Handmade Gift Exchange Update #? {i lost track! oops}

Hey Handmade Gifters!! here’s the latest edition in the Handmade Gift Exchange updates. {anyone know what number this is? should have wrote it down on my Memo Board. haha} anyways, here are the latest Updates, Reminders, and FAQ’s about the Handmade Gift Exchange Summer 2011….      


you may have heard that Canada is having some issues with their Postal Service right now. right now the United States Postal Service is not accepting mail destined to Canada, but Fedex and UPS are because they are privately owned. if you have a partner in Canada and do not want to ship Fedex or UPS, go ahead and wait until everything is sorted out with Canada’s Postal Service before you ship. even if that means you do not make the June 30 deadline for shipping your gift. it might be a good idea to contact your partner in Canada for more up to date info about what’s going on and what you should do.


What day do I need to have my Handmade Gift mailed by? June 30 {unless you fall into the above situation…}

When is the Handmade Gift Exchange Linky/Flickr Party? it starts July 1 and will be ongoing until at least August 1. i can’t wait to see all the handmade gifts!!

What pictures should I link up to the Handmade Gift Exchange party- the gift I made or the gift I received? BOTH if you can! if you only have pics of only one, that’s totally fine! please join in the fun and show off those lovely handmade gifts! i’ve been hearing little tidbits about what the gifts going around and i can’t wait to see them!!

What should I make for my partner? if you haven’t started yet, feel free to browse my tutorials as well check out my Pinterest Boards for inspiration.

When will the next Handmade Gift Exchange be? sign ups will be the first week of November 2011 and gifts will be mailed out by December 1, 2011. so mark your calendars!

i hope you ladies are enjoying this exchange and making new friends! if you have any questions or problems, please shoot me an email. i’m here to help!

happy gifting!

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  1. 2
    Ally Lott

    So I got a new partner, then my first one finally e-mailed me back. I’m fine with just sending them both things. Is that ok?

  2. 3

    I actually came here to see if you’d heard about the Canada Post strike. Gah. How annoying.

  3. 4

    my partner and I are going to be waiting it out for at least a few more days, but are both eager to send our gifts on their way!

  4. 6
    Kendall Schenck

    I m up here in Canada ( ontario) Yes it is so annoying, but at least we haven’t gotten any bills lately, lol! Although its all over the radio, tv, “Just because your not reciveing your bills in the mail, they still need to be paid on time! lol! I will be sending my gift by UPS or other so my partner in Texas gets hers!
    Hopping they figure things out soon!!
    Have a great GIFT EXCHANGE everyone!!!!!

  5. 7
    Eileen K.

    Hi Linda! I just finished my gift to my fellow crafter and am on cloud 9. I can’t wait to mail it to her this week! Although I’m crafty, I’m not very skilled at posting pics. Where do I post it? Is there a Flickr site? Do I need a password or is there a specific group account? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy Sunday!

    1. 7.1

      Hi Eileen,
      Way to go on finishing your gift early! yay! On Friday July 1 I will publish the entry form for the linky party as well as a link to the Handmade Gift Exchange Flickr group where you can upload your pics. To use Flickr, I think you just need an account. But if you have problems with Flickr or can’t upload them, feel free to email them to me and I will upload them for you :)

  6. 8

    Just an update on the postal service issues here in Canada, the postal service has resumed as of yesterday with sorting and delivery starts today (tuesday).

  7. 9
    Kendall Schenck

    Just coming over to update everyone, Thanks Angela!!! Its a good thing!!!!!

  8. 10

    Hey Linda. :) My gift is send and on the way to US. It takes 10-15 days to reach it’s destination from Croatia so hopefully my partner will get it by the middle of July. :)