How to Make Minion Costumes Tutorial

how to make minion costumes

When I saw this DIY minion costume picture that Nina shared on our Facebook page , I about flipped out! Hello, cutest minion costumes ever! I love handmade Halloween costumes, so of course I had to ask Nina if she would write a guest post on how to make minion costumes.  She happily obliged and so here is her fantastic how to’s! Enjoy! -Linda

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Minion Costumes

My kids are OBSESSED with the Minions from “Despicable Me.” So this year, I embarked upon the journey to turn them into my very own little Minions for Halloween.  I’ll say it — I was kinda floored with the end results … I had to share these with the world.

First of all … grab a glass of wine and read the entire tutorial before starting on anything.  Second?  Take a deep breath … and know that you CAN do this.  Please don’t be daunted by all the steps or how complicated it seems. I went overboard on the instructions – and I’m always here to answer any questions. You are a DIY BEAST, my friend.  Let’s DO this thing.

diy minion costume handmade minion costume

Let’s be honest. The first thing I did was get on Pinterest to see what other crafty people out there were doing. I found two really excellent tutorials that had super cute results.

One guy made the body of his minion out of a plastic trash bin covered in upholstery foam. I loved the way he modeled the lips out of foam, too, to really animate the whole thing. But I *didn’t* like the idea of my kids being super uncomfortable and hot in a hard plastic container.

Another lady used an egg crate mattress pad to create the bodies of her minions. Genius! I knew right away that that’s what I wanted to do. But the other big problem I had with both of these designs was that the kids would be looking out of the goggle — which left them with very limited visibility. My kiddos are still little, which means they trip over their own feet when they’re wearing their REGULAR clothes.

minion costume So I decided to modify the design a bit so their faces would be showing right out of the minion’s open mouth. This let them have lots of air, lots of room to see … And plus, I get the bonus of still being able to see their adorable faces for all those photo ops!

How to Make Minion Costumes

First, I wrapped the foam mattress pads {like this or this} around each of the kids to see where I’d need to cut them down — I ended up using one twin size to make both of the costumes. I really just eyeballed the sizes and proportions … Here’s a spiffy diagram that might help.

minion diagram

Once I knew the length and width of the piece of foam, I had to cut the top edge into sort of flower petals to be able to shape the top into a dome. The tutorial called for 6 or 7 petal shapes, I think … But after I glued them all together, I realized that the top now looked more like a crown than a round dome because there weren’t enough petals. So I cut off the top and started over, using twice as many petal shapes. For both costumes (slightly different sizes) I cut out 12 from the top, using a template to make sure all of my petals were exactly the same shape.
Learn from my mistake and use a highlighter or a yellow sharpie … Or something that’s actually made for is kind of thing to mark your petals. The green lines on mine are still bugging me. petals-on-top-diagram

Next, I slapped a bike helmet on a kids’ size dress form to hold everything while I worked. A big pillow might work too … but I can tell you, the helmet saved my life. To glue the petal shapes together to form a dome, I first wrapped my foam around the dress form and pinned it shut. I now had a foam tube with spikes on top.

I ran hot glue down on edge of one petal — then I bent it and the next one down I flat over the helmet … It really helped to create the smooth curve I was going for. Just repeat this process all the way around the top until you have all the petals glued together. make a minion costume

Now, you’re going to have a big ugly slightly star-shaped hole in the top — don’t worry. We can cover that up later. Just be sure that you use as much glue as you need to so those petals aren’t going anywhere. To be safe, I took a spare piece of foam and glued it on the underside, as well, to help hold everything together. I also glued the seam going down the back about five inches down to make sure everything stayed put. minion costume tutorial

Next, I made a paper template for the eyes and mouth — just to make sure I had the proportions right. When I liked how it looked, I traced the mouth and cut it out.

minion costume instructions

Now that I knew where the kid’s head was going to be, I could pad the inside of the minion head until the mouth lined up just right to show off their faces. I used pillow stuffing and some scrap fabric to hold it in place. pillow-top-1

