Turquoise + Orange Fall Tablescape & a Giveaway

fall tablescape

Fall Tablescape

I’ll admit it, this is my first official tablescape ever….and I kinda love it!! I am obsessed with turquoise and orange for fall. They pair so nicely together, don’t you think? Plus they’re not the “traditional” fall color combo. And I like things that are just a little different. I added in hints of red and brown for a splash of fun. Can you see my vintage blue mason jars? They were the inspiration for my fall tablescape.

With the holidays coming, its time to start thinking about entertaining and parties and feasts! Better Homes and Gardens sent me a set of their NEW line of dishes available at Walmart and I had a blast creating a festive Fall Tablescape with the pretty white dishes!

fall table settingNow when I think “Walmart dishes”, I don’t have the best connotations with that phrase. But seriously this Better Homes and Gardens dish set from Walmart is nice! The dishes aren’t flimsy. They actually have a nice, heavy weight to them and the design is definitely on trend. I fell in love with this dish set the moment I saw them! I plan on buying more pieces to complete my set. They’re perfect for our Thanksgiving dinner. fall table settingI think I’m going to work on my centerpiece a bit. I’m not crazy about it. So you may see this again with something a little different.thanksgiving place setting  For the place settings, I used a turquoise placemat and layered a round rattan placemat on top. Then the white square plates with a folded brown napkin on top. Then embellished with a fall candle garland with a mini pumpkin in the center. Soooooo easy! But the look is stunning! I love the pop of bright orange with the dark turquoise! {yes, I’m kinda proud of my fall tablescape hehe}

Better Homes and Gardens Square White Dishes Set 

better homes and gardens dishesYou can find this dish set here.


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  1. 101

    The square dishes look a little more elegant

  2. 102

    I think square would be fun to mix things up every once in a while. I think I’d stick to round for everyday dishes. The square are awfully cute though!!

  3. 103

    They’re both great looking plates, but I guess I’m old school and prefer round! Fantastic giveaway! Hope I’m lucky!

  4. 104
    Amy Bradburn

    I love square plates!

  5. 105
    ruth tacoma

    I’ve never used square plates, but they are cute.

  6. 106
    Theresa G

    I love the square dishes…..something out of the ordinary. Also LOVE this table setting. These colors are great together.

  7. 107

    We have square plates at our house!!! Those would be great additions to our set!

  8. 108

    I use touches of turquoise in my fall decorations along with traditional fall colors. My dining room chairs have traces of turquoise and browns running through the paisley patterned fabric.
    I also use white dishes (although all but a couple of serving pieces are round). White dishes allows me to use different color linens and accessories to celebrate every season.

  9. 109

    LOVE that color combo and those plates are to die for. love the square!

  10. 110

    Square is the way to go.

  11. 111
    Melissa H

    Right now I only have round, but would love some square dishes to mix things up.

  12. 112
    Leah K.

    Love the modern look of square plates. We currently have a hodge-podge of his and hers dishes from college. New dishes hasn’t made it to our priority list yet or our budget.

  13. 113

    I love the square plays!

  14. 114


  15. 115
    Carolyn G

    I like square plates

  16. 116
    Holly B.

    We love white plates. Our current white plates are a mixture of three different sets. I would love to have matching plates!

  17. 117

    LOVE square plates….so cool

  18. 118
    Stephanie Lanphear

    I like the square for a change of pace.

  19. 119

    I use round plates for everyday, but I have some square platters that I bring out for parties. I would love some everyday square plates too.

  20. 120
    Gina S

    I LOVE the square plates!

  21. 121

    I have always been a round plate girl but I really love these square ones!

  22. 122
    leigh morgan

    I love square plates! I have square fiestaware for normal use would like white ones for my dinning room!

  23. 123

    I Love square pkates and would Love to own some!

  24. 124
    Betty Baez

    I like square plates i think they’re a nice touch!

  25. 125

    Beautiful table! And the dishes look great! Thanks!

  26. 126

    I prefer square plates – they look more modern and are still functional.

  27. 127

    Both as long as they are not those silly flower edged ones I swear those get the most chips in the world!

  28. 129

    i love white dishes…they make your food look so yummy

  29. 130
    Brenda Hulsey

    I have always had rounds one but now that my kids are grown I would love to have some square plates! I always thought when they were little they would chip or break off the corners.

  30. 132
    Kelly D

    I like round plates.

  31. 133
    Madison Hendrix

    Super excited about this giveaway! Just moved into our first house, and we have NO dishes… using styrofoam! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. 134

    We’ve always used round, but I think the square plates are very nice. Would love them. Thanks for the giveaway

  33. 135

    It depends on what look I’m going for when I’m choosing square or round. I have some square and rectangular dishes, and it depends on what I’m cooking what I choose. This dish set in particular looks nice squared, because the shape gives a nice contrast to the simplicity of the smooth, white design.

  34. 136
    Susan H.

    I have never used sq plates. Would like to give them a try. Thanks for chance to win.

  35. 137

    These dishes are beautiful! I need some new dishes :)

  36. 138

    I have never had square plates, but I would love to have some!

  37. 139

    I really like the look of the square dishes. I haven’t eaten off of any but sure would like to try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. 142

    I just discovered your blog after searching for DIY rag rugs! I am loving your blog! And I love the square plates. Still simple yet different!

  39. 143
    Jane S.

    I’m digging the square plates right now! They look more modern and that’s what I like about them. :)

  40. 144

    I like the square, something different!

  41. 145
    Susan Z

    I love your tablescape. I prefer square plates but still only have the round ones. One of these days!!!!

  42. 146

    Square plates feel so much fancier. Plus there’s less space I think, so its easier to think appropriate portion sizes.

  43. 147

    Square plates are awesome! I am a die-hard decorator, and I love them. *Plus, they hold more food!

  44. 148

    I have been eyeing some square plates. Right now I have round and am looking for a change!

  45. 149

    I love the look of the square dishes

  46. 150

    I like round!