the bump is growing

some of you requested an update on how the belly was growing. so much to my chagrin, here it is at 28 weeks. i’ve got the fat face and everything now. ugh. ignore the frizzy hair, this was after a day trip to the outdoor mall.
i had a oh-so-sweet lady tell me i was big and my baby was big, recently. it was exactly what i wanted to hear…. NOT. seems like you always have to have one person open their trap and say something stupid when you’re preggers. last time someone asked me if the doctor had mentioned anything about twins. really? did ya have to say that?
ok, i’ll ranting. i would love to hear your stories of what people said to you when you were preggers. it might make me feel a little better….
*and for your blogging safety, i would highly recommend NOT telling me how big or fat i am. these hormones are in full swing.*

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  1. 51

    I think you look wonderful! I seriously love me preggo bellies! I had people tell me I looked huge all the time. I loved being pregnant though… I mean the part where you can look fat and it's okay… not anything else. Your belly is super cute and I'm jealous! People who say stuff about twins just are stupid. I wonder if they ever get it right though… hmm…

  2. 52
    Jacob and Nicole

    My friend got a pretty big belly when she was pregnant, and when she was 7 months along she would have people say to her "when are you due? Yesterday?!" she didn't find it amusing either.

  3. 53

    You don't look big at all! I wish I had been that small at 28 weeks! I don't what it is about being pregnant that makes people think they can say whatever. It's like it just opens up the "say stupid things" can and people just word vomit all over the place. I got all kinds of indirectly rude and nasty comments while I was pregnant with my son, too. Just ignore them! You look great and most definitely NOT fat!

  4. 54
    laurie b

    you look beautiful! and like the pregnant mother of a healthy baby. that's what is important and i would disregard anyone who has different priorities. be kind to yourself and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy.

  5. 55
    Max California

    omg I was telling someone about when I was pregnant with my son, and they got confused and looked at my stomach and asked how far along i was.


    it doesn't help that i weigh more NOW than I did when I was at full term with him…

  6. 56

    You are TOO CUTE!!

  7. 57

    I'm pregnant with my second and while shopping recently for a new dresser for my son the sales lady said that i must be due any day. I was 14 weeks along. I could have punched her but my husband calmly escorted me to the door before i had the chance. Needless to say i'm smaller with this baby that i was with my son, and while i don't love the way my body changes with pregnancy i do love being pregnant.
    Thanks for the chance to vent!

  8. 58
    Coco loves vintage

    You look fantastic, unlike me, I was the size of a house! My baby boy when born weighed in at 10lb 7oz, so that is why:)
    I once got asked (after I had had the baby) when my baby was due! I was not impressed to say the least!

  9. 59

    Linda – You are so cute and little! Def. not big at all. :) Serious! When I was pregnant with Zenock I wore a purple shirt and someone told me it kind of made me look like Barney (the dinosaur) or an easter egg. Needless to say the shirt was burned and never worn again! :) Now all I get is you are ready to pop!

  10. 60

    Well, you look smaller than me, and I'm 23 weeks!

  11. 61

    You look absolutely perfect!

    When I was 20 weeks along with my first child, I had to go to the ER because I was having contractions. In the waiting room an old lady asked me if I was there to have my baby. I said, "I hope not!"

    Later the doctor walked into the exam room and after asking me how far along I was he asked if I was having twins. I told him no, but after examining me he said, "You're 100% sure there was only one baby on the ultrasound?" Crazy!

  12. 62

    Oh geez, some people just don't know what they really say when opening their mouths.

    I'm probably old enough to be your Mom but back when I was pregnant you really don't want to know what I heard ALL the time. I WAS pregnant with twins and on then on my 3rd trip to the OB they told me it was triplets. Yea, I was H.U.G.E.!! BUT, that didn't mean one could say just anything they wanted to either so yea, I can totally relate to you. Hugs.

    OH and BTW ~ I only had twins. :) Sure glad that docs were wrong back then while doing even the specialized ultrasounds that I had very frequently during that pregnancy. Twins was tough but I always told myself, it could be worse and it COULD have been triplets. LOL

  13. 63

    A guy at church regularly said to me in passing "You're looking SWELLL". Followed up by "It's okay to be big, you're pregnant." Thanks so much.