I tried them on the kids and marked where the arm holes would go. After I cut those out, I had the basic minion shape that would be the base of the costume! I added in an extra piece of foam for the bottom lip, using scissors to shape it … I also took my scissors to the contour around the entire mouth so it wasn’t just a flat edge, but that’s not strictly necessary.  After that, I took it outside and painted that sucker using a can of good quality yellow spray paint … it took two light coats to get it all even and looking fabulous (except for those freaking green lines >=[]. ) how to make a kids minion costume

To make the teeth, I just took the little scraps of foam that were left over from cutting the petals at the top and shaped them one by one using my little scissors, making sure to bevel all the edges so each one would stand out.  I glued them all together in a line and then glued THAT to the insides of the mouth, to frame the kids’ faces – almost like they were really looking out from inside the minions’ mouths.  Talk about a labor of love.  It was kind of a pain in the butt … but the teeth are absolutely my favorite part of the costume – so it was totally worth it in the end! tutorial for minion costumes


For the boy minion’s goggles, I used a round instant oats container wrapped in silver paper.  I didn’t just slice off sections, though … I had to contour them to fit the round shape of the head. diy minion costume

I wrapped the silver paper around each one and used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut out perfect circles to make the fronts. minion halloween costume

For the girl minion’s goggle, I followed the same process … but I used a sheet of heavy weight chip board, bent to form a circle, because her goggle is much larger and the oats canister looked ridiculous. teeth-and-hair

The eyeballs were made from sheets of white foam, cut into circles.  For the irises and pupils, I used brown and black foam, with some shading using a darker brown marker.  After I glued all the pieces of the eye together, I glued the whole thing to the inside of the goggle … I bent it to give it a slight 3D effect.


I used a stretchy knit fabric I had laying around for the straps – I started out with regular non stretchy cotton … DISASTER.  I don’t recommend it.  The stretch in the jersey knit is incredibly forgiving and hugs the head tight.  PERFECT.  I glued the strap down first and THEN the goggle, tucking the ends underneath. I added eyelids to the boy minion to give him more of the “Whaaaaa?” sort of vibe. minion halloween costume tutorial


Remember that big gap on top of the head where it didn’t quite fit together?  Yeah.  I had to cover that.  So I cut a circle out of yellow felt to cover almost the whole top of his head.  Then I snipped small holes, spaced out evenly, and pushed some pipe cleaners through to make the hair.  I doubled them over to make sure there weren’t any pointy bits sticking out.  My son is accident prone and will find a way to hurt himself on anything.  I bent the pipe cleaners so I could glue them to the underside of the yellow felt circle. hair-diagram-boy

Then I glued the whole darn thing to the top of his head!

minion hair

For HER hair, I wrapped orange yarn around two pipe cleaners, gluing as I went.  I twisted the pipe cleaners and glued them together to make the little sticky uppy braids.


Double it and glue them to the top of the head. I covered them with little squares of yellow felt to make it more stable. Nobody wants saggy braids.  The rest of her hair was basically just looped around and dumped on top – glued down in strategic places. instructions on how to make a minion costume


I made both of their outfits using blue felt – I bought three yards of the stuff, just to be on the safe side, and ended up with a ton of extra.  Here’s a diagram of the pieces I cut out for the boy minion’s outfit.


You’ll have to figure out the sizes of each of your pieces based on the dimensions of your minion body.  I eyeballed everything but the pants.  I measured all the way around the foam body, leaving about four inches of seam allowance for where it will wrap around the pieces of foam in the back.  So for the pants, I used that measurement, cut my fabric and folded it over with the seam in the middle in the back.  Then I cut out a petal shape from the middle to make pant legs and glued the seam that created.  Doing it this way made the pants taper way in at the bottom, keeping the proportions of the original minion. minion costume how to

For the girl minion, I used basically the same shapes, but instead of pants I made a simple circle skirt.  And instead of front and back bibs for the overalls, I used one long piece that I wrapped all the way around.


