Craft Room {Allison from Little Lovelies}

I am beyond thrilled to be sharing my creative space on Craftaholics Anonymous! A huge thanks to Linda for having me!

My name is Allison and I blog over at little lovelies, where I share crafts, jewelry, cards, and other little lovelies. I have recently been blogging about embroidery, cards, and I shared how to make these key chains. So there is a little bit of everything. Stop on over – I am sure you will find something you like!
Enough about me. Let’s get to what you really want to see: my craft room!

This is my space. A wonderful, glorious, all mine space where I can spread out and create!
This is how the room started:
It was always a room where my craft stuff was, but it was ugly. Beige-y yellow walls, mismatched hand me down furniture, and stacks and stacks of junk everywhere. I told my husband that I wanted to redo it, and with only moderate hesitation he gave me a nervous “ok” :) I came up with the design, and he built it for me over the span of about 6 weeks.
I have basically created 3 work “stations”.
The first station on the long wall of this room is where I house all my paper-crafting stuff. I designed this area to be bar height to maximize the storage underneath. The curtains hide three full shelves of supplies. They are suspended on a sliding track so I can easily move them aside to get what I need (and to hide messes). On top of the counter, I keep my pens and markers easily accessible in simple mason jars. I also keep a spinning organizer out full of tools, glue, and rulers. I have learned to keep my most used and loved supplies out and accessible – it makes creating so much easier.
The next station is my sewing nook. I am new to sewing, but I knew I wanted a separate area for my machine and fabrics. Above the sewing machine, I hung a spray painted cork board. I use pins to hang embroidery hoops, inspirational fabrics, and anything else I need up and off of my workspace. The cabinets underneath house my fabrics, notions, embroidery stuff, and other supplies.
The last station (and my favorite) is my jewelry/office area. The left side of the desk is where I work on my jewelry. All of my tools and supplies are in the left cabinet. On the right side is my office desk area where I work on my blog and do important things like catch up on Facebook :)
With such a huge wall over this area, I knew I wanted something that made a big statement but was still useful and pretty. There is a chalkboard in the middle, a cork board to display finished jewelry, and pictures of my beautiful family to keep me inspired and remind me of how blessed I really am.
On the pretty statement wall, I have another spray painted cork board to display my finished jewelry. I love to have my finished work hanging up – it inspires me to make more!
Behind my office area, I have a really useful (and cute!) organizational area. I have four clip boards attached to the wall with Velcro so that I can take them off to write on and use, and put them back to display lists and catalogs. I keep magazines, notebooks, and extra clip boards in the basket below. The little table is just an old side table that I made a cover for. The table has a shelf underneath where I store power cords, chargers, and batteries.
You might be wondering about the actual construction of the space. We used pre-made counter tops and cabinets from Home Depot. These are not something you will have to order – they are kept in stock at the stores.  The paint color is Behr Paint plus Primer in Tide Pools. I always recommend Behr Paint plus Primer. It covers so well and you can usually get by with one coat. The fabric on the curtains and side table is from Jo-Ann. If you have any other questions about where something came from or how I did something, I would love to share. Just contact me!
I have so many girly touches in the space that make it mine. I have my collection of Disney Little Golden books, owls, birds, books, crystal knobs, and so many other little touches that make me so happy!
It is just lovely, if I do say so myself.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my creative space! Come visit me over at little lovelies! I love to meet new blog friends and I love new visitors.

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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1

    such an amazing space! wow.. I love all the different stations! this is beautiful!

  2. 3

    So jealous! I would love to know where you got those gorgeous silhouette bookends!

  3. 4

    super cute and a shabby chic!

  4. 5

    I am so wishing I could have a space that big! Mine is more like a “nook” than a space. Yours is lovely!

  5. 6

    Soooo beautiful. I must say I am jealous that you have a space that is all your own to let your creative juices flow….that is not your dining room. So many of us create in our dining rooms I think. My day is soon coming where I too will have my space and I can’t wait. Yours will be an inspiration that is for sure.

