Handmade Gift Exchange sign up reminder

just wanted to post  a quick reminder about the Handmade Gift Exchange- sign ups end TOMORROW!! {June 6} so go sign up here now!

if you’ve already signed up, you should have an email from me with your gifting partner assignment and your partner’s mailing info. if you did not get this email, please email me to let me know. there were a handful of you whose emails didn’t go through. *if you signed up today, i will be sending this email to you shortly*


Q: “Do you share our personal information with anyone?”

A: No! i ONLY give your information to your gifting partner. that’s it. no one else. ever. promise!!

Q: “What if I have not heard from my gifting partner yet? What should I do?”

A: Please wait until June 8. If you have not heard from your partner by then please email me.

Q: “When is the next Handmade Gift Exchange?”

A: Sign ups for the winter edition of the Handmade Gift Exchange will start beg. of November. So if you have a crazy summer, I hope you’ll be able to sign up for that one!

Q: “Is there a theme?”

A: Nope, there is no official theme this time around. But if you want, feel free to do a theme! I know some people like to do Christmas in July or beach themes with the Summer exchange. I know there is one set of gifters are doing an East vs West theme this time. Whatever you want to do is just fine…as long as you have fun!!

**What are you thoughts on having a theme for the Handmade Gift Exchange? yay or nay?**

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  1. 1

    I am so excited about this!! Have all the info I need! Cant wait to get started on this sometime this week! And I didnt know they had a Winter Exchange as well. YAY for that as well!! Happy Sunday!!

  2. 2

    A theme would make it easier for all of us, and once we all post the gifts we have received, seeing all the variations on the themes would be so interesting!
    So I say YAY for themes!

  3. 3
    Heidi K

    I can’t wait to make my gift! I think it’s kind of nice to not have a theme so I have a lot of room to make whatever I want. Though a theme could be fun too.

  4. 4

    I LOVE gift exchanges! Thanks, once again, for hosting..I’m so excited.
    I too, like the idea of a theme. Don’t have to have one, just helps me narrow down all the ideas I have floating around in my head. :)

  5. 5

    I say nay to the theme. I would find that limiting.

  6. 6

    I like Themes for regular holiday exchanges, but would like this to be a Free-for-all! Show us what you got type exchange. I am looking forward to making something my partner will enjoy, since we really hit it off through e-mails. I have enjoyed learning more about her family and what types of things she likes. Thanks so much for hosting!