I ended up having to cut and trim to accommodate the arm holes … but it was worth it, since I wanted her outfit to be a bit more modest. minion costume girl

After I had my circle skirt cut out, I cut a line through it so I would be able to wrap the edges of the skirt around edges of the foam in the back.  After both outfits were glued down, I added a strip of Velcro all the way down the seam of the body in the back to keep it all closed. minion girl costume

The last thing I did was add the buttons to him, the flowers to her … and of course, the Gru symbol on the front of each pocket.  I used my black foam sheets for the buttons (pssst… a hole punch is perfect for making them look realistic).  For the flowers, I used white and yellow felt, cut into circles and glued together.


The Gru symbol was made from a black foam circle and the same blue felt I used on the overalls. Here’s a template, if it helps.

gru-symbolAnd that’s it! You are now ready to prove to all the other parents that you love your kids more than is humanly possible.  The costume contest at school? Yeah. You’re gonna win that. But the best part is … you’ll be a freaking HERO to your kid.  It was worth all the hours and hot glue gun burns.


Now go get yourself an aspirin – and wait for the copious amounts of candy to come rolling in.  You totally deserve it, Mom of the Year.

girl minion costume

If you make this costume, I’m DYING to see the results! Post photos of your finished product on the Mink’s Paperie Facebook page for a chance to win a gift certificate to my Etsy shop, Minks Paperie!

minion costumes

I hope you’ll run over and show Nina some love! She did an amazing job on her minion costumes! I’m super impressed! Are you making Halloween costumes this year? I’d love to hear about them what costumes you’re making! -Linda


Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1

    Ohmygosh, thank you soooo much for letting me share this with all of your readers! <=D I had a total blast putting this tutorial together … And I really can't wait to see what other Craftaholics come up with! Squeeeeee! I'm practically famous now! Thanks again!! <=]

    (P.s. If you don't want to spend the time making these this year, we're planning on auctioning these costumes on eBay after Halloween! <=])

  2. 2

    This is such an amazing minion costume! I really want to try and make one for my boys and I really appreciate the fact that you wrote a tutorial to go with it. Again this is beyond awesome! Nothing beats the minions for sure. :)

  3. 3

    Those are SO AWESOME!! Great job. I am just floored. I wish my kids where littler (?) these would be awesome. I am wondering how much these cost to make though. I wish I were half this creative.

  4. 4

    I love these costumes! They’re very kid friendly, and look like they’d hold up to a lot of wear and tear if your kids decided they want to wear them more often! I’m curious though, did you add sleeves directly to the costumes or did your kids simply wear long-sleeved yellow shirts underneath?

    1. 4.1

      I ended up just using some yellow felt I had on hand to attach sleeves directly to the costume — I used other shirts of theirs to make a quick pattern. Some of the people who’ve been making these have used yellow shirts underneath, though … Works just as we’ll and looks awesome! <=]

  5. 5
    mang h.

    Gah! These things are so darn cute! What an awesome tutorial!

  6. 6

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!????? This is AMAZING!! Oh my goodness, I dub thee QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN! Insanely amazing!

  7. 7
    Jason Garcia

    I was looking to purchase an elaborate costume for my 4 yr old …she loves minions!! …..BUT, sadly, everything that’s out there is NG. :(

    You ladies have inspired me to take this challenge on! I want to do this for my little girl! Thanks!

  8. 8

    Looks better than those they sell in stores, but it takes a lot of hard work making this minion costume. Cool!

  9. 9
    Alicia Clutts


    Love love it! What kind of spray paint and what color did you use? How old is your daughter? My son is 7 and just wondering if a twin foam is going to work.


    1. 9.1

      My daughter is six and my boy is three. I used one twin size pad to make both of them! <=]

      1. DOT

        Hi I was wondering where you purchased the foam mattress pads. I’ve been looking and have come across the memory foam which is very heavy. Looking for plain old foam mattress pad. Thank you Donna

          1. April

            I bought one at walmart but when I opened the package it was so thin I dont think it would hold any shape

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    1. 9.1
      Kathi Graffam

      Thanks to your fantastic tutorial our costume turned out great!! My 10 yr old LOVED it!! A car even pulled over to take his picture while out trick-or-treating! I made a minor tweak for the boy costume. Instead of using pipe cleaners for hair I cut curved pieces of black craft foam and hot glued them to the head. It worked really well and wasn’t pokey. Thanks again for the extremely helpful information!

