Christmas Treat Boxes

{only 5 days left until christmas!!!!}

co-workers. not usually that difficult to buy/craft a gift for, right? but when its for your hubby’s co-workers who are all female and he REFUSES to give them anything “girlie”. as in no soap, no lotion, no sugar scrubs {which i totally wanted to try that recipe floating around pinterst!}. nope, davis would have nothing to do with it…..

because he didn’t want to feel dumb handing out a “girlie” gift to his 12 female co-workers. men. {sigh} 


last year, we gave them yummy candles and a mini mason jar of cinnamon milk mix. {love that stuff!} so candles were out too. the only thing left was chocolate. {and for the record, i do not like chocolate. i will repeat. i do not like chocolate! yes, i have tasted it. no, i still do not like it.} so i wasn’t super stoked about the chocolate idea. but i went along with it anyways.

treat boxes

we put the goodies in the cutest treat boxes from Martha Stewart Crafts. {found at Michael’s} the kit came with everything including; pretty holiday issue to line the 4 mini boxes with, ribbon, and gift tags. how easy is that?!

as for the goodies inside…

chocolate dipped oreos
we made chocolate covered oreos. {which was a lot easier than i thought it would be. and that’s coming from someone whose kitchen skills are very lacking!} G-man, my 3 yo, loved helping with the sprinkles.

christmas craft

christmas {hershey} kisses {just add small circles of festive paper to the bottom of your hershey kisses!}

peppermint cookies

and i convinced davis to do 1 non-chocolate item. so we made these festive little peppermint cookies too. and they taste just as pretty as the look!

christmas treat boxes

very polished and professional!

martha stewart treat boxes

Martha’s holiday treat box kits are awesome!! you can find them at Michaels. {and there’s a 50% off coupon in Martha Stewart Living magazine between pages 208-209}

cookie box gift

we used the smaller treat boxes for neighbor gifts. {yes, those snicker doodle cookies were made by me. and surprisingly, they turned out edible ;}


disclosure: thank you to Martha Stewart Crafts for providing me with free products to try! please note that we did purchase additional treat box kits.

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  1. 1

    How come your hubby has so many female co-workers… isn’t that girlie enough already…..? Please do not get offended, I just thought it was kinda cute…:)

  2. 2

    You DON’T like chocolate… Whoah… Weird… Haha…
    I think those are awesome gifts. Thanks for sharing…
    Greetings from Germany

  3. 3
    Hydrangeas and Harmony

    I totally get it. I heard once that you should never buy a co-worker of the opposite gender something that goes on their body. (ie. clothes, jewelry, perfume, etc). I’d be thrilled to get one of your cute gifts though since I’m a total chocolate fan! The packaging is adorable and everything looks so yummy!

  4. 5

    They look very delicious. Congratulations.

  5. 6
    Mindy C

    Lori Whitlock has a really pretty treat box in the Silhoutte store. I wonder though what kind of plastic/film can be purchased to seal the window?