Decorating with Photos

I’m excited to share another Canon project with you! There are so many ways to use your printer in your crafting projects, if you haven’t noticed! This time I printed off some pictures from my phone and made a cute frame to display them on. Check it out!

DIY Decorating with Photos

DIY Photo Decor

This is in our sitting room, which is directly off our entry way and completely visible to anyone who comes to our door. So showing off pictures of my kids is an obvious choice for this room. ha! I think its a fun, quirky way to display candid pictures of my kiddos. Any its really easy to do!

Decorating with Photos

Like many of you, I am HORRIBLE about printing off pictures, especially ones on my phone. I snap away, but never print away! But with my new Canon PIXMA MG7720 Wireless Photo All-in-One Printer, I can print amazing quality photos in minutes. When I showed my husband the prints I printed off, he was surprised that I’d printed them at home! I used Canon 4×6 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II and I know good paper makes a difference in printing. So the PIXMA MG7720 paired with the Glossy Photo paper, it is a winning combination.

DIY Hanging photo frame

For those wondering, the shelf is made from a vintage box I found at a local Antique Store for $13. It has South Boston written on it. Most likely South Boston, VA considering I live in Virginia.

How I did it

Printing photos

I love that this printer is all wireless! I simply printed the prints right off my phone. It was so easy! I trimmed a couple of the photos down to be square shape so they fit in my frame better.


I used an open wood frame and hot glued 3 lines of twine across to hold the photos. Then I used mini clothes pins to clip the photos to the twine.

How to decorate with photos

Such an easy, creative way to display photos! I had a lot of fun making this and love that I can easily update/change the photos at any time. Decorating with photos can be easy and fun.

How do you decorate with photos? Are you good about printing digital photos?

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    I know this photo DIY, had seen this earlier on Pinterest but what makes it more pretty is the green plants that you have placed near it. This just brings more attention to the whole DIY photo frame craft. Really beautiful. And the wood map is also so cute. Those red tiny hearts. :P
    Loved your work. Thanks. :)