Gift Tag Cheater Tip

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gift tag cheater tip
Its gift wrap crunch time! I’ll be honest, I haven’t even started wrapping the kids’ presents….Anyone else in the same boat? I think we’re going to have a Christmas Eve flash wrap session. haha. BUT I have finished up my neighbor gifts. {its a miracle!}

christmas gift tags I won’t lie, my handwriting stinks. As in, I write worse than a man. Seriously. So I cheated on our neighbor gift tags and used my Silhouette CAMEO to write them for me. Lazy or brilliant, you decide!

Christmas Gift Tag Cheat

gift tag cheat

Thanks to a  little Silhouette Sketch Pen action, all the tags are legible and neat. {although if you look closely, I put the label on crooked on the closest bag. sigh.}

silhouette gift tags

Sketch pens are super easy to use in your Silhouette. Simple remove the cutting blade and insert a sketch pen in the desired color and then flip the blue switch to tighten. When your design is ready to go, simply select the “Silhouette Sketch Pen” setting in the Silhouette Studio software {I use the Designer Edition} and click Cut. Make sure you check the box for Double Cut so you get nice even lettering. I used the White Sticker Paper for my gift tags, but you could also use the Adhesive Cardstock. First I used the sketch pens for the lettering and then I ran it through my Silhouette a second time to cut out the labels with a curvy tag. Then peel off the backing and apply to your gift. Super easy!

So the question is, do you have your Neighbor Gift done? Do you even do Neighbor Gifts? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. 1

    I say… You are brilliant! :) I don’t see that you use a pen holder for the sketch pen, it didn’t loose? Wondering if it would work for Sharpie markers or not… Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 2

    I am like you still haven’t wrapped any gifts. The neighbors are done and ready for delivery. Great idea as I have the pens and that would work for Santa tags.

  3. 4

    I have yet to wrap my kids’ presents as well. I did wrap 6 gifts last night that I gave to my sister’s friend who just had twins. I had no choice but to wrap them since I had to deliver them today.
    I love the Sketch Pen idea! I wanted to try my hand at card making and those might come in quite handy. Hopefully someone was thoughtful enough to include them in my gifts :)
    As for neighbor gifts, we don’t do them. Honestly we don’t like our neighbors. They both have caused needless problems from us that were just plain stupid so we keep to ourselves.

  4. 5

    Great tip, got neighbors gifts out last week, marathon baking and DH delivery system…maybe next year will think about putting tags on! make them as a keepsake ornament.

  5. 6

    I used my cameo sketch pens to address our Christmas cards. I started wrapping last night.

  6. 7
    Margie Shubin

    I didn’t notice until you told me. :-}

  7. 8
    Brittany Green

    I don’t give neighbors gifts, I have way too many to give as it is :-) but I love the pen for writing tags!!

  8. 9

    My neighbor gifts were made by a most talented friend! She took a Christmas design Avon lip balm; inserted it in a tube with curly paper to cushion it on the bottom; made a tag that said “have a merry “kiss” mas and tied it with red/white and green/white twine. This year’s gift was primarily for the hard working ladies in my neighborhood, and were well received.

  9. 10

    This works for the cricut, as well. The text is a bit more of a challenge to get correct, but using the cricut pen/markers you can get the same effect. Thanks for sharing!