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    Thanks for the heads up! I have done the login verification with my email already where if someone tried to access my gmail from an unknown source it will ask for a code that only I can get on my phone but I had not idea I could set that up for FB also! Thanks for sharing! I already have it setup!

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    At first I thought this was an April fools joke thing but now I see that Brooke at ‘All things Thrifty’ also got hacked…. you may want to reach out to her as well. I don’t understand why someone would hack a blog FB page – it just makes no sense to me. Thanks for the info I went straight to my FB page and did what you said with the security. I hope that these criminals can be caught and brought to justice!

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    So glad you were able to quickly catch this and not have a huge issue! This FB hacker stuff is getting crazy!!

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    So whatare the hackers trying to accomplish when they get control? I don’t understand. ..

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      If a hacker gains control of your Facebook account, they can steal all of your personal info, all of your FB friends’ info, post inappropriate pictures and links, etc. It can get ugly real quick.

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    Marilyn Georgeson

    One thing you must remember: never click on links in letters. To verify the account, go to facebook directly (by typing in the address for facebook and going to their verification page, not copying their link). Sometimes when you highlight the link, you will see the web address at the bottom of your page. You will often see that the web address is NOT the same as the link in the letter. If they had threatened to suspend your page, you should be able to go to facebook and verify it somewhere. I am highly suspicious of these types of letters and notices. I