  6. 7

    Wow! Simply stunning! I love everything about it, but I must say my favorite–and I’m wondering about them as well–are the silhouette bookends (I’m pretty sure I need some!) : ) Well done!

  7. 8

    Valerie – I got them at Target. They were black but I spray painted them white. I got them in February or March so I think Target would still carry them.

    1. 8.1

      Awesome! Thanks for replying! I just love them :)

  8. 9
    LLicht @ KiwiCircus

    WOW! I can only daydream about a room like that! You’ve inspired me to clean up my mini-crafting space!

  9. 10

    How inspiring. I hope I get my room as organized!

  10. 11

    What a GORGEOUS space! I LOVE it, I’m saving this post as my inspiration for my craft area when we finish our basement, thank you for sharing!

    I’m a new follower from the Spearmint Baby Blog Alexa Blog Hop, please stop on by and follow me at and say hello :)

  11. 12

    I have craft room envy! Currently all my craft stuff is shoved into every corner of my apartment, ha! I love that you have an area for each type of project. Great idea!

  12. 13

    I’m totally jealous. I just wrote a post about “craft room envy” the other day, someday I would love to have a space as amazing as yours!

  13. 14

    I love your new room! You’ve done a great job with it. I hope to someday have a room that is all mine for crafting, etc. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  14. 15

    I love the room!! I have to know where you found the white butterfly wall hanger! I have to have it!

    1. 15.1

      If you mean the butterfly wall hanging where the butterflies are all in a row, I got the butterflies at Target. They are made by umbra and come as individual butterflies. I just lined them up and hung them so they are touching – making a more sculptural and geometric piece of “art”.

  15. 16

    This is a beautiful room! In your collage of photos you have some bookends that are a sillouette and a cutout of that same sillouette. Are those homemade or did you buy it somewhere? I have been looking for some cute bookends and haven’t found any but those are great. I would love to make some if you did. Please let me know. C:
    amiemiller02 at hotmail

    1. 16.1

      Hi Amie,

      I found these bookends at Target in February. I have looked on Target’s website but cannot find them there. I would recommend asking your Target store to see if they have them. Hope you have some luck!


  16. 17

    Oh, I love this craft space! GReat job on making it light and airy!! It looks so organized and perfect for tackling your next project! Great job!

  17. 18

    your work space is amazing! thanks for sharing…it’s always so nice to see where other people create!!
    xo ~ kristi

  18. 19

    I love the wall color. just this week I was liking this color for my room and now that I have seen this room I love it more . I am excited because I already know the exact color that I want since there’s a lot of colors to choose from, makes you get a headache. thanks

  19. 20

    Wow!, I wish I had a large craft room, like yours, I have a small craft room that my teen daughter and use to make homemade crafts, our craft room always gets sooo cluttered with cardboard boxes of craft stuff and cardboard boxes of books that we have too many of, my teen daughter when she uses the craft, it ends up looking like a big tornado or cyclone had come through our craft room, do you have any helpful hints for me!

  20. 21

    LOVE your craft room! I especially love your scrolled stool- where did you find it?

  21. 22

    Spray painting cork boards=genius! I cannot wait to get a can and go to town on the one in my guest room closet (not currently in use; that’s not a very good spot for a cork board :))
    And what a beautiful space! I am definitely inspired. Thanks for sharing!

  22. 23

    I wish…for your craft gallery. I sqeeze my crafting between the laundry room and the kitchen, but keep most of my supplies all over my home. But we don’t have a basement or an upstairs, so it’s better than nothing. I love the wall colour, might me having to have it too. I love your room. thx for sharing.

  23. 24

    This is an amazing craft room space, you could teach classes here it’s so big. I love your green walls, and how the lamps create a serene feeling. Heck I love it all, enjoy many hours creating!