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Happy happy Friday! Today Marty is going to show us her great craft room! enjoy! -linda
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Hi Everyone!  This is my very first guest post!  Thanks Linda!

I blog over at MartysPumpkin Patch.  I haven’t had much time to document my latest crafts and blog about them but am happy to show you a few things I’ve been working on lately.  Particularly because they are part of my Craft Room Re-do.

But first, a little about myself.  My name is Beverly and I’m a wife of almost 17 years to my wonderful husband, a mom to 2 teenagers, and a full time employee with Lenovo.  There is a lot of excitement in my life with my daughter starting high school and soon to be driving as my son who is an avid football player and trying to survive middle school.  Both are social butterflies like me so I’m also (I failed to mention) a taxi driver.   I love to dabble in all kinds of different crafts ranging from some light sewing to knitting to paper crafts and everything in between.  I love colors and could spend all day just looking through craft stores!

Well, on to my blog…..

My craft room is a really small room which doubles as my work-from-home office.   I used an olive green/brown/vanilla color scheme about 2 years ago and recently decided it was time for a change.
This was my desk which looked very ‘office’ like BEFORE.

Sewing nook – BEFORE

This is the BEFORE shot of where I store my yarn, papers, ribbon, and anything else I can get to fit!

I got tired of those colors and strolled through Joann’s forever looking for just the right colors.  I almost settled on some lovely yellow/gray/tan complimenting fabrics but decided that as beautiful as they were, they just weren’t ‘me.’  So I chose to stay with a more traditional color scheme.  I took my inspiration from this storage box I purchased at Tuesday Morning.  I especially love the black background with the rose colors.


On to the main event!
Here is my re-done sewing nook sans bulletin board.

I made a new holder for my knitting needles and added some stenciling to the lamp shade.   I also re-covered my small ironing board.

 I painted the S-E-W letters and applied some stenciling.  They are attached to a black measuring tape.  I created a flower with the remaining tape and used a bobbin as the center.  Cheeky, I know!
This hanging organizer stores both my circular knitting needles as well as my straight needles and DPNs.

I made my pin cushion by using a small frame and some remnant fabric.

Here is my revamped desk area.  I made the ribbon memo board and applied stenciling on the lamp shade.  That pretty 5×7 painting on my desk was done by my sis.  The colors match perfectly with my chosen scheme!

Here is a better picture of my ribbon board.  Very handy for business cards…..

Here’s my revised storage area.  I hid the items that didn’t match my color scheme behind the burlap curtain.
Remember that ugly yellow “B” from before?  I covered it with some of my new fabric.  Much better!
Here is a close-up of my lamp shade.  I know you love it!  Got the idea off Pinterest.
Here are the ‘hidden’ items.  I store my yarn in these black plastic baskets (left).
The right side (behind the curtain) shows a crate containing stencils, stickers and paper scraps sorted by color.  I store ribbon and other scraps in the colored boxes on the top shelf.


Gotta have some TV every now and then.
We have one in every room in the house except the bathrooms and kitchen!
Here is my book case.  Nothing spectacular but it is part of the room….
I made this wall switch plate using e6000 and beads, buttons and cabochons.  These are so much fun to make but the glue makes my nose go CRAZY!
I love the scripture below and think it’s applicable to everybody!  Everyone should find their gift and bless others with it!  I think Linda is doing that through her blog at Craftaholics Anonymous!
I hope you enjoyed viewing my craft room!
Check me out at MartysPumpkin Patch!
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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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    Your light switch is so cute–it’s those little details that really “make” a room. What a great idea! Thanks!

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    A great room! I loved the pin cushion!

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    Lovely room- loved especially the picture with all the buttons and also the text. Happy crafting.