family portraits 2011

i just have to take a second and show off my *adorable little family*! we had our family portraits taken on Memorial Day in downtown Richmond. it was a cool urban setting plus, we were moving the following week and thought it would be fun to have our pictures taken in a city that holds a lot of memories for us.

i love these portraits! they are our first as a family of 4. it was hard getting everyone to look at the camera AND look good… all in the same picture. that. is. tough! i think i am laughing in the picture above. oh well. i think they turned out great.  i can’t wait to print large prints to plaster our new home with. i’m joking. kinda.

Linda + Davis

me and Mr. Craftaholics Anonymous {isn’t he hot? haha don’t answer that} 

i <3 my boys!

Baby H and Little Man. aren’t they the cutest little bugs ever?!

Mr. Blue Eyes

this little guy has THE BLUEST EYES you’ll ever see! {and they will promptly melt your heart}


this picture is completely perfect. he has so much energy!

Baby H

love this little guy!

thanks for letting me show off for a minute! i am so proud of my family and love them to pieces! we believe we will be a family forever and that makes me so happy.

if you want to read more about our family, head over to my recently updated About Me page.

photo credit: Meghan McSweeney Photography

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  1. 3

    Such great photos… you have a beautiful family! :)

  2. 4

    So, so cute Linda! What an adorable family. those blue eyes are to die for!!

  3. 5

    Oh my gosh your kids are just too cute! Really gorgeous photos =) x

  4. 6

    Oh my goodness you have an adorable family! Your oldest son looks so much like his Daddy, and your baby boy’s eyes, totally melted my heart..gorgeous :) Thank you for sharing, and I hope you have a blessed day!

    1. 6.1

      Thank you so much Nicole! Yes my oldest looks just like Davis! lol Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I appreciate it.
      happy crafting,

  5. 7

    Ahhh! You and your family look GREAT, Linda! Gorgeous pics!

  6. 8

    Gorgeous photos of your beautiful family! I love the background. Good luck with the move, I know you’ll have your home looking wonderful in no time!

  7. 9

    There’s not much that warms the heart than to see a lovely happy family. Lovely. Simply lovely!

  8. 10

    What a cute family! Your older son looks just like your husband except with lighter hair! Love love the pics!

    1. 10.1

      Thanks Avry! Yes he is the splitting image of Davis, isn’t he?! I swear I gave birth to him although he doesn’t look a thing like me lol Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
      happy crafting,

  9. 11

    These are such great pictures… I have great plans for our family pictures by the side of our barn… once baby #3 arrives and I’m not looking so much like I just gave birth of course :)

    1. 11.1

      Awesome! a barn backdrop would be so cool! Congrats on having baby #3 on the way!!
      thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
      happy crafting,

  10. 12

    ADORABLE!!! I love the colors. And your oldest look so much like his daddy :) What a cute family!!!

  11. 13

    Lovely, beautiful family, congrats, My baby boy is watching and pointing at your boys, saying niños, witch is boys in Spanish :p

  12. 14

    Your little guys are so stinkin’ cute! These are lovely family pictures!

  13. 16

    Fantastic photos! You all look so joyful!

  14. 17

    What a sweet family! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us :)

  15. 18

    Those little guys are soooo CUTE! Boys are the greatest, aren’t they? :D

  16. 19

    these pictures are sooo adorable! Your family is beautiful and your pictures came out great! :)

  17. 21

    Beautiful family…the pics are wonderful!!

  18. 22

    You have such an adorable family!

  19. 23

    You think its hard getting two kids to look at the camera at the same time? Try eight.

  20. 24

    Great Pics. I’ve been looking for a family photographer in Richmond. I just checked out her website & saw people that I went to school with. :) Giving her some serious consideration. Thanks!

    1. 24.1

      That’s too funny Stacy! We really enjoyed working with Meghan. She did a fabulous job!
      happy crafting,

  21. 25

    Love your family photos! As a photographer myself I TOTALLY understand the challenge of it all! By the way just found your blog and am loving it! Did I read you live in Richmond, as in VA? We are up in Fairfax and it’s super hot here!! (ready for fall yet? ) :)

    1. 25.1

      Thanks Nicole! I’m glad you found my blog! Yep, I’m in VA. We just moved near Newport News last month and yes, it sure is hot here too! I’m so ready for fall! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I really appreciate it! :)
      happy crafting,