so…. what do you think so far of my party?? the week is still young, but i hope you’re enjoying the fab giveaways and my “speech“! haha. and of course, this celebration wouldn’t be complete without a lighthearted contest!!

“You know you’re a Craftaholic when…..”  CONTEST!!

To Enter: simply fill in the blank to this phrase “You know you’re a Craftaholic when…” in a comment on this post. *please keep them clean! thanks!

I will post my Top 25 entries on Friday, August 19, 2011 and let everyone vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced along with the Blogiversary giveaway winners on Wednesday, August 23, 2011.

How Many Times can you Enter?
Entry Deadline
Thursday August 18 at midnight.

The Prize

yup! i’m making the winner a yellow and gray rosette headband!

ok ladies, pull out those funny bones and let’s hear what you have. i can’t wait to read your responses!

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  1. 51
    Danielle Finder

    …your 2 year old knows just what to do with any random “supply” you have laying around the house.

  2. 52

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you wake up for 3am and can’t fall back to sleep so you think about how to perfect your current craft project. When you should probably be planning the next week’s meals or upcoming birthday parties or something. {But perfecting the craft was totally worth it.} ;)

  3. 53

    You know you’re a craftaholic when the word trash only refers to food scraps. Everyone knows better than to throw anything else away before without discussing it with you first! It could be upcycled!

  4. 54

    …your husband has learned to ask “Do you want to use this for anything?” before throwing anything away.

  5. 55

    ….you take your camera into stores just in case you see something you may want to make, and not buy. lol

  6. 56

    …you’ve lost count of all the 3rd degree glue gun burns you’ve suffered all in the name of crafting.

  7. 57

    “You know you’re a Craftaholic when…you look at EVERYTHING and try to figure out what you can create with it!!”

  8. 58
    Tiah B

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you get excited in the spray paint section at Home Depot.

  9. 59

    You know that you are a craftaholic when you get home and realize that the new dress that you just bought to wear to a friend’s wedding was selected completely on the fact that you are going to use it to make a couple of decorative pillows after you have worn it a couple of times!

  10. 60

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you see anything you like and start thinking how can you make it better your self. LOL

  11. 61

    You dream of fun sewing projects to make!

  12. 62

    You talk in your sleep to your husband about the projects you are working on!

  13. 63

    your toddler picks up thread scraps off the floor!

  14. 64

    you see a ‘project’ in everything, everywhere!

  15. 65

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you can justify hoarding a LARGE sack of empty ribbon spools because they’re going to be just perfect for something … someday.

  16. 66

    …when your retirement gift is a gift card to AC Moore.

  17. 67

    …you put lobster tails (after you’ve eaten all the good stuff) from a restaurant in your purse to take home because you know you could make something out of them!

  18. 68

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you won’t spend $5 on a crafty item because you know you can make it yourself; but you will spend $105 to get all the tools and supplies you need, and then need to purchase a new storage box to hold all those tools and supplies until you “have some time” to make it.

  19. 69

    You consider quitting your job so that you have more time to sew.

  20. 70

    Your craft space is clean (because you need clean to work) but the rest of the house is a mess because your husband has been left to fend for himself while you are crafting.

  21. 71

    You know you’re a craftaholic when your husband comes out to your studio and says “good morning” and you realise you didn’t even go to bed the night before.

  22. 72

    …..your side of the “Bonus Room” is messier than your teenage son’s!

  23. 73
    Janice M

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you dream about assembling the machine you’re engineering at work as if it’s a giant quilt and you dream about sewing sheets of steel together.

  24. 74

    You know you’re a craftoholic when you can’t wait for the cashier at the craft store to ask you what you’re going to make with the random pile of items you have purchased.

  25. 75

    …. when you are sitting in church and you look down notice you still have spray paint on your feet :)

  26. 76

    … you start making a list of what you are going to buy everyone for Christmas in February so you have time to make everyone something!

  27. 77
    Kari Johnson

    When your husband’s first question is “what did you make today?” instead of “how was your day?”

  28. 78
    Debbie C.

    You know you’re a craftaholic when … you’re thrilled that you get wait (the longer the better) for ANYTHING as long as you brought your knitting or crocheting with you!

  29. 79
    Debbie C.

    You know you’re a craftoholic when … you ran around doing chores all weekend and then phoned in “sick” on Monday so you could catch-up on your crafting! Of course I’ve never done such a thing!

  30. 80
    Cerrisse Wood

    You know your a craftoholic when you start making stuff to match every outfit!

  31. 81
    Jessica Ball

    You know you’re a craftaholoic when…….your 10 year old tells you he is going to call ‘Hoarders’ so you’ll stop buying craft supplies.

  32. 82

    …when you have multiple hot glue strings hanging from your clothes and you can name the project for each hot glue string and then vent about how much you hate the @#!$* glue strings and the random person you are venting at stares atyou really funny and says “Really?” and walks away with a confused expression on their face.

  33. 83

    when you have numerous fabric flowers lying around and you still don’t know whether you’re going to stick them on a headband or a ponytail or to decorate a frame.

  34. 84
    Gina Sorenson

    You know when your a craftaholic when you pick up a scrap piece of fabric from the floor to wipe your toddlers nose. =]

  35. 85

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when your husband tells you goodbye while you are crafting, then later you get annoyed with him for not saying goodbye.

  36. 86

    when it is more important to buy thread for a half finished project than milk for a milk-less fridge.

  37. 87

    …When your husband gives up his study room so that your huge amount of craft stuff won’t be scattered throughout the house!

  38. 88

    You know you’re a craftaholic when your sewing machine, iron, and pin cushion share the table with your evening meal.

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  39. 89

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you own three different types of sewing machines {and a pair of nifty electric scissors for speedy cutting :)}

  40. 90

    You know you’re a craftaholic when you have felt glued to your finger

  41. 91

    You know your’re a craftaholic when your craft room has found it’s way into EVERY room of your house. :) (poor husbands)

  42. 92

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you examine in each item carefully before you throw it in the trash to see if you can “do something with it”!

  43. 93

    you know you are a craftaholic when you are shopping, you hit a big sale and your husbands says why are you getting that and your reply is. Someday I will find a craft I can use it in.


  44. 94

    you know you’re a craftaholic when… every fabric, every piece of paper, every spare button, or scrap of cardboard instantly gets tossed on your craft table for a future project.

  45. 95

    you know you’re a craftaholic when… even your husband is saving scrap things for you to use

  46. 96

    You know your a crafterholic when the master bedroom is your studio and the garage is no longer his….lol… happy anniversary!!

  47. 97

    You know your’re a craftaholic when your dog eats hot glue blobs off your hardwood floor.

  48. 98
    Miranda Irby

    You don’t mind working in the dirty, unfinished basement – the only place in the house where you have your own space! :)

  49. 99
    Jennifer Jensen

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you have a cart full of spray paint at WalMart

  50. 100

    You know you’re a Craftaholic when you hang on to every worn out or non-fitting piece of clothing with the thought that you’ll be able to make something with the scraps one day…and I can totally relate to the person that posted about hiding supplies in the car and sneak them into the house, hehehe ;-)