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Q: How does your husband feel about your crafting/blogging? -Aubrielle
A: I am so blessed to have the most supportive husband EVER! Davis likes the things I make {most of the time! haha} But he is definitely a fan of my crafting. He knows that I need the creative outlet to be a happy SAHM. But Davis isn’t the biggest fan of my blogging. It takes a lot of time sometimes.

Q: How do you handle public failure? -Aubrielle

A: I won’t read into that question to much! lol but hopefully you don’t think I am a public failure!!! Anyways, I am a crier.

Q: What was your college major? -Job and Rachael
A: I studied Business with an emphasis in Marketing. I wanted to study Interior Design, but by the time I figured that out, I was half way to my BS in Business and was no longer able to apply for the Interior Design program at Brigham Young University- Idaho where I went to school. I plan to someday go back to school and get a degree in Interior Design.

Q: What is your favorite crafty/artistic medium?-Wani
A: That’s like asking me to pick which child I love the most! haha I love playing with yummy fabric, vintage goodies, zippers, ribbon, clothing, and right now lace. Love me some lace!

Q: I’m wondering about the TP…I bet youare an over girl! Over? -Katie C
A: bahahaha yup, over. Although I have found that lil man has a harder time unraveling the roll if it rolls under….

Q: Have you always been crafty? -Katie C
A: Pretty much. In middle school, I opted to take an extra sewing class and loved it! {wish Mrs. Cox could see me now!} In high school, I was sewing quilts and designed and sewed outfits to show my quarter horse in at horse shows. {little know fact: I grew up with horses! I showed my black QH mare all over Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. I love horses!}

Q: How do you do your all your crafts with 2 small children? Do you get someone to watch them so you can craft, photo, and then blog about it? Just wondering because I’ve got a 2 year old and 4 month old that consume my would-be crafting time. PS Your blog rocks! -Heather
 A: Very good question! I don’t know!! I get asked that all the time. It was easy to keep up with the blog when I only had little man {who just turned 2} but adding Baby H in October has made things a lot tricker.

No, I never have someone watch my kids while I work on my blog!! I strictly blog for fun {although I do make a little mad money now, but my motivation to blog is for fun} and if I had someone watch my kids so I could “work” on my blog, it would become a job. I started this blog because I was getting bored and depressed as a SAHM, not a business. My policy is that I only work on the blog during nap time, after bed time, or if the kiddos are playing with my husband. I feel my job as a mom is far more important than my crafting. When my kids are awake, I am a mom. When they sleep, I am a crafter/blogger.

Now that Baby H is getting older and doesn’t sleep as much, it is getting harder to time his naps with Lil Man’s. So I’m trying to readjust, and do what I can. I don’t do everything that the “blog gurus” recommend doing. I simply don’t have time! I wish I could do everything, I can’t. I just do the best I can.

One thing I have found that helps me immensely, is each day I prioritize 1-2 things that I need to get done for the blog that day. Then I plan how I’m going to do it with everyone’s schedule for the day. but then hope for the best!  Because family is always first. And if I don’t get everything done for the blog that day I wanted to, oh well. That’s why you’ll see that I may skip a day or two without posting. But that’s life. Like I said, I do the best I can!

t also helps that I am a speed crafter. Once those sweet eyes go to sleep, I seriously get an adrenaline rush and I am Super Craft Woman! {yes, I am a craft junkie! my blog name isn’t a joke.} My blood gets pumping and my mind starts racing with excitement and I craft. I don’t take naps, when the baby naps, I craft!

And please don’t think I have it all together! I don’t. I am still trying to figure out how to be a mom to two boys 2 and under! {that’s quite an adjustment} Add in the fact that I’m breastfeeding the baby and my 2 year old has been potty training for about a month now and I have to “white glove” clean my house for buyer showings almost every week, and you’ll see, I am a busy wreck!!

Q: How tall are you? How tall is your husband? -Scotti
A: I am 5’3″ and Davis is 6’1″ {yes, I’m a shorty!}

Q: Favorite place to shop? -Scotti
A: online! SOooo hard taking 2 young kids to the store. Wish I did more of my shopping online.

Q:  Favorite Food? -Scotti
A: I love Italian and Mexican food. But this is my all time fave dish.

Q: Have you ever met a craft you were too intimidated to try? -Julie C
A: Yes! But then it will bother me and taunt me until I try doing it! lol I love challenge.

Q: Which Mr. Darcy is your favorite? -Julie C
A: I read Pride and Prejudice when I was younger, and absolutely loved it! {huge fan of Jane Austen} But I’m not the biggest fan of the movies for some reason. {don’t hate me!} No actor will ever compare to the Mr. Darcy in my head haha

Q: What is a typical weekend for you? -Kait
A: Davis has a half day on Fridays, so our weekend starts a little early. Friday’s we usually run a couple errands with the boys in tow, stop at the park on the way home, grab a movie from redbox, and hang out. We have lazy Saturday mornings and play around the house. Davis will watch the boys for an hour or two while I craft/blog. Then a lot of the time, we’ll go pick up some food somewhere and go back to the house to eat it. Because eating at a restaurant with the two boys is about impossible! Sunday we go to church. After church Davis and I like to make a big meal together. {I don’t cook much during the week.}

Q: How did you get your blog “out there” and get others to start following you?-Kait

A: I wrote an entire post on that! Check it out here.

Q: Do you have other hobbies as well? Reading, gardening, movies, etc.? -Allyce R

A:  I love to run! I can be found pushing a jog stroller around the neighborhood several times a week. Except for the 2 coldest months of the year ;o)

Q: How do you craft and not feel guilty about not keeping up the house during that time? That’s an issue I’m struggling with. -Allyce R

A: I like to clean as I go, so that it doesn’t build up.  Makes it easier to clean in the few minutes I have to do it. Plus I think it is good for my boys to see me clean so they don’t think the Cleaning Fairy comes every night! My 2 year old loves to help with everything, so I let him “help” clean too. But as far as heavy duty cleaning, that’s done after they go to sleep.

Q: I want to know how you distribute your time (kids-babys, house, hubbie, take care of yourself and crafts?). By the time I do lunch, the house is dirty, when I craft, there is no meal done, and I have a one 4 yo girl. I feel guilty when I craft and dont do house or family thing.   -Dalys

A: I think I answered that in a previous question. But I will add that I don’t cook much anymore. I’m all about simple, easy 20 minute meals.  I used to cook from scratch, but that went out the window when I had kids!

Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1
    Melanie@Crafty Cupboard

    I like to think 5'4" is the ideal height… simply because that is what I am too :)

    This was a fun post to read Linda! Thanks

  2. 2

    Linda, I think I'm spending too much time in the kitchen. I love to cook and craft. I think I've spoiled my family with "from scratch" food. I love learning more about you :)

  3. 4

    I am awful with asking questions, so that's why I didn't ask any, but it was fun to read your answers! As my SIL tells me, it's all a work in progress. We learn as we go! You are so lucky you are a quick crafter. I take forever and I wish I could be faster. That's why bows are so great! Now I just need to have some girls someday! ;) oh and BTW I didn't know your little boy was that age! My little guy turns 2 next month! He loves to "help" clean too. :)

  4. 5

    Wow, thanks so much for your answer to my question. I feel so privileged! I am most impressed with what you said about family coming first. It's easy to forget that sometimes when you feel overwhelmed with life and kids. I bet you are such a cool mom. That is so funny your kids are the same age as mine. My daughter turned 2 on Feb. 8th and my other daughter was born on 10/15/10. I was wishing she would come on 10/10/10! lol. Happy Birthday! and Happy Crafting! :)