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Happy {giveaway} Thursday! I have a fantastic giveaway for you today from simplify 101. Enjoy!

simplify 101

Do you feel like you spend all of your creative time sifting through creative clutter?

Does it feel like as soon as you haul out your supplies, it’s time to put them away again?

Are you regularly surprised to find supplies or tools you forgot you had? Or worse, are you
regularly frustrated when you can’t put your hands on the things you are sure you have?

Do you feel like your creative space (or the lack of it) zaps your creativity?

organize your craft room

If you answered “yes” to any of these, there is a better way. Aby Garvey at simplify 101 has created
an online workshop — Organize Your Creative Space – to help you find the perfect balance between
creativity and organization. In this workshop, Aby will help you pull together a space that looks like

you, thinks like you and allows you to enjoy your creative work even more. Best of all, you’ll discover
how to create an organized space that inspires you and fuels your creativity.

Organize Your Creative Space is designed to let you tackle your organizing projects on your time schedule,

with the support of a creative organizing expert and a friendly online community. Best yet, with their

generous refund policy, you can try this workshop for one week completely risk-free.




craft organization

This workshop is broken down into four lessons, one released each week beginning February 14, 2013.
Click here to see the full syllabus. Enrollment for this online workshop is $65, but one readers will
win a spot for free!


Please use the giveaway widget or link below to enter to win a spot in the Organize Your Creative Space class on simplify 101!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

craft table

DISCOUNT: All Craftaholics Anonymous® readers get a 15% discount from simplify 101! Use code: CAFEB13

at checkout. This discount is valid on any of simplify 101’s current online workshop and self-paced

workshops through Thursday, February 14, 2013, and may not be combined with any other offers.

About Aby Garvey: In addition to being founder and co-owner of simplify 101, Aby Garvey is also lead
organizing and productivity instructor of simplify 101 workshops, and the co-author of The Organized
and Inspired Scrapbooker. As a professional organizer, she finds that people tend to be frustrated by
lack of organization in their lives. When they realize that organizing can not only be easy, but fun and
creative, too, they find they actually enjoy it. And, more importantly, it’s a step toward living – and
enjoying – their best lives. For Aby, that’s very rewarding. It’s her hope to introduce you to the fun side
of organizing to help you become happier, feel calmer, gain a sense of control, and be proud of your

About simplify 101: simplify 101’s mission is to make getting organized fun! Get a taste of simplify
101—and the organized life—with their FREE, simple-to-follow guide How to Create a Command Central
Binder. You’ll put together a home reference binder that will help you get organized, save time, and
minimize paper clutter and the stress that comes along with it! You can find simplify 101 here: blog, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by simplify 101. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement. 
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  1. 101

    I craft at my kitchen table.

  2. 102

    This would be perfect for my new craft space that we’re finishing up!!

  3. 103
    mary fanara coleman

    I use a small long sunroom at the top of my stairs right now to craft in.

  4. 104
    Karen H.

    I need some organization in my life something awful! I NEED to know where all my supplies are at all times!

  5. 105

    I have a spare bedroom that I use for my crafts. I’m constanly reorganizing to make it easier to find everything. I do papercrafts, paint and sew. That makes for alot of supplies to organize.

  6. 106

    I am so in need of a class like this…I need to do something drastic with my crafting space!

  7. 107

    I have a whole room to myself as a craft room, but I usually craft in my living room so I can watch tv and be around the family. I don’t really have space to actually craft in my craft room. It’s more of a walk in closet for craft items. I would love to find a way to work in a good crafting space.

  8. 108

    Oh, I forgot to tell you where I craft…I have my stuff stashed all over the house in different areas. I am in the process of deciding where I will put a little crafting space, but at the moment it is at the kitchen table since my desk is too small.

  9. 109

    my craft room is also my office. while I do a pretty good job at keeping craft on its side and office on the other, I’m a good craft supply/scrap supply collector and need to get it organized so I can see what I have and use what I have (instead of just buying more) Would love to win this class!

  10. 110

    I can always use help with organizing! Although I have to admit that if you put things away right after you use them, it helps a lot.

  11. 111

    I usually craft at the kitchen table. I am working on getting my craft room set up so this class would be great.

  12. 112

    I should craft in my sewing room, but it’s so chock-full of disorganized stuff, I craft wherever I can find an open space.

