Vintage Rose Wraps GIVEAWAY!

Happy {giveaway} Thursday! I love love LOVE Vintage Rose Wraps and know you will too! I have 3 of their gorgeous rose headbands and absolutely love them!

Vintage Rose Wraps

vintage rose wraps

These rose headbands come in all colors and prints, so you’re sure to find one for any outfit! And they work for all hair lengths. I have friends with really short hair that look adorable in them. Check out their blog for more ideas on how to wear these fun products!

vintage rose wrap

The hardest part is deciding what color combo to get!

Just a heads up, VRW will be having some AWESOME Black Friday discounts!

vintage rose wraps belts

I also own one of their awesome belts. Its fun to wear to change up an outfit!

Vintage Rose Wraps Giveaway

Who wants to win a $100 gift card to Vintage Rose Wraps? You could get some serious Christmas shopping done with that!
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Disclosure: this post is brought to you by Vintage Rose Wraps. I only promote products and businesses that I think you’ll enjoy. All opinions are 100% mine. Please see my full disclosure here.

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  1. 251
    Chiara Aldridge

    I think a black one, it would go with a lot of things that I own.

  2. 253

    Oh I think my first choice would be gray… too many gorgeous colors to choose from! :)

  3. 254
    S. Garcia

    How cute! I’d love a pink rose!

  4. 255

    You mean I have to pick one!? What if I want one of each!? lol They are all so cute! :)

  5. 256

    hot pink or teal

  6. 257
    Kathy H

    teal or melon or…. actually all of them!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  7. 258
    Jesica H

    They are ADORABLE!! Love them!

  8. 259

    What a fun giveaway! I would love turquoise and brown!

  9. 260
    Stephanie W


  10. 261
    Donna Godfrey

    I love them all….The brown or rose would be great!

  11. 262
    Linda Nelson

    Dusty rose!

  12. 263

    I’m loving the bright blue/turquoise color!

  13. 264
    Linda G


  14. 265
    Melissa S

    I would probably get brown.

  15. 266
    Krista Favela


  16. 267
    Stacey Pharris

    That is a hard question! I really like the aqua and red. I would reeeally have to study my wardrobe and decide which color would go with the most clothes. :-)

  17. 268

    I love the one with the aqua colored flower!

  18. 269

    Hello, I love the mustard and teal ones. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. 270
    Melissa Moore

    Love, Love, Love!! Hope I win!!

    1. 270.1
      Melissa Moore

      I’d pick gray by the way!!

  20. 271

    I love the one you pictured that is BROWN – that would be my first choice!

  21. 272
    Darla Bunyan

    I would choose grey! I am obsessed with grey this year! Its is a versatile color, so, you can wear it a lot!!!

  22. 273

    I would love a new wrap with a hot pink rose!

  23. 274

    I love them all. How am I supposed to decide???

  24. 276

    These are adorable, I would love to have one.

  25. 277

    These are so cute! I am going to give some for Christmas gifts! Plus one for me too! I love the teal roses, but they are all so cute it is hard to choose!

  26. 278

    I want them all for my daughters!

  27. 279


  28. 280
    Stephanie Sizemore

    I think I would choose a white one because it would go with everything. Or maybe a teal one because that in my opinion is the absolute best color in the world.

  29. 281
    Jane T

    I would want one in every color, especially bright colors.

  30. 282
    Martha W

    They are all pretty but I love the blue the most. All the models look so sweet.

  31. 283

    I’d love any of them. Brown or melon might be my favorite.

  32. 285
    Terressa T.

    ooh. that would be really hard to decide, but I think I would pick a neutral color so I could wear it with just about anything!!! :) probably white, but not sure…

  33. 287
    Amy k


  34. 288
    Amy Osborne

    I think black would go with the most outfits.

  35. 289

    Wow I never heard of these but I am stunned, they are so beautiful!! Where have I been?? I would love to win! :D

  36. 291

    These are absolutely adorable! I love the Audrey Gray, and so many others, too!

  37. 292

    These look soooo cute!

  38. 293

    The pretty blue rose!

  39. 294
    Amy Hay

    A red rose, of course! Thanks for sharing! Amy

  40. 295
    Tracy W.

    Right now I’m loving a lot of their headbands with the brown rose! They’re beautiful!!

  41. 296

    definitely something bright…fuschia perhaps!? or a teal blue!

  42. 297
    Jaylynn L.

    They are so cute! How do you pick only one…

    Black, grey, pink, blue! So stinking cute!

  43. 298

    Ohh there’s sooo many to pick from there all gorgeous ;D

  44. 299

    I’d probably get the olive green one! Too cute!

  45. 300
    Karen Tecklenburg

    I would get a cream or white rose.