RTW: Rosette Headband TUTORIAL

Reader’s Tutorial Week is a week where i spotlight my Reader’s fabulous tutorials and introduce you to fellow Craftaholics. it’s tons of fun!! 
I love crafting! I have been doing it for years and just started a blog to document everything. I have two sweet girls that are the recipients of nearly everything I make :)
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(For Personal Use Only)
What you need:

One colorful 100% cotton shirt
Needle & Thread
Hot glue gun
Sew-In Extra Heavyweight Interfacing 

Step One: Cut strips from shirt
Flowers: 1 1/2 inches
Straps: 1/2 inch (Important: see step four before cutting)
Flowers: Any length. Longer strip = bigger flower.
Straps: about 7 inches 
(Sorry, I forgot to snap a pic after I had cut everything. So here is a pic from when I started cutting. You can tell I didn’t measure anything, just eye-balled it. You can actually do a pretty poor job cutting and still have great flowers :)
Step Two: Make flowers
Take your strip and twist it while you wrap it around itself. Add stitches with needle and thread to the back of the flower as your wrap. Tuck the end behind the flower and stitch. 
Step Three: Arrange Flowers
Arrange and hot glue flowers on interfacing. Cut interfacing, leaving a border around flowers.
(The flower on the left of the picture is done in the exact same way, but instead of using a plain strip, I used a strip that I cut from the base of my shirt which had been serged.)

Step Four: Make straps

Take your strips, twist and pull them until they are very tight & will not unravel when you let go. You strip will lengthen considerably. Make 10 strips.
*Important: You must cut your strips so that the grain of the fabric is not running vertically down the length of the strip, it must be horizontal. Your strip will not increase in length and will unravel if done incorrectly.

Step Five: Attach straps
Cut strips to equal length (these will tie around your head, so make sure they are long enough) and hot glue to back of interfacing. Hot glue another piece of interfacing on top of strips. This will secure them in place.

 Step Six: Finishing touches

Cut a piece of shirt and hot glue to back, stretch tightly as you work your way around. Cut off excess, leaving a small border around the interfacing. (If you drew the outline, make sure you stretch it enough while gluing so that you can cut it off.)

Step Seven: Finished!
Step 8: Take adorable pictures!
When I open my Etsy (coming soon!) I’ll be selling these! I love it sooo much I am making a navy & white one for me.  Yay!

(Don’t worry, I won’t use an old shirt for your headband! lol) 

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  1. 1

    I can't even believe how cute that is!! I will have to make one for Avery!

  2. 2

    Fun! And a great way to have a matching headband -just buying two of the same shirts!

  3. 3

    Adorable! And a great tutorial!

  4. 4

    I love this. It is so different..and cost cheap or 0..