  14. 64

    Actually, my husband and I are HUGE fans of The Office, and we went to an Office party where you had to dress up. Well, I was about 3 months and I was hiding it really well (apparently, I thought I looked fat, maybe I just always look that way) and I was talking to one of the women the night before and said I was thinking of Dressing up like Jan (who was pregnant on the show at the time) and my husband said "You've already got the body. The woman didn't know I was pregnant and thought my husband was just being a jerk. Hehehe.

  15. 65

    I am about 17 weeks right now and this being my 3rd child I knew that I would have to endure the dumb things people say. So, to help me with that I am writing a "book" (well it is going in my scrapbook anyway). It is titled "Dumb things people say to you when you're pregnanat." If you want you can check out my blog and see all the dumb things people have said to me or to my friends and laugh. The worst one this pregnancy was…. "Oh I could tell you were pregnant because you don't look very good." Thanks for nothing. But, now when someone says something dumb like that I just smirk and say, "that's going in the book!" Hee Hee Hee

  16. 66

    I am about 31 weeks and I think I am probably twice your size. You are looking grrrrrreat! Pregnancy is so hard but well worth it, eh?!

  17. 67
    Ar@ KreAtiv@

    You look beutiful,… I love your blog and your work congrats.


  18. 68

    You look lovely! The shirt is very flattering. When I was pregnant with our twins people felt so free to comment on my size. Some thought I was so tiny for twins and some thought I must have back problems for sure. Blah! Any remark about my size made me cry. I wanted the babies to be growing and I didn't want to hear that I was small (making me think the twins weren't growing). Of course it's all worth it. I just love babies! And ours are the best :)

  19. 69
    The Fischer Family

    I think you are adorable!!! I usually get asked if I'm having twins or if I've been told to expect a big baby! Don't let it bother you…people tend to open mouth, insert foot alot around pregnant women!

  20. 70
    Jen J.

    So cute! You do NOT have a fat face. Hmmm, let's see – I've gotten the twins comment – that was my fav so far!

  21. 71

    I am pregnant with my third. They don't seem to be as easy to hide the more you have…. I was at a church social and my visiting teacher came up to me and asked if I was pregnant or had just been eating a lot of oreos lately. I was only three months pregnant.

  22. 72

    You look beautiful!

  23. 73
    Bethany @ The Paper Pony

    Wow, did you open a can of worms? When I was pregnant with twins, I had people ask me, "How did you do that?" all the time. Usually I would answer, "Oh, you know… the regular way." But I was caught at the wrong time once and answered, "Oh, you know… we just did it twice in a row!" Oh, did I mention "the wrong time" also happened to be at church? Oops!

  24. 74

    I went into the hospital on bedrest at 24 weeks with our fifth baby and was told I'd be staying for about 12 weeks (until she was born). Upon hearing the news, a neighbor asked my husband if it was "too late to take the baby". She thought it must be SUCH an inconvenience for me to be hospitalized — maybe an abortion would just be easier.


  25. 75

    My story comes from my favorite book "I Should Have Seen It Coming When The Rabbit Died" by Teresa Bloomingdale. She was married in the early '50's and began having children the following year. She had 12 total and when many,many people would ask her, "Are you pregnant AGAIN?" she would answer, "Nope. Still!" I love that answer.
    As for your concerns, everybody is different. There really is no such thing as a normal or text book pregnancy. My body is different than your body and everyone else's. So why wouldn't one person look farther along than another person at the same point in their pregnancies? You just let you doctor keep track of you and your baby and ignore what others say.
    A side note here: When I was pregnant with my daughter, our only child, I didn't care what anyone said to me. It wasn't about me. It was about this beautiful little girl growing inside of me that we had prayed and prayed for since we first got married. God blessed us with this wonderful child and if people wanted to say anything unkind to me, I didn't care. Truly. I was just so happy to be carrying this little blessing that NOTHING bothered me. I remember the exact moment I could no longer see my feet. I was in an elevator and looked down and realized I couldn't see my shoes. I began to smile….then giggle…and then I just had to tell the gentleman riding in the elevator with me. He smiled with me….Joy is contagous so let your joy show! You have a baby growing inside of you! That trumps any rude remarks by anyone! I am extremely happy for you and am smiling right now.

  26. 76

    Seriously? That is TINY! When I was 28 weeks, I had people asking "How many more days left?" My belly button popped at 25 weeks, so it was bad!