  13. 113

    right now the dinning room table or guest room…

  14. 114

    I craft in my back room! In our new house, I will have the whole basement to myself and I CANNOT WAIT!!

  15. 115

    I am lucky enough to have my own studio to work, although we’re switching my son’s small room with my studio to give him more room!

  16. 116

    I’m using my dining room table!

  17. 117

    i craft in the kitchen

  18. 118

    I would love to find a better way to organize our Girl Scout troops’ crafts. We need easy access, visibility and the ability for multiple people to to retrieve and put away quickly and easily. Plus we have to secure everything under lock and key when we leave our meeting space.a tall order. We could definitely use some professional help. Best of luck to all!

  19. 119
    Alex M

    I’ve just started to sew so I don’t have many supplies – but already my bedroom is a mess with various fabrics and bits and pieces! Would love to win it :)

  20. 120

    I mostly craft in the living room, where my desk is set up. I like to work at the kitchen table, but now that some of my little grandchildren are living with me, I can’t leave my things out.
    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  21. 121

    Wow. I’m all over the place–living room, kitchen, office/sewing/bedroom. Haha.

  22. 122
    Shelley D

    I usually craft at the kitchen table or in the garage, if it isn’t freezing.

  23. 123
    Laurie H.

    I have a set up in one end of family room. That way I can craft whenever I get the urge.

  24. 124

    I have a dedicated craft room in our small apartment. It’s awesome!!

  25. 125

    For now, I’ve taken over the area that would be a dining room in any other apartment. I’m hoping to have an outside-the-house studio space soon, though!

  26. 126
    Vicky P

    My husband claims I use the whole house as my craft room. Must admit I need the organization and simplification. thanks

  27. 127
    Leticia Vasquez

    I craft in my unorganized craft room.

  28. 128
    Anne Marie

    I craft in the extra bedroom but also tend to move around to various spots in the house!

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  30. 129
    Missy Noel

    My craft room! But I need HELP getting it organized!!

  31. 130

    I usually craft in the dining room.

  32. 131

    I craft in our master bedroom which doubles as my craft room :)

  33. 132
    Malena Garcia

    I have a room dedicated to crafts. It’s a work in progress but I love it!

  34. 133
    Jenn Raines

    I just gutted out a camp trailer that I do my crafts in now!! I so need help with organizing it now!! This would be awesome!!

  35. 134
    becky derry

    My son just moved out so I am getting to start with a new area instead of the comp.-junk room.Thanks for the give aeawy chance.Becky

  36. 135
    Jami Cobb

    I use the dining room for crafting, right now. :)

  37. 137
    Nina F

    I craft upstairs in a corner of a guest room…way too much mess on view.

  38. 138
    Pam S.

    I have a multipurpose room that I craft in, but it is currently in chaos from flooding. I have been struggling to sort through all that is there and get it organized! Aby’s classes are incredible!

  39. 139

    I craft everywhere. I usually have a small knit or crochet item in my purse. But most of my crafting is done sitting on the bed watching tv

  40. 140
    Brittany Green

    I craft now where now because my basement is getting finished then I will have a 14 by 14 foot room to decorate and organize all my craft things and to make my creations! CAN NOT WAIT!

  41. 141

    I paint in my kitchen on a special table in a dead space not big enough for a full kitchen table and four chairs but big enough for a thin set of shelves and a table. It’s not ideal but it’s all the space I have at the moment. Organization is the key.

  42. 142
    Jennifer Madigan

    Any and everything that I can. Currently I’m making hair bows for our daughters.

  43. 143
    Carla Hundley

    I have my own craft room and it’s packed with
    all my goodies! I could really use help to
    organize it.
    Carla from Utah

  44. 144
    Sherie A.

    I have a craft room adjacent to our master bedroom and right now its mostly storage until I can fix up the messes. So for now I really craft at our dining room table.

  45. 145

    I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated craft room, but it’s a cluttered mess!

  46. 146

    I craft in my craft room, when I can find the time. I was lucky enough to build a craft room into the home we built.

  47. 147
    Amy T

    Definitely need help in getting my creative space organized!!

    1. 147.1
      Amy T

      I craft in my spare bedroom.

  48. 148

    My husband let me take over the family den as a craft room and I cannot keep it organized at all. HELP!!!

  49. 149

    In my new craft room in the basement. New but very unorganized!