      1. Rock on, Kathi! Such a great idea!! <=D

    2. 9.1

      Nina, I love this. My kids are obsessed with minions. Did you sell these costumes ?

  11. 10

    I have read this over and over and just don’t see exactly what you did to get your child into the costume! I see you left the back open on several of the pictures, but don’t see how you finished them off. Did you glue them in or did you complete it in a way to take it off and on?

    1. 10.1

      She added velcro to the seam so it couldn’t be gotten into/out of. “I added a strip of Velcro all the way down the seam of the body in the back to keep it all closed.” :)

      I’m working on making this for my daughter. :)

    2. 10.2

      Excellent question … I don’t think I was that clear on this. <=] after I glued the top together to make the dome shape, I continued gluing down the back seam until a reached the spot where the top of their heads would be. Then I glued Velcro to either side of the rest of the back seam, making it possible to close it all up when they have the costume on. Easy on and off — best part about the costume, I think! <=]

      1. Meagan Blair

        What type of glue did you use?

  12. 11

    My husband loves making homemade costumes, so when we found this one we knew we had to do it. He is currently in the basement gluing the head together while I am making the outfit. Will keep you posted on how it turns out. Thanks for the great instructions!

    1. 11.2

      A partner in crime?!? How lucky are you? <=D It would have been soooo much better to have someone to help out … Yay teamwork! =P

      1. Kara

        Just posted the pic on your FB page, am super impressed with all the other costumes as well!!

  13. 12
    Ashley Miller

    What color felt did you use for the clothes and where did you buy it?

    1. 12.1

      It was the only blue felt sold by the yard at my local Hobby Lobby on the day I made a mad dash to finish them all up. <=] it's sort of a teal blue … But any shade would work great, I think! Joann's is running crazy sales right now and they definitely have multiple shades of blue to choose from! <=]

      1. Ashley Miller

        Thanks for the quick reply. I will check Joanns tomorrow! I have the first party of the project done (petals glued down). much more to go. … Can’t wait to see my little guy in it. I really wish he wanted to be the purple minion because he is perfect for it. lol Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  14. 13

    My 8 year old son and I made one for him over the weekend. He’s stoked to show it off during his Boy Scouts costume contest. Thank you so much for the tutorial…even if we didn’t COMPLETELY follow it ;-)

  15. 14
    Lynne Johnson

    We made four of these, three “boy” minions and one. ” girl” minion .
    They turned out great! For our ten and eight year old boys we glued extra foam to make the size bigger. These costumes are definitely a winner! People wanted their pictures taken with the kids in these costumes and we are pretty sure we got the win for our Trunk or Treat costume competition . Thanks for posting this! With just some minor adjustments, these worked great. I will try to post a picture of our costumes so you all can see another example. Not real computer Davy, but I’ll try. : )

  16. 15

    What did you use to close the back of the costume?

  17. 16
    Jason Garcia

    I’m almost done!!! details….details …… for those of you who know your minions ……. My daughter ail be the one yelling …”BEE DOH…..BEE DOH ……BEE DOH!!”

  18. 17

    omg…this rocks…i was searching for diy costume of minion and saw this i knew i have to do it for my two kids…my daughter is very excited to see it done. even my one year old is exciting when it trying to fit the foam for the body size…this is totally awesome

  19. 18

    this project is so beautiful…i am making two minions. a girl and a boy for my two daughter cannot wait to see the complete costume that she is instantly beside me. even my son is excited to try it on… i can say you have us glue to this page every time we’ll need a costume..thanks for sharing the idea…this is so great.

  20. 19

    Oh my goodness!! First of all let me say…your daughter’s face is priceless!! I wish I would have came up with my idea to be a minion for halloween sooner because I would’ve totally done this!! You did an absolutely amazing job!! I may have to change my costume this year and save it for next year so that I have time to make these. TWO THUMBS UP!!

