Cute Washi Tape Storage Box #MakeAmazing

cute washi tape storage box  This post is brought to you by Scotch Brand Expressions Tape. All opinions are mine!

Cute Altered Washi Tape Storage Box

You know I love me some washi tape! Well, Scotch Brand has been coming out with lots of new Washi Tape patterns that are really fun to play with and they now come with a free storage box to put your washi tape in.

washi-tape-box I know a lot of you have wondered how to store your pretty washi tapes and Scotch’s washi tape now comes with a free storage box. Which is really awesome, but it totally needs a cute makeover!
washi-tape-box1On the left is the free storage box that comes with the washi tape. And on the right is my altered one. Umm, so much cuter, right?! It looks so cute on my desk!

washi tape box. so cute! would look cute on my desk.Here’s how I gave my free washi tape storage box a cute makeover!


  • Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape and Free Storage Box
  • Scotch® Wrinkle Free Glue Stick
  • Scotch® Titanium Utility Knife
  • Two pieces of white cardstock cut to size 1.8 inches by 1.8 inches
  • Scrapbook Paper in a desired pattern cut to size 7.8 inches by 2.3 inches {polka dot paper}
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folder
  • Measuring Tape
  • White Circle Label
  • Marker

washi tape box tutorial collage1

  1. Gather the supplies.
  2.  Cut the white card stock to 1.8 inches by 1.8 inches and the pattern scrapbook paper to 7.8 inches by 2.3 inches.
  3. Lay your box on the blank side of the scrapbook paper and use the bone folder to score the paper where you’ll crease it at each corner of the box.
  4. Fold the scrapbook paper along the score lines and use the Scotch®  Wrinkle Free Glue Stick to apply glue to the entire blank side of the scrapbook paper that will be adhered to the box.washi tape box tutorial2
  5. Wrap the scrapbook paper around the box and press firmly for a couple minutes for the glue to adhere to the box.
  6. To decorate the top of the storage box, place Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape onto one piece of the cardstock. TIP: Use the washi tapes that came in the package to easily see which patterns are stored inside.
  7. Trim the excess washi tape off of the white cardstock using the Scotch® Titanium Utility Knife.
  8. To attach the decorated cardstock to the top of the storage box, apply the Scotch® Wrinkle Free Glue Stick to the undecorated side of the cardstock and press firmly for a couple of minutes for the glue to adhere to the box.
  9. Repeat steps 8-10 to decorate the bottom of the box.
  10. Select one pattern of washi tape and wrap one piece of the tape around the center of the box.
  11. Using a marker, write “Washi Tape” on the white circle label and adhere the label to the front of the now cute Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape Storage Box.

Washi tape craft. Love the colors! Cute washi tape in a cute washi tape storage box!

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  1. 1

    I have a bunch of unused washi tape at home; they’re so pretty that I can’t bring myself to use them up! But using them for a project like this would definitely not be a waste :) Love it!

  2. 2

    Love all these ideas. Cannot get enough Washi tape ideas. Keep them coming!

  3. 3

    Unfortunately the crap that Scotch tape sells isn’t real washi tape, it’s just regular paper tape. The word washi isn’t legally defined anywhere so they can call whatever they want washi tape. Real washi tape is rice paper tape.

  4. 4

    Hi! I love the patterns on the tape you used. What store did you buy it at? I’ve looked online and cannot find it. It’s so cute! Thanks!