love me some heels :)

I picked up these lovely *plum* ladies while I was killing time this weekend in Roanoke, VA. The hubs was interviewing for a job and I was killing some time with the little man, so I thought what better way to get a feel for the town than go shopping, right? :o) I love any excuse to shop!
I’m a 3H kind of gal: Heels, Headbands, and Handbags make me one happy girl. And I got these for such a steal! I’d reveal how much I spent, but the hubs checks my blog…. But they were a good deal, I proooomise!;)
Just have to fluff my feathers a little bit, I was featured today over at a little blog called, Today’s Creative Blog! What an honor to be featured by Kim. Thanks Kim! Be sure to go check it out. Kim gives me a bit of a hard time, but all in good fun!

*added later: I’m really not as obsessed about the color purple as it may seem. Really, I’m not. I promise.*

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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1
    Emily Dawn

    I have to say that I am becoming a 3H kind of girl. I've loved handbags forever. I've loved shoes forever and am developing a love for heels. And my love for headbands is coming full force too! And those are super super cute and I love the color purple too! I can say I'm obsessed with red instead of purple.

  2. 2

    I heart those shoes. They look lovely. I hope they wear as good too.

    I saw that you were featured on Today's Creative Blog and all I can say is you deserve it!! Congrats

  3. 3

    great shoes :D

  4. 4
    angelina la dawn

    congrats on your feature! (and your adorable new shoes :)

  5. 6

    Me too! Can't pass up a cute pair of shoes. Those are so cute. And congratulations on being featured!


  6. 7

    these are so cute!

  7. 8
    The Busy Blaine's

    Oh my gosh I only live 45 minutes from Roanoke!!! Were you at Valley View? Love the shoes and love your blog!! Let me know if you are moving to the area.

  8. 9
    Bird learning to fly...

    D'you know purple is my fave colour? :)

    I don't know 1 gal who does not love shoes…or whose hubby totally gets the need (obsession) for shoes…

    Thank you for saying hi and for the lovely comment!

  9. 10

    I am not what you would say is a girlie girl but in my ripe old age of 31 I have grown to find a fun loving fetish for colorful church shoes…see the way I figure it is as time goes on and age reveals itself more and more the one thing that never really changes on a woman is her feet…therefor I had better make them as noticeable as possible! hehe =)

    I am SO loving those shoes! I have patten leather orange and red and even a burgundy plum color but no purple! "Huuuuuuubby….i need purple! oh and a dress to match please!" hehe

  10. 11

    Oh and congrats on the awesome feature!! You are awesome!

  11. 12

    Roanoke was one of our favorite places to visit and to drive through! It is gorgeous! I love the purple heels… dang cute! Where were these when we were "Bees!?"

  12. 13

    Not sure what the hottest colors Stateside are right now but if it isn't purple. Hold onto these for the next few years because I can promise you, The color Purple is going to be big.
    BTW, I live in Italy (Sicily)

  13. 14

    Woah! I was randomly reading your blog and came across this post! I'm from Roanoke!

    p.s. love the shoes!