so…. what do you think so far of my party?? the week is still young, but i hope you’re enjoying the fab giveaways and my “speech“! haha. and of course, this celebration wouldn’t be complete without a lighthearted contest!!

“You know you’re a Craftaholic when…..”  CONTEST!!

To Enter: simply fill in the blank to this phrase “You know you’re a Craftaholic when…” in a comment on this post. *please keep them clean! thanks!

I will post my Top 25 entries on Friday, August 19, 2011 and let everyone vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced along with the Blogiversary giveaway winners on Wednesday, August 23, 2011.

How Many Times can you Enter?
Entry Deadline
Thursday August 18 at midnight.

The Prize

yup! i’m making the winner a yellow and gray rosette headband!

ok ladies, pull out those funny bones and let’s hear what you have. i can’t wait to read your responses!

***have you entered the blogiversary giveaways yet?***

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  1. 101

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you take your 1 and half year old to the fabric store and she gives a bolt of fabric a kiss:)

  2. 102
    Ali Imberi

    You know your a craftaholic when everything you see you imagine what it COULD be!

  3. 103
    Ana S.

    you know you are Craftaholic because you are starting to browse for sowing machines

  4. 104

    You know you’re a craftaholic….when your fingers start resembling bubblewrap! (a few to many close encounters with the glue gun)

  5. 105

    You know you are a craftoholic when….you start going through your neighbors trash can for your next upcycling project.

  6. 106

    You know you’re a craftaholic when… you call the hostess of your next party to find out the theme so you can make matching gift wrap!

  7. 107
    Clare G.

    You know you’re a craftaholic when…your friends and family think of you as the place to go for all of their crafting needs , due to the size of your stash.

  8. 108

    You know you’re a craftaholic when…your house if filled with unfinished projects and you start questioning whether or not you should be on the show “Hoarders!”

  9. 109

    You know you’re a craftaholic when… you hoard [non-disgusting] dumpster furniture.

  10. 110

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you downloaded lots of tutorials and compile them in a book :)

  11. 111

    when you wake up in the dead of night just to note down your crafty idea..its very precious you know..

  12. 112

    When your mom texts you every day to tell you how many toilet paper rolls she’s saved for you …

  13. 113

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you wake up from your crafting fog to find your kids running around in their underwear and flour all over the kitchen…and you could swear you thought they were still in bed asleep. :)

  14. 114
    Kari Johnson

    When you are pretty sure that pinterest got blocked at work because of you!

  15. 115

    you know you’re a craftaholic when your 6 year old is able to go into your closet, pick out some fabric and ribbon and tell you she’d like a dress made out of it

  16. 116

    you know you’re a craftaholic when your idea of heaven is wandering around joann’s, michael’s, any craft or fabric store for hours with no children

  17. 117

    You know you’re a craftaholic when….the dog poops out bits of ribbon that she ate off the table in hopes that it was something tasty.

  18. 118
    Hilary S.

    You know you’re a craftaholic when…your idea of “exercise” is walking briskly through the fabric section at Joann’s.

  19. 119
    Natalie Wold

    You know your a craftaholic when the hem of your ruffled, vintage lace and rosetted skirt, you made this morning, falls and your whip your massive ATG framing gun out of your purse to quickly fix it. :)

  20. 120

    You know you are a craftaholic when you doze off while crafting and awake to find the imprint of a pair of scissors (that you fell asleep on and fortunately did not poke an eye out!) in your arm, and think “hmmm..that would make a pretty cool crafty tattoo!”

  21. 121

    You know your a craftaholic when you buy craft supplies instead of food.

  22. 122

    …you reeeeally need to get your hair done, but forking out $65+ would hinder your ability to buy more craft materials, so you wait.

  23. 123

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you have to build a new house after being wiped out by a tornado and the first room you furnish is the craft room. Really!!

  24. 124

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you replace your coffee table with a large tote labeled “fabric” to conserve room for more fabric!

  25. 125

    When you are up at midnight reading and laughing at everybody’s replies on this post!

  26. 126

    “You know you’re a craftaholic when….” you need a month’s notice to clear the bed in the ‘Guest’ Room!

  27. 127

    you know you are a craftaholic when you dream of an angel granting you a wish and all you ask for is an endless supply of piles of fabulous fabrics, glue, shiny sequins, drool worthy papers et al.

  28. 128
    Charlene MIller

    You know your a Craftaholic when your children tell you to watch the show Hoarders and say” Your not that bad but your getting there”

  29. 129

    you know you are a craftaholic when……you see layouts, craft stores, and embellishments in your sleep (dreams) and the dreams include adventures full of cropping, shopping, and matching cardstock to patterned paper!! And you wake up smiling!

  30. 130

    When all you want for Christmas and birthdays is more crafting supplies, and they are more expensive then they were the last time you asked for them. This year I want a die cut machine, although I really doubt I’ll get it. S.O. thinks I’m a nut.

  31. 131
    Ana S.

    I tweeted

  32. 132
    Trinity Whitley

    … when you’re husband has to remind you, “You’re crafts are safe honey. You don’t have to sleep with your glue gun under your pillow.”

  33. 133

    You know you’re….when you go to take a shower you find bits of hot glued fabric, ribbon or sequins in your hair.

  34. 134
    Emily P.

    you need a sign that says “more projects than time”!

  35. 135

    you know you’re a craftaholic when all of your web bookmarks are “to make” crafts!

  36. 136

    …when you take your glue gun to a public bathroom fo find an outlet to finish a headband for a person who’s waiting for you at the play area with your kids!

  37. 137
    Haley G.

    You know you are a craftaholic when you are so busy with the kids that you don’t have time to sweep, mop, vacuum and certainly not do the dishes but you somehow manage to fit in 4 crayon rolls , a skirt for my daughter, decorating my kids crayon boxes with vinyl, and spray painting for my future projects….all in one day! (No, honey…I didn’t have time to clean…..don’t you know how hard it is to take care of the kids all day?!)

  38. 138
    Haley G.

    You know you’re a craftaholic (and maybe not very responsible) when your 3 year old brings you straight pins, scissors and other dangerous objects and says “Mommy, this is dangerous…why was it on the floor?”

  39. 139

    you know your bff (Linda-roo) is a craftaholic when she has enough crafts & ideas to put together a successful blog! :) Love ya, but I am still not quite a craftaholic :) BUT I LOVE that headband, cute!-

  40. 140

    When you won’t make your son Mac-n-cheese for lunch because you only have ONE box left and you needed the macaroni for your play date craft :)

  41. 141

    You know you are craftaholic when every one in your office saves their empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls in and leaves them on your desk…

  42. 142

    You know you are a craftaholic when your seam ripper is tucked behind your ear, buttons are super glued to your butt, and glitter is sprinkled on the green beans. Well, at least you cooked dinner right?!

  43. 143

    You know you are a craftaholic when you use a giant knife to cut apart a soda can to make earrings because you just cannot stand to wait to make your awesome new craft! Oops! Don’t worry no one was injured and there is a TUTE for that! LOL!

  44. 144

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you have no feeling in the tips of your fingers from all the glue gun burns.

  45. 145

    You know your a craftoholic when….you always have gorilla glue on hand and look at things daily trying to figure out how to use it differently or make something from it. :)