you know you’re a CRAFTAHOLIC when… {come vote!}

you guys made this SOoo tough! i about peed my pants laughing at your submissions!! i originally had planned to narrow it down to 25 for everyone to vote on, BUT i couldn’t. there were too many that i liked! so i narrowed it down to 65 for you guys to vote on. {don’t worry, i’ll post all the entries next week :}

here’s how its going to work:

  • grab a pen and paper and write down the numbers of your favorites
  • then at the bottom of the post, there will be a form for you to cast your vote for your top 3 {if you want to vote for 1 entry 3 times, that’s just fine. 
  • you’ll need to include your email address to make sure we don’t get spammers :)
  • voting will be open until Monday Feb. 21 at 11:59 PM EST
  • if your entry is in the Top 65 and you want to tell people to vote for you, that’s just fine.
Top 65 entries
*warning: be prepared to laugh!* enjoy!
  1. Mod Podge is your way to exfoliate. -Lauren B
  2. you telecommute so you can work on your latest project! Beverly F
  3. It’s cheaper just to buy stuff, but you can’t stop yourself from making it anyway! Lana C
  4. you pick your house plan out because your crafting space will be AWESOME… oh, and the kitchen is pretty nice. Holly M
  5. you are hiding crafting supplies in your kids toy bins. -Kari E
  6. The photo library on your cell phone has been consumed by things you see in the store to replicate. Suddenly the pictures of the little people in your life are the minority.  -Jen G
  7. your husband hides your sewing machine cord so you can’t sew until you put the laundry away. -Jessica S
  8. you can name your hot glue gun burn mark scars by the craft project associated with it. (ex: this burn is from when I was bedazzling by daughter’s shoes) -Christina C
  9. you go without buying food just so you have more money for supplies! -Catlyn L
  10.  you just KNOW you can repurpose that old grill in the backyard that your husband wants to throw away. -Alayna A
  11. You move to a new city and the only place you know how to get to without GPS is the craft store! -Kristin R
  12. your husband gives you a stack of paint sample chips for Valentine’s Day and they make you feel more loved than flowers ever could. -Rachel D
  13. you hand a customer a crochet hook to sign a receipt. -Jamie J
  14. getting a new article of clothing is only slightly more exciting than wearing an old one out so that you can take it apart and upcycle it. -Rachel D
  15. your credit card statement reads “hobby lobby $xx michaels $xx a.c. moore $xx” repeated 6 times. -Ashley
  16. you’d rather have a craft budget than a cell phone plan -Camille L
  17. you start to rip apart perfectly good items/clothing/etc. “just to see how it’s made”! -Kimberly L
  18. you can’t even feel the glue gun burns anymore. -Krystal W
  19.   you have to use the restroom but don’t want to leave your project so you run to the potty with your cordless glue gun and work on it while you are…you know, relieving yourself. ha! -Kaitlin H
  20.  you have a craft room, and your craft supplies can still be found in multiple locations throughout the house…you know, just in case you need to randomly craft when doing dishes, or cleaning the bathrooms? -Dacia s
  21. your oven timer is beeping, so while running up the stairs to pull out your treats, you trip on your iron cord, sewing machine cord, and you realize you’ve still got your glue gun in the other hand… -Staci J
  22. your 3 yo son knows when you are on the street that Michael’s is on better than your house -Veroica J
  23. you consider a manicure consists of hot glue dots, glitter and paper dots! -Danae M
  24. you wake up at night for a trip to the bathroom and head back to the craft room instead of back to bed. -Alice P
  25. see your kids about to tear their new jeans and you give them an extra nudge.-Kristen S
  26. your idea of a hot date is with your glue gun -Alice P
  27. the cashier at joann’s knows you by your first name! -Lynda R
  28. You have told friends and family who gets what craft supply after you die. -Jennifer M
  29. you fall asleep thinking of how to do a craft, dreaming of the craft, and waking up to start the craft BEFORE you go to work! -Diane P
  30. your son thinks people are held together with hot glue.-Kelsey H
  31. you come to school with bits of felt in your hair from last nights project, and your friends are used to it -Danielle E-S
  32. for my 50th birthday, which happens to be today, Valentines Day!, I wanted to have a weekend long marathon of crafting and sewing instead of a big a party. As it ended up, my husband threw me a suprise party this weekend and was hoping I wouldn’t be upset because my craftathon was interrupted. -Tami M
  33. you fall asleep in mid-crafting and wake up with glue on your face. No joke it’s happened! -Meghan P
  34.  your fitted sheet has a huge hole in it and needs to be thrown away, and all you can think about is how much elastic you can salvage from it to use for crafting projects. -Amber H
  35. you buy felt to craft with instead of more practical items like tampons…opps… -Rebecca G
  36. you check your e-mail during church each Sunday to see what the coupon for Hobby Lobby this week. -Amanda G
  37.  your children stop you in the department store to ask which of the clothes you made.- Kacey E
  38. Your glasses case is made from old underwear! -Cathy W.
  39.  you take your fabric, needle and thread to the bathroom with you, even you to pee!-Lea A
  40.  your husband tries to have a serious conversation about budgeting and saving to be able to pay the house off in about 3 or 4 years, getting a new car next year, etc., but in your mind you think….I don’t care about that now, I just need $20 to go get materials for my next craft! -JoAnn c
  41. you secretly spend more time at work looking at crafting blogs and getting new ideas and getting annoyed when you actually have to “work” at work! -JoAnn C
  42. you have your husband pull over on the highway to grab an orange cone because you have a Christmas tree idea! -Terri W
  43. you have to call you  husband to come to Hobby Lobby with the truck because you can not fit everything you have bought into your car. -Karan C
  44. you no longer have a dining room, but instead have a personal craft store. -Nicole Z
  45. you buy burlap over a new pair of shoes! -Billie O
  46. your dog is sporting an orange acrylic paint mohawk and glitter dandruff while tearing through the house with felt scraps. -Amy K
  47. strands from the hot glue gun fall in your salad at dinner! -Sydney C
  48. it’s 4:00 and you’re covered in hot glue and still in your jammies. -Kyla A
  49.  you finally look up from a craft to realize you just watched an entire episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody…by YOURSELF ’cause you didn’t want to get up to find the remote. -Charlie I
  50. you tuck your husband in bed (wait for him to start snoring) and sneak downstairs to spend a few precious hours with your sewing machine/hot glue gun, tweeps, chocolate chips, and favorite chick flick. -Charlie I
  51. your son brings home his mouthpiece at the end of 8th grade football, so you can put it in his scrapbook! -Sherri P
  52.  you do your kids craft for them and don’t let them help. -Christine H
  53. you name your sewing machine and start referring to it like a person -Nicky C
  54. you can no longer be identified by fingerprints because you have burned them off using the glue gun. -Lauren T
  55. you get a compliment on your makeup and you later realize you are a little extra glittery from your late night crafting.  No, I don’t normally glitter up before church, thank you very much.  ;) -Angelina H
  56. you walk in a craft store and stop to appreciate the enticing scent of possibilities -Stephanie J
  57. Look at every piece of clothing your getting rid of as “potential fabric yardage” -Emily S
  58. your hubby suddenly grabs the one bowl from the cupboard you are hoping he will avoid… as soon as he touches it an avalanche of saved soup cans fall out because you JUST KNOW you will need these for something crafty. (Craftaholic or Hoarder? It is a fine line) -Tai B
  59. your hubby automatically packs your sewing machine (without being asked!) when you leave on vacation! -Jessie K
  60.  you start conversing with your craft tools like partners-in-action. -Hazel L
  61. You check the weather only to know if its warm enough to spray paint -Amanda A
  62. you buy coffee because you like the jar it comes in rather than buying it because you actually like the brand! -Steff H
  63. You spend your babysitter dollars so you can sit at home by yourself and craft. -Jennifer S
  64. you’ve rigged your breast pump to be hands free so that you may continue crafting while fulfilling your motherly duties.-Hannah W
  65. you get “grounded” from the craft store. -Crystal C 