  21. 20

    Thank you so much sharing this. They are amazing. I am currently finishing up my own version.. My 6’5″ nephew is going to be the world’s tallest Minion tomorrow and win the Halloween costume contest. he he. I can’t wait to see everyone’s face tomorrow.

  22. 21

    Made TWO for my husband and I to wear to work (we are both university science professors!). Not only did we hands down win the costume contest, we have never had so many pictures taken!!!! … “Minions — Can we get a picture over here?!?!!” Took about 3 minutes after our first appearance to be plastered on our students Facebook pages! PRICELESS! Proof — adults can have more fun at Halloween! Well, maybe 2nd to the adorable four year olds that squealed with delight when two giant minions answered their knocks at our door this evening!! THANK YOU!! (Note: for the person that asked about cost. For everything for two full adult costumes [people about 5’7″, finished size about 6’6″ ] = $170, and 10 hours of production. We could have done this cheaper on the fabric, but I wanted them to last and look nice) We are already planning to save our minions and go next year as minions dressed up like super heroes! OMG! A minion in a Batman costume!??! TOO MUCH!

    1. 21.1

      That is totally awesome, Sandi!! I love that you made them for yourself and your hubby! Love it!! I would love to see a pic, if you have a second! And batman minions? I die!

  23. 22
    Chadrick McClendon

    I had a similar idea but seeing what you did made me rethink my plan and change to the egg crate type foam. I made a total of 5 which we simplified and wore jeans underneath instead of making full suits.

  24. 23

    Oh my God!!! This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. My 3 yr old son is OBSESS with Despicable Me and minions; too bad that Halloween just passed but I certainly will try next year. It’s perfect! Thank you again

  25. 24

    Oh my gosh, this is a great tutorial, and GREAT costumes! My mother always made our costumes when I was growing up. My kids want purchased costumes, which I have gone along with since the quality has gone up, and saves me time. Well, I am planning on making the whole family this costume once Christmas is over, (building a Gingerbread house for outside lawn prop). Fabulous tutorial, well done. And the green lines do not pull from the costume, Well done!

  26. 25
    rafael chavez

    where can i buy this costume! my son will be a two years old and i would like to buy one like it!.
    please help!

  27. 26
    christina kaperoni

    hello there!!!!!i am from greece and i saw your costume!!!is amazing!!!!!!!i will make thiw for me, my husband and my 2yearold son!!!!!congratulations!!!!

    1. 26.1

      Hi christina, I am from greece too! I almost finished the costumes for my 2 kids and we will be in Xanthi carnival on Sunday. I hope they will fit them next year too!!! Linda thanks again!!!

  28. 27

    Many thanks for your great tutorial, I am in the middle of the process, but not very satisfied with the spray result….. i will try a second hand tomorrow, maybe it will apply better….. all your tips were really helpful!!! Congratulations!!! I hope my kids are satisfied too….

  29. 28

    what exaactly are the supplys

  30. 29
    Dania Munguia

    I just love this!! I deff want to attempt to male this for myself and my 2yr old daughter for this Halloween. I came across this and I have to I have to do this. Only thing is I am not a crafter what so ever. I enjoy diy projects and all that kind of stuff but this seems like alot of trouble for a newbie. So on to my question have you sold any of the costumes yet?

    1. 29.1
      Dania Munguia


  31. 30
    Minion Costume Lover

    Just wow! Great guide and some great instructions! I may give it a go this year (2014) I was jealous of all the minion costumes last year. You definitely have a talent though, just wonder how mine will turn out!

  32. 31

    How does the minion stay up? Are there straps inside the costume? It cant rest on the sholders because its too wide. Looks great and I think I’m ready to tackle this project as I’m not a DIY’er but I’ll try for my toddler. He just loves the minions and this costume looks a million times better then anything in stores.

    1. 31.1

      I believe the foam used for the head goes down over the torso of the child because she cut arm holes out of the foam. Does that help?

  33. 32

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing this incredible tutorial. I have 7 year old twin boys that are really looking forward to their costumes. Great blog!

