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Happy Wednesday and welcome to Day 4 of Craft Room Inspiration week here on Craftaholics Anonymous! Today’s tour comes to you all the way from Norway! Here is Helle to show off her colorful craft room! 

enjoy! -linda



craft room

Hi, I`m Helle from Holyhelles Himmel (Heaven) in Norway.

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

I love color, adore cats, like to work out and I am a true pinterest junkie! I create stuff as cards, art work and scrapbooks on request and I also sell my cards in a local shop.

I can`t wait to show you guys my all white but still colorful craft nook!

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

I have a very kind boyfriend that actually thinks it`s cozy that I have my craft nook in our living room (amazing, I know!). To tie it in with the rest of our space, all my furniture is white (IKEA), but I have added a lot of color in my bits and pieces. I LOVE color!

Here is a close up, which includes my nosy cat, Apple.

Craft Room

I guess there`s no use hiding the fact that my desk is facing the TV… and the rest of the living room. I appreciate some company when I work.

I`ll show you some of my favorite pieces in my office:

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

The first pic is my Lego head. bright yellow! It contains it all. Second is my Erik drawer from IKEA. I love the deep drawers. Pic number 3 is showing two of my Blafre boxes (norwegian design). They are just to stinkin`cute! I need pretty things in my office, they inspire me!

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

I love being organized (with a bit of whimsy). Everything has it`s place and and the placing must be functional. This is how I store the most of my stamps, using MUJI boxes and cd covers (of course labeled with my dymo label maker which I can NOT live without)

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

The cd covers keep my stamps organized in categories and make them easy to store, while being protected from dust.

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

I organize my scrapbook paper using napkin holders dividers for the different colors and themes. That can remove a whole bunch of paper at the same time the rest of the paper falling over in the shelf (I hate that!).

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

For years (how sad is that?!) I had trouble finding a functional way to store my alphas. Finally I had a lightbulb moment and came up with turning my magazine racks on their backs! It keeps all the alphabet stickers in place while it`s easy to look through them, finding the ones I want and sliding them out.

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

I have some pictures in my shelves for two reasons. I like them (of course) and I use them to cover up the not so pretty stuff I use. I have made both door signs and cards using my Hama beads which is hiding behind my late cat Mia`s picture.

Craft Room Feature at Craftaholics Anonymous

On my desk I keep the tools I use the most often, and I really, really love my big desk. Love my pink chair too!

That`s it from me and my colorful nook! Hope you all enjoyed the tour and will come visit me at Holyhelles Himmel. Have a great weekend!

Thanks for sharing, Helle! Love your fun pink chair. Make sure to visit Helle’s blog and say hi!

See more craft rooms here! If you’d like to have your craft room featured, send a picture or link of your space to for more information!

happy crafting,


PS don’t forget to stop by tomorrow and check out another great craft room tour!

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  1. 1

    This is amazing, would love for my craft room to be this organized. The owl artwork… does she sell her pieces?
    Have an awesome day Linda,

  2. 2

    OOOOoooo awesome! Boyfriend is a keeper.. LOVE the space and need you to drop by and hammer out a space like that. :)

  3. 3

    Oh how I wish I had a space like this!! Such sweet little personal touches too, but so nice and clean!

  4. 4

    Thanks for the positive feedback, it made my day! :) and my man is absolutely a keeper;)

  5. 5

    woooh that’s a smart and clever solution of yours to keep safe the stamps in dvd boxes.
    I like this very much;-D
    thank you for the sharing, really awesome;-D

  6. 6

    I LOVE this space – the labels, Lego head, pink chair… awesome! And thanks for bringing us all these awesome craft room tours, Linda! I LOOOVE all this inspiration! : )


  7. 7

    Your craft room is beautiful. I wish mine were so organized. It seems to be an on-going battle to contain all of the recycled material and fabrics from my job ( at a fabric store ). The idea of using CD cases is a good one for many reasons. The fact that they are clear plastic means everything is visible at all times, making your search for just the right item a quick one. Their compact size takes up very little storage space, and things are kept clean and easily removable without disturbing anything else that is stored nearby. Thank you for the suggestion.