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Good Morning! I’m so glad to be back! I {barely} survived the move. we still don’t have internet at our house yet….. so i will be a little hit or miss this week until it gets fixed. {so sorry friends!!} but i’m glad i was able to sneak to the hubs office last night to write a quick post for today. with it being July, i thought it would be fun to share a “Christmas in July” type of project. plus you know how much i love handmade gifts! ;o)

i am showing you a couple easy, but very stunning gift  wrapping ideas using Lifestyle Craft’s Epic Cutting Tool and new “Possibilities” line of nesting dies.  {you may remember my post awhile back when i gave the Epic and Letterpress combo a test run and fell in love!}

the new Possibilities line is the highest value line from Lifestyle Crafts with 22 dies and sizes ranging from .25″ to 5.75″. umm, yeah, LOADS of possibilities with all those sizes to play with! i love having options, so these die sets are perfect for the indecisive crafter like myself.

i simply paired up tan burlap and black tulle with a cute tag to make this gift box look fab! and with all the sizes that the Possibilities dies come in, i can use this same idea by simply using a larger die from the same set to get the same look. easy as pie!

to create this look, i cut the tag using white chipboard and die #dc0162, about 36″ of black tulle, 4″x3″ piece of tan burlap, a hole punch, and a black marker.  soooooo easy, but so stunning! took only a few minutes to dress up my gift box.

here’s a slight twist on the same idea. if you’re not into bows, simple make cute knots on the ends after wrapping the tulle around your gift.


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currently i’m….

adding these flowers to everything!

looking for t-shirts to make more poms!

giggling over this fun game!


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    What a great idea! I am totally loving how the package wound up looking. I have to know a few things. 1 – Where did you get the awesome box? I love craft paper, craft paper boxes, etc, but can never find them locally. You didn’t get them online, by chance, did you?
    2 – Does it take a long time to figure out the Die Cut Machine? I’m looking into getting one for my new Etsy shop, which will be going live in August, and I was a little, well, scared of it at first. Do you find it easy to use?
    3 – Where can I get the “Thinking of You” card at ? One of my closest girlfriends just moved down to Dallas from NC and, well, I miss her. So, I’d love to get some really cute, fun cards to send her. Or maybe make my own. What do you think?

    I love reading your blog. Of course, normally I silent-stalk using my Reader but I couldn’t pass up leaving a comment on today’s post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. 1.1

      Hi Jenny,
      I can’t believe I am just now reading your comment! I am so sorry! I’m so behind after moving and all. I apologize for not answering sooner! Here are my answers:
      1- I don’t remember where I got the box! I just had it laying around. But you can buy templates to cut them with a die cut machine. You could try they have all kinds of boxes.
      2- i’ve used a few die cut machines and they are pretty easy to use. what i like about the epic is it is compatible with almost all brands of dies. {usually when you buy a die cut machine, you can only use that brand of dies with the machine} Congrats on opening an etsy shop!! That’s a scary but really exciting! Good luck!
      3- I made that card with my Epic using the letterpress combo tool. It is easy to make cards with a die cut machine! or you can look on etsy and find all kinds of great handmade cards.
      I’m so glad you said hi! I love meeting my “staulkers”! haha Stop by again and say hi!
      happy crafting,

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    Susan Krauss

    Great idea for gift wrapping! love it! FYI…it’s spelled TULLE! lol

  3. 3

    Glad you survived the move! I hope you get internet soon; that is the pits. :(
    Love this cute wrapping idea by the way, especially the one with the bow. Darling!