Baby Shower Games

Happy Wednesday! So you know when the shower theme is Diapers and Bows, the games are bound to get messy, right? Well, here are the baby shower games we played and giggled over on Saturday at Jen’s shower!

Baby Shower Games

baby shower games

Name that POOPY Diaper!

This is a sort of gross, but very hilarious game! I’ve played this several times and its always a hit! {ok, so its my fave baby shower game hehe}

Supplies: 6 diapers, 6 different types of candy bars, black marker, paper, pencils

Prepare: write down all the names of the different candy bars and number them. Then microwave the candy bars in separate  bowls for 30-45 seconds each or until the chocolate is really soft.Then scrape the soft chocolate bars into a diaper and smoosh it a little. Write the coordinating candy bar number on the outside of the diaper so you can keep track of what diaper had what candy bar in it. {I used 2 fun size candy bars for each diaper.  ex: I put 2 fun size Hershey’s candy bars in the diaper shown above}

Play: Give each guest a pencil and a small piece of paper and pass around all the diapers. Guests can smell, touch, or taste the “poop” to guess what kind of candy bar is in each diaper!

More Baby Shower Games

  • How Well do you know the Mommy-to-be? We got a list of features/traits {ex: eyes, nose, dancing skills} and we had to guess whether Jen {the momma} wanted the baby to get that feature from her or her husband, Perry. {ex: Jen wanted the baby to get Jen’s dancing skills}
  • Finish the Nursery Rhyme. We had to fill in the blank for classic baby rhymes. {which was harder than you’d think!}
  • How Big is that Baby Bump? We cut off lengths of yarn to guess how big Jen’s baby bump was. Then we had Jen cut a piece of yarn that fit around her bump and the person with the closest yarn length won. {i am always bad at this game!}

Baby Shower Game Prizes

baby shower game prizes
I made little “M&M babies” complete with bows and white felt diapers as prizes. {went perfectly with the Diapers and Bows theme!!} Then I used a turquoise paper crate, crinkle paper, cellophane, and polka dot ribbon to package the prizes. All 4 winners of the baby shower games above got one of these.

What baby shower games do you like to play? Any that you despise?

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  1. 1

    I hate LOATHE entirely that one where you have an object (diaper saturfsy pin of tiny pink/blue pacifier) and you can’t say “baby”. The idea being if someone hears you say baby, then they claim your object. Whoever has most at the end wins. I find (some) women Get really violent/mean about it. I like to keep games light and fun. And I guess I’ve been traumatized by this game. I say baby as soon as I get my object and then I can relax and say baby as much as I can! One of my other favorite baby shower ideas is giving everyone a white onesie and using craft paints to design unique baby clothes. A little pricy but I feel like its worth it.

    1. 1.1

      Oh, I love the poopy diaper idea! Thanks!

  2. 2

    fun!! I have to agree with Aimee… the pin/word game is the worst. :/ I like the Name the Poopy, though… WHEN do we ever get that close to a ‘poopy’ that smells THAT.GOOD.?! ;) I like the Bingo game (write before hand what you think mama will recieve, and as they receive that item you cross off the square), and the one where someone writes down what mama says as she open each gift and you inorporate that into a Mad-Lib style reading of the Night Baby Was Conceived…. gets LOTS of laughs! “Oh, it’s so tiny!” “What do you do with THIS?” and “you MADE this?!” Awesome. ;) Great job, looks like you guys had fun.

  3. 3

    I love baby shower games and we did the cloths pins game and if you cross your hands legs or anything then you have to give up your pin. Here’s another one we played you out alcohol in a baby bottle and who ever drinks it first wins. The poop game is fun to and great gift to give. Thanks for sharing, God bless you and yours.

  4. 4

    I’m not a huge fan of shower games, but here are two I love:

    1. gather 10-15 basic baby items (pacis, teether, blanket, etc.) onto a tray. The hostess then makes a rather quick pass around the room with the tray. Each of the guests then has to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The mommy gets to keep the items.
    2. This is my favorite. Make a list of lines from famous children’s books. The guests have to try to name as many of the titles as possible.