Skinz products that are geared towards boys and girls. So this is a gender neutral product. It was fairly fool proof and I had great success with my first attempt to skin something. At a price point of $19.99, I feel it is priced well and a good value and something that kids {and adults. ha!} will get addicted to. It has the potential to be the next ‘Rainbow Loom’ kid craze. You can purchase Graphic Skinz on Amazon, or in the Craft & Stationary aisles at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Kmart.

ADDED LATER: RoseArt emailed me and said that you do not need the vacuum chamber to apply skins. So if you want to do projects that are bigger than the vacuum chamber, you can.


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    That donut lid is too cute! I love it!


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    I have found the skinz on clearance at Target and thought I could use them on my Pebble watch with my Cricut machine. I thought they were stick on the back but have not opened up the package yet to find out. Now i am wondering if all the skinz I bought might not work. I dont have the machine. I’ve seen it for $30 but not less than that lately.