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Hello!  I am Melissa from Bursts of Creativity and I am excited to be sharing a project with you today.  I am a huge fan of Craftaholics Anonymous – in fact I was one of the first followers!  And I have been a fan of Linda’s ever since we worked together at the local scrapbook store!! A little about me – I’m a paper addict – new and vintage I love it all! I have been crafting all my life (my kindergarten dream was to be an artist when I grew up) and I got into scrapbooking in middle school when my mom was introduced to it through a friend.  I am a full time blogger, paper crafter and etsy store owner.
Now on to the project!  Because I know Linda always has a wreath or some sort of door decor for every holiday or season I was inspired to create a summery wreath to share with you.
Supplies Needed:
Double sided patterned paper (I used 3 sheets)
Wreath base
Paper trimmer
Tutorial: Step 1: Gather your supplies.  I used beach themed papers in blues and greens but this would be great in bright summer colors or red, white, and blue for the 4th of July! Step 2: Cut a square for the pinwheel.  I used squares that ranged from 2” to 5”.  Step 3: Fold the square in half on the diagonal to form a triangle.  Step 4: Open it up and fold the square in half the other way.  Step 5: Starting at each tip cut a slit half way to the middle.  Repeat for each tip of the square.  Step 6: Fold one tip into the center.  Step 7: Fold every other tip into the center. Step 8: You should be left with a pinwheel that looks like this.  Step 9: Layer circles and a pin through the center.  Stick pinwheels into the wreath base – use a mixture of sizes and prints.
Thank you for checking out my tutorial.  I would love for you to check out my blog – Bursts of Creativity.  I have a couple of weekly series – Thrifty Thursdays – where I try to come up with cheap projects (often times using items I have found at the dollar store) and Tuesdays I track the progress of my Summer Studio makeover.  Here are a sampling of the projects you can find on my blog:
Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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    OK so here is the danger of meeting new bloggers on here with Etsy shops…..I SPEND MONEY…Cute stuff!!

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    Thanks for the instructions had always wondered how to make new it would be easy. Great project.

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    When I pull up this page to view your summer wreath instructions, there is some type of problem. The only thing that appears is the hearding, by-line and links to share, email or print – no context. Anyone else having this issue?

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    It’s not coming up for me either! I came through be different act normal and it looks really cute!

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    *excuse me!* I found you through one pretty thing!

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    I can’t view it either :(

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    Whoa, fun stuff on here!

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    very nice