How to Make a rosette memo board TUTORIAL

i am always forgetting things. always.

i like to blame it on my “mom brain”…..seems like every since i had babies, i’ve lost my mind and forget EVERY*thing! so i made this adorable little dry erase memo board to jot down notes and things i need to remember this summer. {like birthdays. i am the worst at remembering birthdays. my mom knows this and is so sweet to send me reminders when a birthday is coming up. thanks mom!} i love that my little rosette memo board stands up {with the help of a dowel}so i can find it easily…… instead of getting buried under toys or fabric or laundry! 

i added a scattering of brightly colored rosettes and a couple of rhinestones to add a little pretty to my memo board. perfect!

i cut the vinyl with my Silhouette SDso that the wording is on the back of the glass so i can write all over the glass surface with a dry erase marker.

here’s a quick little tutorial on how to cut your vinyl so the sticky side of the vinyl is on the front of the lettering:

add your text to your Silhouette Studio document. the font i used is “Annoying Kettle” from i like to show the grid lines when i am creating with my Silhouette SD. i think it makes it easier to cut the correct size. plus its a handy reference.

hold down the Shift key and click on all text/image boxes to select them all. then right click and select Group.

select your design, right click again and select Mirror Horizontally and this will flip your image so that when it cuts, the sticky side of the lettering will be on top. cut your vinyl out as normal.

using transfer paper, apply the vinyl to one side of the glass making sure that you apply it so that it reads backwards.

i then cut a piece of solid white fabric and put it in place of a picture behind the glass. if you want your frame to sit on a table, carefully drill a small hole in the back and put a dowel in it. then i embellished with rolled fabric rosettes and rhinestones all applied with a glue gun.

these cute memo boards make perfect gifts and are a great project for church youth groups!

**{added later} Click here for the Fabric Rosette TUTORIAL**

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  1. 1

    cute! I just put rosettes on a frame and love how it turned out;)

    1. 1.1

      Rosettes are just the perfect addition for a frame aren’t they Gina?!! Thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

  2. 2

    Cute!!!! I have to do this. Thanks!

  3. 4

    I need one of these for my office next school year! Love it!

  4. 5

    How do you make those beautiful rosettes?? I love them!

  5. 6

    Yes… please tell us how to make the rosettes. They are beautiful. Love the frame too. I made one similar by printing the font on a piece of paper with lines. (I can’t write in a straight line)

  6. 7

    Love this! I need to make one of these for myself! Love the flowers too, very cute and summery!

  7. 9

    love it! i’ve been putting rosettes on everything! they are so addictive to make- i have a whole bin ful! comes in handy though! it makes the simplest things spruce up quite nicely!

    1. 9.1

      Thanks! I agree, rosettes are the perfect accessory for everything! :)
      thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

      1. Very cute. I like the rosettes. It asmlot looks like a necklace. I’m having a Target giveaway and a link party on my blog. I’d love it if you joined!

  8. 10

    Do you have a tutorial on rosettes?

      1. Trina

        Hey…I know it’s only been a couple of days since this post, but was just wondering if you had the rosette tutorial up yet? I love this idea and just might have to start putting the rosettes on everything! :o)


        1. Hi Trina,
          I thought I’d have time to whip one together already and I haven’t. I will try to do it asap!! Sorry for the wait!!

          1. Trina

            Just checked it out! Thank you so much. :o)

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  10. 11

    Hi,just find this site, and i love it.can you tell me how to make the rossetes

    1. 11.1

      Hi Sammy,
      Thanks for stopping by! I am working on a tutorial. Look for it to be up soon!
      happy crafting!

  11. 13

    I love this idea! So cute and practical.

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  14. 14
    Courtney Rosehart

    This is adorable, Linda! I can’t wait to try this! I especially love how the colors stand out, bright and eye-catching!
    Thank you for sharing!
    ~Courtney Rosehart

  15. 15
    Lacy Beck

    Hi Linda!
    I LOVE, LOVE this rosette memo board but am NOT crafty. Do you sell them?