Reuses and Ideas for Old Cribs

crib spring memo board. Turn an old crib spring into a cute memo board with some spray paint. This article has tons of ways to reuse old Cribs. Image from my Craft Room.

Have an old crib that you don’t know what to do with? You’re not alone! Here are some awesome ideas for old cribs to help get your DIY juices flowing so that you can put that empty crib to good use again!

{Ideas for this post were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous® Facebook Page.}

“I have an old drop down side crib it is a blond color. Any ideas on how to reuse it? Any ideas are welcome thanks in advance.” – Amber

Ideas for Old Cribs

1. “We make benches out of them.” – Deborah C.
2. “Why not make a huge flower garden out of it?” – Carolyn W.crib table - turn an old crib into a functioning table/workspace. brilliant!

Image from Tori Spelling
3. “I have my kids crib also and I’m making it into a bench for the front porch. I’m going to strip it and paint it first. Go on Pinterest for directions on how to turn a crib into a bench. They are very cool looking. Then you’ll always have your kids memory with you.” – Jamie J.

crib panel photo display
Image from Roadkill Rescue

4. “Make it into a chair like daybed to put in a child’s room.” Nicola K.
5. “Make a day bed and but lots of lovely vintage cushions on it.” – Karen D.
6. “Turn the bars horizontal to hang clothes or other things. Maybe it work in a garden as a pea vine trellis.” – Kathryn C.

crib bench - turn an old crib into a cute bench.
Image from The Old White Cottage Blog

Reuses for Old Cribs

7. “How about a drying rack for herbs and/or flowers. Or even a pot rack over a kitchen island.” – Linda D.
8. “You can also use it outside for a flower bed.” – Tammara H.
9. “Make the sides for a coffee table or end tables.” – Becky C.
10. “You can use them as trellis for climbing vines or roses in a garden. if u do craft shows you can use parts for display depending on your booth.” – Jamie S.

Turn an old crib into a wagon. This article has tons of reuses for old cribs!
Image from Creating by Cami

11. “I am planning on using the sides as a clothing dryer that hangs on the wall and leans out at the top” – Sunya S.
12. “I found an old crib in the attic of the house we bought. I made it into an art center for my daughter’s room. The metal spring support for the mattress I hung on the wall for hair ribbons, headbands, etc.” – Melissa M

Loads of great reuses and ideas for old cribs. So many creative uses! Have a Craft Question? Post it on our Facebook page and get Answers! 


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  1. 1

    I love the blue crib spring hanging on the wall. Never would have thought of this idea.

  2. 3

    I found a discarded crib and took a side. I put small pieces of wood at each of the four corners and mounted it on the wall of my craft room. I use it to hang fabric on for decoration and inspiration; such as for quilting. I can put the different fabrics together and then step back and get a better perspective.

  3. 4

    Great ideas! I have 2 cribs in use right now, so I’m definitely going to need to use these in the next few years.

  4. 5
    Mallorie Evans

    Trying to make chair or love seat thing with parts of the lifetime crib for baby girl room b fo u have any suggestions or tutorials. Greatly appreciate it. I love the one on this site could have arm rest though for reading