Beautify Your Blog Part 3: The Header

I get lots of emails and questions about my header. Glad everyone likes it! As you probably noticed, I just updated it for spring with some fun colors and lots of flowers :) Anyways, before we get started, just want to remind you that my disclaimers from Part 1 and 2 still apply:

Huge Disclaimer: I am not the most computer savvy chic. I dropped a basic photo editing course in college after the first class because I was so overwhelmed. So needless to say, all this html and photo editing business scares the socks off me. I really don’t know what I’m doing half the time. But I like to share how me, a computer handicapped person, pulled off a few blog design elements that worked for me and my blog.

2nd HUGE DISCLAIMER: (please read!) this is how I did it. I know there are plenty of better, easier, and faster ways to do this. I’m just sharing what worked for me. I make no guarantees :)

To create my headers, I use picasa, the free photo editing software from google. It’s free and very user friendly. It does have limitations, but has worked well for me.

First, you’ll want to have downloaded picasa and have all your photos uploaded into it. {it does this automatically when you download the software.) Now go through your photos and select several you’d like to put on your header.To select the photos, click the green “push pin” looking button in the bottom left corner. I recommend throwing in a couple extra photos to play with.

After you’ve selected your photos, click the “collage” button to start your collage. Now is the fun/hair pulling part. Now you get to arrange your photos. You want to have a long rectangular shape when you’re done, so keep that in mind.
**added later: I used the “Picture Pile” setting in picasa for this collage.**

This is what my header looked like at this stage. If your header is like mine, you’ll want to be careful and line up the bottom of the pictures as best as you can. You’ll be able to crop the tops to line them up nicely, but I haven’t figured out a way to crop the bottom yet. You’ll see why in a second.
Add your text where you want it.
Next, you’ll crop your header making sure to include your text. It’s all down hill from here. yay!
Now click “export”. A box will pop up, click the circle next to “resize to:” and then you’ll want to resize your collage. Mine is 800 pixels, but depending on how wide and long your collage is and what type of blog layout you have will determine what size you’ll want. So, my suggestion is to play around with different sizes and see what you looks best on your blog. 
To add your header to your blog, click on the box next to “Instead of title and description” to select it and then unclick “Shrink to Fit.” 
Last part is to find your exported picasa file and upload your brand spankin new header. And you’re done! You did it! YAY! 
*I can’t wait to see all your fab new headers! leave a comment with a link to your blog if you used this tutorial to create a new header. I’d love to swing by and check it out ;)*

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  1. 1

    I like you are not the best computer savvy person…I use picasa and can't wait to change my blog page. Thanks!

  2. 2
    Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner]

    This is so much easier than the million step process I've been using so far :] Definitely going to try it sometime!

  3. 3
    The Oxford Family

    I have always loved your blog header! I need to get the motivation to change mine! Thanks for all the beautify blogs!

  4. 4
    Ashley Webb

    Thank you!! I've always wondered how people like you had such great headers! :) I just changed mine and I love it – thanks so much!

  5. 5

    Which setting do you use in the Collages? I have Picasa too, but can't seem to find one like this.

  6. 6
    Pink Princess

    I have used Picassa for my headers for quite some time now and love it ♥
    Thanks anyway, might try "your" size too lol

  7. 7

    Scary stuff here!! LOL!! Actually sounds pretty easy…I think I could do this. ???? Well maybe!?!

  8. 8

    I used your tutorials for my buttons and they were so simple (and I too am no computer savvy girl). thanks again for sharing, because I am totally wanting to give my blog a cleaner look with a new header.


  9. 9

    I plan on doing something like this to my blog this weekend.

  10. 10

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I made a collage for my blog (it turned out a little more square than yours) but it was fun to make and I love it!

  11. 11
    Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Linda!!! Awesomeness!! :) My sis has a blog that is a complete blank slate. She is an Army wife, and is due with their first baby in the Fall. She's looking to take her blog from a "sporadic posting" site to something that reflects their life and family.

    I am SO going to try to use this tutorial to help her prettify her blog. THANK YOU for going through the trouble of posting this. You always have fab headers. :)

  12. 12

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I, too, love to use Picasa! I've used it for this very purpose before and could probably make it work again in the future, but you just saved me a ton of time!

  13. 14
    Kelli @ RTSM

    Great info! I made my first header in photoshop elements, and I really need to work on a new one for my blog!

  14. 15

    Love your blog!

  15. 16
    Miss Tiff

    I always want to know how to make the headers. Thank you thank you thank you!