  27. 77
    Tara C. Wheeler

    Awww….look at you! You look awesome…fat face…whatever! lol During my first pregnancy, I had one dear lady at our church (who's known for her opinion sharing-lol) say, "You know, from behind, you don't even look pregnant." Umm…does that mean that I'm always this big in the rear-view mirror or what exactly? hahaha Gotta love people!

  28. 78

    I had just delivered my fourth child 6 weeks prior. I was at the grocery store and the checker asked my how much longer I had until my due date. So depressed.

  29. 79
    Practically Spent

    I was almost 3 weeks overdue (for real!) ~ about 2 weeks past, I was standing in line at a store and I heard 2 women exclaiming "Look at that lady! That lady gonna' have that baby! She gonna have that baby right here!!" I was so concerned I quickly looked around. Oh. Ok. I get it. They were talking about me.

  30. 80
    Crystal Chick

    An elderly lady at our church stopped me and told me "You can really tell your gaining weight in your arms."


    Shortly after that, I was standing in a gas station and caught a glimpse of myself from behind on the security camera. Whoa. Shocker!

  31. 81

    Just took a few minutes to check out your blog – Congratulations and take good care of yourself and that new baby.
    Sharon (babyquiltlady)

  32. 82

    You are so cute! I don't see at fat face at all!

  33. 83

    I think you look great! I really enjoyed reading all these comments. Speaking as someone who has never been pregnant, I get really excited when I see someone who is pregnant. I think everybody does! We are probably hardwired to react that way. I would never ever say something about it to a stranger though–some people just have no manners, wow!!!
    I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work mama! ^.^

  34. 84
    Erick and Megan

    This lady let me take cuts at the cut counter at the fabric store because she remembered how hard it was staning in line when she was pregnant ( i was not pregnant either…) (my baby was at home…)

  35. 85

    I actually had TWO people say to me that they didn't even know I was pregnant. And I was 5 months along, and seriously showing (this is baby #8, my stomach muscles have long since given up). They probably thought it was a nice thing to say, but all I could think afterwards was that I must look this fat ALL OF THE TIME! My poor husband had lots of fun trying to make me feel better the rest of the day. Seriously, when will people learn to just say "Congratulations, you look so good!" and leave it at that.

  36. 86

    I'm with ya momma. I'm 34 weeks and people have been asking me if I'm sure I'm not having twins for a couple of months now. "Nope, just one" I say, even though I would like to punch them instead. Ignore them all. You look fantastic!

  37. 87

    ugh, don't people realize they should just say how beautiful you are and that you have that wonderful pregnant glow?

    when I was 8 months pregnant I had to wear a girdle type thing around my stomach … it was about 14" tall and wrapped around my belly 3 times and velcroed shut … my now EX mil saw me shortly after being given this horrendous girdle thing and said OMG you're HUGE!!! you really shouldn't be eating so much … huh O.O … gee thanks for making me feel so awesome for the rest of that weekend, especially since every.single.time she looked at me she'd sigh and repeat it

  38. 88

    I am almost 34 weeks preg with baby #2 and a few weeks ago I was at my mom's house chatting with my mom and sis-in-law and I started complaining about how I feel like I'm already as big with this baby as I was with my other baby at full term, and my SIL says, "Well, your stomach doesn't…". Oh thanks, cause that's the part of my body I was referring to.

    But don't feel too bad for me cause she just found out she's having twins! She'll be HUGE!! MWAHAHAHA!!

    ok sorry. I love her. I do.

  39. 89

    I am almost 34 weeks preg with baby #2 and a few weeks ago I was at my mom's house chatting with my mom and sis-in-law and I started complaining about how I feel like I'm already as big with this baby as I was with my other baby at full term, and my SIL says, "Well, your stomach doesn't…". Oh thanks, cause that's the part of my body I was referring to.

    But don't feel too bad for me cause she just found out she's having twins! She'll be HUGE!! MWAHAHAHA!!

    ok sorry. I love her. I do.

  40. 90
    Dear Baby

    I was on maternity leave pushing my infant in the stroller thru the mall, past the really pushy cell phone sales kiosk, and the super obnoxious sales guy had the nerve to congratulate me on being pregnant and so soon? I gave him a stare and kept walking. Come on! See that infant in the stroller? Put it together. I am obviously in the process of getting my shape back. Jerk!

  41. 91

    coming in late but you were TINY for 28 weeks. I look full term by 20 weeks.