my fab new chair {a makeover story}

good morning! i have an adorable little blue chair to brighten your day today. this little chair wasn’t always blue. it was brown. and it cost me $3 at the thrift store. i added a fresh, new coat of spray paint and some vinyl numbers, and this is what i got……
numbered furniture
the cutest little robins egg blue chair around! here is what it looked like before…..

updated dining chair revamp

a little spray paint never hurt anyone, right? it took only a few minutes to coat the chair in a pretty new blue color. then i added….
easy chair makeover

a black vinyl number using my brand new….
silhouette cameo cutting tool

Silhouette Cameo digital cutting tool. <3 {see my review here}

and put my new chair here…..

easy desk makeover
with my desk that has legs made from old bed posts. literally. but after some thought, this cutie *just might* end up in my new craft room…..the color goes perfectly with the fabric i picked out for my craft room…..{i’ll be sharing the color scheme and a few other tid bits for my craft room this week :}

want to see what else i made with my Cameo? little boy shirt

the beginning of my craft room


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  1. 2

    I love it! I just finished doing the same thing for my daughter’s desk chair!

  2. 3

    I didn’t know you could use spray paint something like that! Hmm, ugly thrift store chairs here I come:)

  3. 4

    Wow! I love that Robin’s egg blue Linda! So cute and looks fab!!

  4. 5

    Linda! Your grass! lol cute though ;)

  5. 6

    It looks so happy now. Great Job!

  6. 7
    Amy Irwin

    I love your chair! I did the same thing with a chair that was $3!! My chair is a bit different blue. LOVE IT!!

  7. 8
    Donna C

    Adorable! I’m a spray paint fan too, but if I painted the grass, my DH would have a cow!!! LOL! :)

  8. 9

    I’ve been seeing this little machine everywhere! :) Your chair is very cute & I love the color!

  9. 10

    Love the chair and for $3 really! You can barely buy anything for that amount anymore. Looks great with the new and improved desk:)

  10. 11

    Love it! That turned out so amazing, and with such a small investment of time and money! If the weather and my schedule would jive I have a little spray painting of my own I’d like to get done – hope it works out as beautifully as your s did!

  11. 12

    This is just too cute – you picked such a perfect shade! I think I’m gonna go chair hunting. We currently use my fiancé’s drum stool for our computer chair; he loves it, but I hate it! It’s backless, so it’s so uncomfortable, and I’m the only one that really uses the desktop XD The stool is ‘pretty’ at least: sparkly gold and cheetah print, I kid you not XD We have a black computer desk too though, and I just love the super bright cheery color adornment your spruced up chair gives yours. :D

    I also really love your bright white starfish on your desk, really cute decoration. It all goes very well together.

  12. 13

    I saw a set in a neighbors garage just like that. I thought redo & then I see yours now : Is it rude of me to knock & ask if they are selling the set? The things we’ll do for a bargain & craft diy! lol Love how yours turned out! Now just a little cushion to make it comfy! & perfect.

  13. 14

    Oh I saw this on craft gawker this morning!!!Great job! I so want one of the Silhouette cutters – I purchased a big W to place on our shower door, after that I was hooked on all the things I could personalize.

    Stephanie @ All Artful

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  16. 15

    So cute! I LOVE all of your projects! Thanks for sharing!

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  19. 16

    I would soooooooooo do this project if I had the Silhouette CAMEO! wink wink

  20. 17

    Am going to use this idea in my children’s room redo – can’t wait! I definitely have craft room envy now!! Mine is still a work in progress -but at least I’ve got one, eh?!

    Your newest follower via Bloglovin’ – Jen

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  22. 18

    I have a chair just like this that I’ve always wanted to do something with! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  23. 19

    Linda, I am LOVING your blog – – so much inspiration! I recently got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas from my hubby, and I am so excited to dive into projects. I made an inspiration board on my blog with a few Silhouette projects that have me head over heels, and your easy chair makeover is one of them!

    I just love the contrast of the black vinyl on the bright blue paint. So beautiful!

  24. 20
    Lindsay Allen

    So I have a question about your CUTE blue chair! Did you do anything to prep it before painting? Sanding or stripping? I have two of our dining chairs in my craft room and I would LOVE to paint them a fun color!

    1. 20.1

      Yes, I echo Lindsey Allen’s question that looks like it hasn’t been answered yet. Is there any prep work that needs to be done to the chair before the spray paint???

  25. 22

    You said you used aqua and lagoon, how did you use two? Thanks!!:)