  16. 17
    Coco loves vintage

    Hi, I'm not using Picasa at the minute, but I think I might give it a whirl, it will be great when I need to display some of my jewellery pictures. You have some great tutorials, thanks for sharing :)

  17. 18

    Ooo, great idea! I've got to remember that one!

  18. 19

    Ok, I just followed your instructions and did this to my blog and it looks sooo much better!! Check it out if you would like!!

    Thank you!!

  19. 21
    Craftify It!

    OK…I downloaded Picasa last week after you button tutorials & I made my 1st buttons for 2 of my blogs!!! Thank you! I have tried several tutorials & never been able to figure it out, so you MUST BE computer savvy enough to help another non-techy girl:)

    BUT…for the collage for my header, I can't figure out how to arrange the pics how I want. As soon as I click on Collage it automatically puts them into a collage & I can't figure out how to move pics around or crop or any of that??? Is there an easy fix that I'm missing???

    Thanks Linda!

  20. 22

    Thank you for sharing this useful tutorial. I have downloaded picasa because I read your blog post about making blog button. I'm not making a button yet but I have so much fun since I have this picasa.
    Thank You!!!

  21. 23
    The Conway's

    Thanks for the advice…I would never have figured that out on my own. My header isn't perfect but now that I have some basic idea, I can make it better when I have more time.
    Feel free to check out my blog:

  22. 24

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was just thinking last night that I wanted to redo my header and then I woke up to your tutorial – perfect timing! I'm pleased with the final outcome although it's not perfect. I can't believe how difficult it is to line up those pictures. You seem to have the knack though as you change your header quite a bit. Maybe I'll get the hang of it too. Thanks for taking the time to post this information. If you'd like to see what I came up with my address is

    Thanks again,

  23. 25
    Craftify It!

    Thanks for answering my questions! I went in to settings & changed it to picture pile & it worked! Yay! I just made up a header, but want to adjust some photos before I upload it to my blog. THANK YOU!


  24. 26

    I just created a header but I am lost on how to choose a template that will be wider than what I have. Help!


  25. 28

    I'm not very computer savvy, but, love learning more. Thanks for the great tutorial. My friend and I have just started a craft blog and have been looking for a way to give the over all look a little more personality.

    Would love your feedback!

  26. 29

    Thanks so much for the Tutorial!! I love the new look of my page!!! Check it out.

    You Rock, if you didn't already know!

  27. 30
    nancy escobedo

    thanks for this wonderful tutorial,It was just what I need it.

  28. 31
    Hannah + 4

    Help!! I created a header with the help of your fabulous help but when i go to my blog and do all the steps there and save it it doesn't show up on my blog. Am i doing something wrong Thanks!!

  29. 32
    Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner]

    Ok. . . so I finally got around to trying this. :] But I can't find how to add text.

  30. 33
    sydney @ memorable minutes

    wow, i can't believe i had forgotten all abut picasa! it's been on my computer forever and here i was just using picnik. silly me. thanks so much!

  31. 34

    I finally did it! Thanks for the info. It wasn't as scary as I thought.

  32. 35
    An Experiment in Happiness

    Wow… this really worked for me! I am not exactly tech savy myself but was able to get this to work for me! Thank you so much for posting this. I hope it will bring more followers to my site soon. Thanks again.

  33. 36
    Mrs. Hinnefeld

    I just now did mine!!!! I dont have ads or anything, but I do post updates for family. LOVE this tute! going to try out the signature and buttons!

  34. 37
    From A Tangled Skein

    Thank you so much! I'm trying to stumble my way through all this and your blogs help so much!

  35. 38
    From A Tangled Skein

    I did it! Not too shabby for a first try! :)

  36. 39

    THANK you – I just started my blog a couple of months ago and coming across hints link this – and all the others on your site is fantastic! I just uploaded my first attempt for tomorrow (Dec 1st)!

  37. 40

    YAHOO!! This was PERFECT computer terminology for me because I am also not computer savvy! Come check it out at!

  38. 42
    Alexis and Xavier

    Thanks for the help!! Finished my header! would love for you to take a look!

  39. 44

    just found your blog from Little Miss Momma! Thank you SO much!!! I finally have a header I LOVE to look at!!!!
    Thanks again!!! This was SO helpful!

  40. 45

    I just found your tutorial through little miss momma and I made my own header! I just started my blog and I wanted something to make it stand out, just like you said. Thank you for the great tutorial!


  41. 46

    Just used your blog for the 2nd time (got it from LMM) to do my header! I like to switch things up so I’ll probably be heading over again to change it once we’ve traveled some more! :) Thanks again – so very much – I LOVE my new page now :) If I end up doing a tutorial on blog headers – I’ll be sending others your way!