    voting ends 2/21/11 at midnight.

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    1. 1

      this was a total blast! Thanks!

    2. 2
      Sister Sarah

      Couldn't find a "submit" button for my votes. I choose #12, #12, and #64. My email is

    3. 3
      craft whatever

      Seriously! This is hilarious! I could pick 7 favorites right off the bat!

    4. 4
      Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked

      I loved reading all of these! My husband even sat down to read through them and started laughing because he knows they're all true :)

    5. 5

      TOTALLY ME!!!
      "your husband tries to have a serious conversation about budgeting and saving to be able to pay the house off in about 3 or 4 years, getting a new car next year, etc., but in your mind you think….I don't care about that now, I just need $20 to go get materials for my next craft! -JoAnn c"

    6. 6
      Aperture Photography

      This made me laugh A LOT! So funny! My kids don't even want to come to the craft store with me know-because I take too long!

    7. 7
      Terri @ A Creative Princess

      Linda, thank you so much for letting me be in your final 65!!! I'm #42. I blogged about it tonight. Thanks for all your great giveaways this week!

    8. 8

      These seriously made me laugh a lot!!!
      I'm really surprised that although we are crafters from different parts of the world (I'm from Malaysia), somewhat common things do happen only for a craftaholic!
      No.41,56 & 62 are really true for me! =)

    9. 9


      LOVE it! Worst part is, I can relate on a personal level to 90% of each one of these!!!

    10. 10

      I LOVE these!! To funny. and SOOO true!! I am glad to know I am not the only crazy one!!

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