Dining Room Makeover: How to Remove Trim

Dining Room Makeover Before picture

Dining Room Makeover

I knew before we moved into our new home last summer that the Dining Room was the first room we would redo! The NASTY orange paint was just awful! And then White Carpet in a Dining Room? I repeat, WHITE CARPET in a DINING ROOM??!! How are my crazy kids ever going to eat spaghetti over that??

That’s just not realistic or functional for our messy family. End of story.

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So in November we started our Dining Room makeover on a budget. Let me tell you, when your hubby opens a new business, things can be a bit tight. But I was determined to not live with this nasty orange and white carpet mess for very long. {want a sneak peek of the walls? click here.}

But the first thing we had to do was remove the Chair Rail. Ok, that was after we moved the rocking horse to another room. ha!

How to Remove Trim


*Note: Always wear protective eye wear and gloves when doing DIY home improvement projects. Davis and I were stupid and just started this project on a whim and in our excitement to get started, we neglected to put on our safety glasses and gloves. {If we had thought this through, I would have been wearing makeup for the pictures, as you’ll see below.} Thankfully no one was hurt or injured during this project.

How to remove chair rail trim DIY
1.  Use your utility knife and cut across the top and bottom {and sides too if needed} of the trim. This cuts the caulking. Be careful not to cut the wall or drywall.
How to remove Trim tutorial DIY
2. Place your molding tool at the top of your tim where you just cut the caulking and use your hammer to loosen the molding from the wall. Slowly work your way across the width of the trim.
how to remove trim

Awesomely ugly picture of me sans makeup and crazy hair. wheeee! Doing my best to keep it real here. haha.

3. After the trim is loosened across the length of the trim, carefully pull the trim off the wall.

4. Use the hammer and nail puller on the other side of the molding puller to remove nails or brads.
How to remove caulking from a wall DIY
5. Davis removed the blade from the utility knife and used it to remove the remaining calking on the wall.
sanding a wall with a hand sander
6. Using your hand sander, sand your wall to even it out.

7. If you are planning to paint the wall, you’ll want to use spackling to fill in the holes and even out dents. After the spackling dries, sand and then paint.

Want to Skip Ahead and see what we did to this wall and what colors we painted, check out my Instagram here.

Ugly Dining Room

We are almost done with our Dining Room makeover. We are doing the flooring, adding curtains, and getting a new light. So stay tuned if you’d like to see how it turns out!

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    My living rooms walls are that burnt orange color, and I don’t think it’s nasty! LOL :]