  34. 33
    Lolita Vizcaino

    Good morning Linda, my name is Lolita and I came across your tutorial on the minion costume and I’m in the process of making it! I have completed the shape of the minion, next is the mouth and goggles. the moth I believe I have it in the bag, the only question I has was: on the goggles, you say you contoured the oatmeal package to fit the round shape… what does that mean? Id appreciate your help! Thank you!

    1. 33.1

      Hi, Lolita!
      To answer your question … I used one of those cylinder shaped oatmeal containers — like for the quick oats. But instead of slicing off straight sections of it, I cut them at a bit of an angle to fit the shape of the head. Hope that helps! <=]

  35. 34

    Do you make these to sell? I would be all over that! I cannot imagine attempting to make this. You are a superior crafter!

  36. 35

    This page has been so helpful. I’m working on 2 right now. A yellow and a purple minion. I would post a pic on the site if I knew how to. Here’s my question, how do you close up the back? At first I thought it was all clued up in the back, but that wouldn’t leave a way to get the kid into the costume. So, once it’s all done, how do you seal it up? Velcro?

    1. 35.2

      Hi, Melanie!

      I hope I’m not too late to answer your question … But I actually glued the Velcro to each side of the seam in the back — that way we could open and close it for all those frequent potty trips. =P hope that helps!

  37. 36

    Great Costume…. Making this for my 5 year old son and he is sooo excited! What Spray paint color and brand did you use exactly?

    1. 36.1

      Hi, Abby!

      Although I can’t remember exactly what shade it was, I believe that I used the Krylon brand of spray paint in the brightest yellow possible. I love both Krylon and Rustoleum … Either one would work! <=]

  38. 37

    Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration! My son is over the moon excited about his minion costume… made by his mama’s own two hands.

  39. 38

    Is there a trick to getting it to stick? Mine keeps peeling apart no matter how much hot glue I use. It just won’t stick to the foam.

  40. 39

    I have a question what did you use to color the foam?

  41. 40

    What glue did you use? or was it regular hot glue? i was thinking about using Gorilla Glue? Im just afraid of it melting the foam.

  42. 41

    This costume is great! I just finished a purple minion costume for my grandson and a yellow minion for his little friend that lives next door to him for Halloween, and I have to say I wish I had seen this before I made the one I made. This looks like it would have been so much easier than the one I did. I took the costumes down to him last weekend and they were happy with them, so that is all that matters. I just wanted to say that I love the look of these so much better. Very cute!

  43. 42

    I’m in the process of making my little minions and I cannot tell you how helpful and AMAZING this tutorial is. It’s so great to see how someone when about doing it. I am a very “anti-storebought” costume mom so you’re a live saver. We will have one normal yellow minion and one purple wild and crazy minion. Pics to come and THANK YOU !!!!

  44. 43
    Carrie Rollins

    Hey There!

    I’m waist deep into this minion project and sooo stinkin’ excited about how it’s looking! But I have come across a little hiccup….I can’t get my goggles to stick! I don’t know if they are too heavy or what?! Did you just run a line of hot glue around the rim of the oat cans and then stick them on? (That’s what I have been doing, but for some reason they just won’t stay on!) Any suggestions?

  45. 44

    Thank you thank you thank you !!! I made the boy minion for my 6 year old and he has won 3 awards so far!! and its not even Halloween yet :) THANK YOU! where can i post a photo???

    1. 44.1

      Awesome! You can post it on our Facebook page {} or email it to us! We’d love to show off your hard work :)

  46. 45

    Thank you soooo much for this tutorial! I just finished making two of these for my kids and they’ve already received tons of attention when I posted pictures online. Everyone who sees them agrees that they’re super impressive. And not having to reinvent the wheel is AMAZING!

  47. 47

    Ty ty ty for the instructions mine was no where near has perfect as youts, but we were stopped, complemented and photographed every where we went and the best part was my lil man was so in love, he has told me all day how much he loves his minion

  48. 48
    Jen belinsky

    I made this costume for my son this Halloween , followed your instructions and it was an amazing hit. Everyone was so impressed. People were even taking pictures of him after they answered their door. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  49. 49

    How wide did you make the petals? Can I use the same width for making an adult sized costume?