Purdy Paint Brush Review

moving into a new home means one thing….painting. and a lot of it! the contractor grade flat paint in this house leaves marks if you just breath on it. seriously. and with 2 little boys, that’s just not going to work for us. {oh and a pretty new paint color never hurt anyone either ;o} so we are slowly painting. we’ve painted 2 rooms now. i was given a couple Purdy Paint Brushes to try out and see what i thought.

a couple of the missionaries from my church were looking for a service project to do and were so sweet and offered to help me paint my dining room…..and then i convinced them to model the brushes too! haha they were good sports and very helpful!

i have done my fair share of painting. and i’ve used lots of different brushes. by now, davis and i are pretty set in what products we like to use when we paint. and we are very particular about the brand of paint we use. we usually buy the medium quality paint brushes because the cheap ones are just that. cheap. when Purdy contacted me to see if i’d like to try a set of brushes out, i was excited to try out the Cadillac of paint brushes for the first time to see if there was a difference.

my verdict…..there is a difference. Purdy brushes are tapered at the end making it very easy to control where the paint goes. i loved painting with them! and one thing that always bothers me with other cheaper brushes, is how they shed bristles. Purdy brushes do not shed bristles. a HUGE plus in my book. the last thing you want to find on your freshly painted walls is a bristle dried in the middle of it. ugh. that has happened to me before. hate it. i also thought the finish the Purdy brushes gave a finer finish than other brushes.

overall thoughts…. i really enjoyed painting with Purdy brushes. i thought they were light and easy to use. but they are a bit pricey. if you are planning to paint only one room, may not worth a few extra dollars. but if you are planning on painting more than one room, i think the ease of use and the higher quality finish, definitely make them worth paying a little more.

***and yes, i will be showing you my freshly painted dining room soon. the color is fabulous! :)***
disclosure: i was given free product to review. i was in no way obligated to give a good review. all opinions are 100% mine.  please see the link on my sidebar for my complete disclosure statement.
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  1. 1

    We had an investment property several years ago and I ended up painting the whole interior walls, and the ceiling. My husband couldn’t manage it as he is no handy man, but I had a lot of fun with it. I love using my hands, and I would do more projects had I more time for myself.

  2. 2

    Purdy’s are my favorite…worth the extra cost by far!
    xo jana

  3. 3

    Aren’t they wonderful?! After moving into our 4th fixer upper house (in which they all needed a complete painting makeover), I finally invested in my own Purdy brushes (and rollers). They are so amazing! They paint smoother, clean up easier and last longer. I will never buy cheap-er brushes for my home painting projects again; when I need more, I’ll stick with Purdy!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new place and new colors!

  4. 4

    How fun! That would have been my kind of service project as a sister missionary!

  5. 5

    I LOVE Purdy brushes. I usually go super cheap on stuff, but not paintbrushes. An ex-bf used to paint houses and showed me how to properly clean a paintbrush, so I still have the same ones I’ve had for over 10 years.

    I like the Purdy rollers too, because they don’t shed at all. The inner tube is plastic rather than cardboard, which is what most rollers are made of, so as they get soaked with paint the integrity of the roller doesn’t get compromised.

  6. 6

    I love Purdy brushes as well! The best part is they last forever. We have some in our painting kit that we purchased when we painted in the first house we bought, back in 2003! I just make sure to get them cleaned up really well and thoroughly dried out before storing them. I’ll never buy cheap(er) brushes again.

  7. 7

    So so so random, I just found your blog from tatertots and jello and recognized Sister Butterfield {At least I think she’s the same one….}. If she is she served in our ward in Chesapeake, Va awhile back and my husband also served his mission in her hometown! What a small world =)
    PS- we like the purdy brushes too!

    1. 7.1

      Hi Valerie,
      I’m so glad you found my blog! And yes, that def is the same Sister Butterfield! lol {we just moved to Carrollton} Its so great to “meet” someone so close to me. Seems like most crafters are out west.
      thanks for saying something! it’s fun to find a random connection.
      happy crafting,

  8. 8

    When i was in young womens (long ago) we painted a house for a service project! the Elders helped too! we had bad paint brushes though!

  9. 9

    Great review! I love my Purdy brushes! But as far as your “overall thoughts” comments go, I just wanted to point out that you said they may not be worth a few extra dollars if you’re planning only painting one room. That’s not true. The whole point of buying an expensive paint brush is that’ it’s an INVESTMENT. If you clean and store it properly, it should last you years through many future painting projects.

    1. 9.1

      Hi Jen,
      Thank you for stopping by Craftaholics Anonymous! I appreciate your comment. And I completely agree, expensive brushes are an excellent investment! We have purchased quality brushes that were slightly cheaper than Purdy that we have enjoyed and reused many times. That is where my opinion was coming from.