Fall Bunting Tutorial

Need an easy fall craft idea? Christen’s fall bunting fits the bill! Love the simplicity of Christen’s {Creative Team} fabric bunting. Enjoy! -Linda

Quick, easy and fun projects are my jam – especially when it comes to decorations. Because, let’s be honest, I’m usually super late with pulling together seasonal decorations, especially for Fall since I go all out at Christmas. However, this year, I wanted to use up a charm pack I’ve had around forever and give my mantle a quick update in celebration of the changing season.

This project goes together quickly with a precut charm pack making the fabric selection, cutting and sewing a breeze.

Fall Bunting

fall bunting

Fall Bunting Tutorial

Yields one 7 ft long fabric bunting banner.


Fall Garland_Supplies

  • 1 Charm Pack with at least 24 pieces (or 24, 5″ fabric squares)
  • 96″ of twine
  • Pinking Shears or Pinking Blade for a Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing machine

Choosing & Cutting Fabric

Since I made my bunting 7 ft long, I needed 12 sets of 2 charm squares (24 total) that would be evenly spaced with 2″ in between. So, if you want to make your bunting longer or shorter, plan accordingly.

Choose Fabrics

Once your 12 pairs of fabrics are selected, place them on top of each other wrong sides together with the right fabrics facing out.

Use Ruler To Cut Fabric

Take one set of 2 stacked together and place on your cutting mat. Using your ruler, cut 2 triangles from the bottom of the squares to make a point by aligning your ruler at 2.5″ at the bottom and 2.5″ inches up from the bottom as shown.

Finished Cut Fabric Piece

After you cut your square into a point, sew around as if you are top stitching along all 4 sides with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving the top open.

fall fabric banner

Once all 12 are sewn, use your pinking shears to cut along the two sides of the point. In most precut charm packs, the edges are already “pinked” around all 4 sides. However, if you cut your own squares, you’ll want to use your pinking shears around all edges, making sure not to cut the sewn line!

use pinking shears

After you have used your pinking shears, you’re stack of fabric flags will look like this and be ready to attach to the twine!
fabric bunting tutorial
Next, cut your twine to your desired length. I cut mine to 96″ leaving 6″ on each end and enough room for 2″ in between each flag. Place the first flag on a flat surface right side up, and place your twine on top and fold down the top approximately a 1/2″ and pin in place.

how to sew a fabric banner

Move over 2″, and repeat the above step for the next flag. Continue repeating the process with all 12 flags to the end of your twine.

fabric banner

Next, sew down the 1/2″ you folded over along the edge of the twine, back stitching at each end to hold in place. I found that using my zipper foot allowed me to get close to the twine, almost as if I was sewing piping.

DIY fabric banner

Once all 12 are sewn on – you’re all finished with your fabric fall bunting!

fabric bunting

Are you decorating for Fall/Autumn yet?

Happy Sewing!

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    Thanks for this. I volunteered to be my sons grade teacher this year in his 1st grade class, so I will be in charge of all party planning. I just might put this to use!