Homemade Bath Bomb Kit

I have always wanted to make bath bombs! But have never done it. Not sure why, but its been on my Crafting Bucket List for ages. So for this month’s Michaels post, I was so excited because I got to try out one of their new Bath Bomb kit!

Homemade Bath Bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs are fun to make!

Aren’t they just delicious looking?! The scent that came in the kit was Pink Lemonade and it smells so good! Its perfect for summer soaking.

DIY Bath Bombs

These bath bombs make a great handmade Mother’s Day gift idea. Package them up all cute, like I did in a mason jar here, and you can give them to all the moms in your life!

Bath Bomb Kit

Bath Bomb Kit

To be completely honest, my first 2 bath bombs were um, complete bombs! I was adding too much water and they literally turned into huge blobs. But by the 3rd bath bomb, I had it down! And they are actually really fun to make! Plus, the kit said it would only make 5 bath bombs, but I made 6 and that was after messing up my first 2. So if you didn’t mess any up, you could totally squeeze 8-10 bath bombs from 1 kit.


There was lots and lots of stirring involved when making bath bombs. I debated grabbing my hand mixer from the kitchen! ha! I started off using a plastic spoon, but it broke pretty quickly.

Making homemade bath bombs

I wanted to do different colors, so I separated the homemade bath bomb mixture out into different bowls.

Handmade Bath Bombs

Then using the molds that came with the kit, I pressed them into the cutest little bath bombs ever! I seriously did a happy dance after my first one turned out! I know its really funny, but I was so proud of myself and for some reason, bath bombs were always one of those things that I felt like took too much work to figure out, but I wanted to do it. So I felt accomplished when I was actually was able to make them. It was a great intro into making bath bombs. Know I feel confident enough to research the ingredients and find new recipes to make on my own.

Make your own homemade bath bombs kit

These things make AWESOME gifts! {Watch out friends, you just might be getting bath bombs for every holiday this year. haha!} Michaels has a whole new line of craft kits that you need to check out! Everything you need to make them in a box. They’re great!


Explore your creativity is by trying out a craft kit. Michaels has everything from sewing kits to art kits and everything in between.

And did you know Michaels offers Free Craft Classes in their stores? You can try a new craft skill for just the cost of supplies!

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  1. 1

    Just to be sure, you got your bath bomb kit at Michaels?

  2. 2

    i love bath bomb! <3

  3. 3
    Ansie Labuschagne

    Where can i buy the molds for the bath kit for the bombs I am living in South Afrca Than you

  4. 4

    W recently bought some for the kids but didn’t realize we could make them! Will have to give this a go.

  5. 5

    Your bath bombs look nice. I also love to make my own bath bombs. Recently I made Himalayan salt bath bombs and they turned out really good. Himalayan salt itself is very good for the skin and body.