Date Night Idea w/Temp Tattoos

“Watch the sails set sail.”-Davis

first off, that pic up there cracks me up! bahaha ANYWAYS, are you ladies ready for a fun *Date Night Idea* to do with your man?! i know davis and i are always trying to come up with new things to do for our date nights. well, here’s an idea for a Pirate Themed Date Night using Temporary Tattoos {neither davis nor i have real tattoos}

Pirate Themed Date Night

we created custom Pirate themed temporary tattoos {Be sure to help each other apply them!} and then we watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movie {the first one} and ate candy. aaaand a Pirate date wouldn’t have been complete without saying “ARRR!” randomly throughout the entire movie!

It was a simple date that was out of the norm for us, and way fun! {i have to admit, davis was rather skeptical about the temp. tattoos. but as you can see in the pics, he really got into them. which totally cracked me up! and my fave quote from him was, “Watch the sails set sail.” as he flexes his bicep with a pirate ship tattoo on it. BAHAHAHA. men.

good thing i shaved my legs! :P

davis and i were both impressed with how vibrant the colors of the tattoos were. we were a bit skeptical if they would actually work and that you’d be able to tell what they were. but as you can see, the detail comes through nicely and the colors are fantastic! and the tattoos stay put nicely.

Pirate Themed Date Night supplies

Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper from Silhouette

Computer & Color Printer

Silhouette SD OR Scissors {nope you don’t need a Silhouette SD to use the Tattoo Paper!}

Wet Cloth

Pirates of the Caribbean {the 4th one, Stranger Tide, should be out fairly soon on DVD}


plenty of “Arrr’s” and “Ahoy matey’s”

**i will be showing how to create the tattoos in the Silhouette Studio software, but you can very easily just print out your desired design from any program onto the Printable Tattoo Paper and then cut it out by hand.**

add Print and Cut designs to your document. then use hold down the Control Key and select all images. then right click and select Group.

then right click again and Mirror Horizontally. also make sure that Registration Marks box is checked. {top right corner}

then Print using your color printer. use photo paper option if possible. {i tried both ways and it seemed about the same to me}

this is what your tattoos will look like printed.

peel back about 2″ of the adhesive sheet….

and line up with one end of the printed tattoo paper.

then slowly peel off the rest of the green backing and rub adhesive to smooth it out.

place your tattoo paper onto a carrier sheet {which isn’t really clear in the instructions on the packaging} and go through and cut the the tattoos. i used a thickness of 3 and speed of 26 with the Pink cap. also be sure to click “Double Cut” option, which is very important!! {note: when you first load the tattoo paper, your silhouette will scan the Registration Marks so that it knows where to cut.}

TIP: when you put your tattoo paper onto the carrier sheet, put the edge of the tattoo paper close to the edge of the carrier sheet. otherwise the Sihouette SD won’t be able to read the registration marks!!

To Apply the Temporary Tattoos: peel off the clear plastic and press the adhesive side to your skin. place a dampl cloth over the tattoo paper for about 10-15 seconds. temporary tattoos can be removed with a wash cloth.

Disclosure: i was given free product to try. all opinions are 100% min!
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  1. 2

    I think one of us is confused… You said the second pirates movie was coming out on dvd soon. I just saw the 4th pirates movie in the theater last weekend.
    Eiter way… Your tatts are totally cute!

    1. 2.1

      bahahaha mom brain strikes again!! I meant the 4th one- Stranger Tides {i think?} good catch!
      thanks for stopping by,

  2. 3

    OMG what a cute idea!! Hope I win the Silhouette CAMEO so I can do this with my grandson:)…he would be a happy tween if I could do this!